Does the media hate the University of Tennessee?

I mean, it’s gotta be about hatin’, right?

First, you’ve got ol’ Andy Staples stepping up after a UT recruit at Byrnes High School had this to say to Rivals:

“It had to have been coaches from other schools that turned Tennessee in,” Willis told the site. “They probably got jealous when they saw the girls at the game. We did nothing wrong and neither did the girls. They stayed in a hotel alone and didn’t even have anything to do with us besides watching us play…”

Oh no, they di’int.  And Andy’s got the photo to prove it.

Tennessee football recruits Corey Miller (80) and Brandon Willis pose with Tennessee recruiting hostesses Dahra Johnson (left) and Lacey Earps after a game at Byrnes High in Duncan, S.C., on Sept. 25. Courtesy Andy Staples/

The best part is that Staples had no idea that the photo had any significance until almost three months after he took it, when the New York Times broke the story.

Meanwhile, that mean old librul Gray Lady is at it again, with a report of yet another recruiting investigation going on.

… Hamilton said in a telephone interview that the SEC was looking into the actions of a Tennessee recruiting intern, Steve Rubio, who flew to South Florida with Coach Lane Kiffin recently and visited the athletic powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale.

Under N.C.A.A. rules, Rubio, who graduated from Aquinas and volunteered there, is not allowed to recruit off the Tennessee campus. Hamilton said the concern was whether Rubio did recruiting work and contacted players while he was at the high school.

There’s also some salacious business the Times reports about that isn’t part of an official investigation.

Also on Friday, Keith Easterwood, a veteran summer basketball coach, said that on a visit last year with his son, a football recruit, he had to ask a hostess to stop brushing her breasts against both him and his son.

He recalled saying, “Young lady, if you don’t stop doing that, we’ve got a problem.”

Easterwood said that he took a group of basketball players to a Western Kentucky football game at Tennessee this year, and that the presence of the hostesses had his players “literally reduced to blubbering idiots.”

“I’ve been up there five times, four for football and one basketball visit,” Easterwood said. “My observation is that this is a very organized operation. These girls have obviously been groomed. There’s a lot of eye contact and touching.”

Hubba hubba!  You wonder if this stuff is going to collapse under its own weight at some point in time.  In the short-term, it’s still a win for Junior, though.  At the end of the article, the Times quotes Kiffin’s boss describing the Laner as “successful yet controversial“.  And they spelled his name correctly, too.


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32 responses to “Does the media hate the University of Tennessee?

  1. heyberto

    This whole circus is just hilarious. I’m curious at what point someone from the university will step in and put a stop to Junior’s shenanigans.


    • 69Dawg

      It’s UT, they will do whatever the heck they want for as long as they want. This stuff didn’t start with Kitten, UT has run roughshod for years but the last SEC commissioner was a UT guy and covered for them. Hopefully, this has gotten on Slive’s last nerve and the hammer will fall. All of Slive’s talk about cleaning up the image of the SEC and the NY Times is doing articles about UT. Slive should grow a pair and put UT on recruiting probation before NCAA has a chance to.


  2. Brandon

    I’m amazed by some of the stuff I have seen on UT message boards about all of this, when Lane came out and said: “we operate at a high level and people are going to come after us”, a lot of the Volsters were like: “Great! I love a coach that don’t back down!”. I really can’t comprehend that attitude, Lane is a combination of aggression and ignorance that will absolutely be there undoing, it is just a matter of time. Bravado is the last thing you want to convey when you are being investigated by the kind of pin-headed self righteous bureaucrats like the NCAA employs, they have plenty of resources and time on their hands. They also have a myriad of different rules they can check and double check you on constantly to try to catch you in the wrong, and they WILL nail Lane and UT if he pisses them off no doubt about it.


  3. Ausdawg85

    What a double standard. It was Ok when Fulmer’s breasts rubbed against them.


  4. NebraskaDawg

    WildGirlz! Kiffin’s Kooter Kommittee!


  5. Macallanlover

    Not that all teams don’t have fools in their fanbase, or that all TN fans have low standards, but TN is THE school in the SEC to have a large percentage of their fans excuse ANYTHING that happens within their program. I will never forget when their RB 2-3 years ago was given a FOURTH strike on failed drug tests. Four, damn! I had never known a college athlete to get threes strikes, and then Foolmer said publicly the kid needed another chance. Then the fans came out of the woodwork to defend that action. If UGA ever sunk to that level I would remove all UGA stickers from my car and burn every item of clothing I had with a G on it.

    They get what they deserve, and it was Foolmer’s lack of discipline that eventually sunk them. It does appear that Junior has the same potential. Let there be no doubt a large segment of the Bif Urnge fans will support anything, and I mean anything, that he says or allows. Meanwhile the rest of the CFB world laughs at them.


  6. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Laine (GWOL) Crisis of the Day (COD) Piece, “Be On Lookout (BOLO) for Laine”, 12 December 2009

    1145 hours, underground bunker, Tennessee Football Defense Complex, Green Zone, Knoxville

    Layla Two having heard briefly by phone from Laine yesterday morning when he was at his planning session at the Flora-Bama while he was chilling out was concerned. The call was interrupted but before that all she could hear were people repeatedly yelling “mow, mow!” at Laine, Laine crying and someone that she thought sounded like Monte cursing at the mow mows and then a fusillade of automatic weapon, .38 and .45 caliber and sawed-off shotgun fire with the line going dead.

    She has yet to be able to re-establish communications with Laine but wanted to give him today’s daily intel which is worse than usual. She thinks Laine’s phone was hit by a round. Two wonders if the stress of making several million a year for doing next to nothing except PR has finally gotten to Laine and that maybe he decided to split with Tiger to Sweden to get a time out. Or maybe just MIA with Monte like Monte goes all the time.

    The royale pain in the ass enemy correspondent Senator Blutarsky will just not let up with his saturation propaganda attacks on Laine often reloading and launching shots several times a day against Laine almost like he was doing preseason out of boredom but he really seems to be having fun with it now. Not only does Blutarsky pass along bad sh!t from other enemy correspondents, Blutarsky doubles down on it. She thinks he leads a terrorist sleeper cell somewhere in the Tora Bora foothills of North Georgia, never seems to sleep in his cave and has more lives than Osama bin Laden.

    Two knows that Blutarsky doesn’t go after Urban as much as he goes after Laine and although she thinks Laine is a pain too, he’s her pain. Go Vol!

    For example, no one complains about Urban and the Flo Rida squad of hostesses and how close they get to prospects and if some breasts happen to touch, so be it, the gals don’t complain but then again they don’t really feel the touch sensation because silicon implants dampen their sensitivity to touch although the recruits and the recruits’ daddies and recruits’ mamas certainly do feel the laying upon of the breasts…

    In fact, it’s common knowledge within the Green Zone that Monte has a training film that he brought over when he was coaching the ‘49ers to teach the hostesses that when on missions and they find themselves in a tight spot with stud recruits that they should always do and say this which is the safe word or safe words and phrases for the traveling squads of Orange Pride traveling hostesses…

    And now of all things, the New York freaking Times? Who knew they ever gave a sh!t about college football or anything that was not on the Isle of Manhattan? Two wonders if it’s some collateral damage fallout from The BCS hiring Ari so now the mid-towners are all experts on college football which of course a large part of its tradition is and always has been recruiting violations. No one thought that when they disbanded the Southwestern Conference and gave SMU the Death Penalty that would change anything except maybe increase the concentration on how to avoid getting caught. Two thinks that maybe Laine, having been part of Pete’s posse in L.A., thought he could skate on everything at Tennessee like they did at USC, Go Reggie, Go Saints!

    Layla Two knows that whoever thinks the traveling squads of Orange Pride hostesses give it away is just wrong…

    But still Two hopes that Laine re-establishes electronic comms with her or magically shows up in the Green Zone. Even though he’s a pain, she and even she cannot believe it still misses his daily hijinx of the day and she like the New York Times wonders…


  7. Dan A.

    These girs seem more and more whorish as more of this story comes out. Straight up sluts.


  8. B Lace

    All of the media coverage I have seen about this comments about how this takes place at every major college program and how prevalent this is in the SEC. Scott Van Pelt argued that only Vandy doesn’t engage in such practices.

    I’d like to think that Richt doesn’t condone such behavior, but I’m not naive enough to assert…”surely WE are above this.”

    Are we?


    • Dog in Fla

      I think but am not sure that Georgia stopped using co-eds to bait the field for recruits. Heck, even for me, that always was a little too much but were i a head coach making $3,000,000.00/year i may take a different look at the school-spirit thing to keep making $3,000,000.00/year.

      But while looking for something on the girls as bait topic, i ran across this which, believe or not, makes Laine look sane but only relative to Pearlie,…


    • Macallanlover

      There is a difference in “marketing” your school during on-campus visits and this situation. If UGA hostesses are caught crossing the line do you have any doubt it would be eliminated by CMR or Adams? I don’t, nor do I think there would be an outcry from many fans supporting a philosophy of “whatever it takes, just win dude!” As with other bad behavior situations, it is how you handle it. The UT adminsistration has not been outraged enough for me, and the fan reaction is just embarrassing.


      • I don’t know, Richt’s got a puritanical reputation to uphold. If something like this came out, I’m sure he’d be the first to get ahead of it as a scandal and shut it down, at least til the wind blew over.


        • Dan A.

          It has nothing to do with a “puritanical” reputation. You don’t have to be a Quaker to think that what these UT hostesses are doing is skanky at the very least. I have no doubt that we have pretty girls who give the recruits tours of the campus, but the idea that this is going on at every other SEC school is absurd. If other schools were whoring out their co-eds to lure in recruits with their suggestive actions, we would be hearing about it, just like we’re hearing about UT now. The girls are jock-riding sluts, and they work directly for the UT football program. Not surprising at all that UT would do this though.


  9. mike

    Where is 2-live-crew when you need them? Born a generation too early, I guess.


  10. adam

    to be fair, there’s no reason for us to have dirty hostesses. take the recruits downtown, get them in one of the football player bars and introduce them to some girls.

    i’m sure on a weekend (especially saturday night, and ESPECIALLY after a football game) it wouldn’t be too hard for them to find a girl. they’re hosted by football players, after all. have you seen some of those guys downtown? no reason to have official ones when they’re not exact hard to obtain otherwise. i mean… danny ware always seemed to have a girl all over him and he was like the ass-last tailback at that point.


  11. Madonna

    What’s wrong with a little tit-rubbin’ if it gets a girl what she wants? These gals were just doin’ what Lanie asked them to do. So they did it a little better than the UT brass expected, so what? Besides, like I always said, “There really is no such thing as bad publicity.”


  12. JasonC

    I can’t speak about the current situation, but during the Goff era, Georgia was using “Georgia Girls” as recruiting hostesses. Players were usually assigned to host recruits during game weekends, but it was impossible for the players and coaches to spend the necessary time with recruits.

    The girls ranged from easy on the eyes to hot. They were trained so they could give information about the university, the athletic program, Athens, etc. Of course the girls were supposed to be friendly, but I never witnessed any “unscrupulous” activities.

    Oh, and I don’t remember any of them sporting a beehive hairdo.


  13. NRBQ

    The question that’s been foremost in my mind, and that I haven’t seen asked in the media, vis-a-vis they “acted on their own.”?

    These girls are such huge Vol fans and recruiting freak-niks that they know which recruits are most important to the program, have studied the targets’ high-school schedules, and, further, will travel up to 200 miles on their own dimes in order to carry “UT luvs u!” & “Cum c me in K-ville” signs on the sidelines?

    Given such dedication, it’s a shame they don’t have their own chopper.


  14. Joseph

    Georgia does’nt use the have an organized group like the ” Georgia Girls” of old, but they do still have girls that help host the recruits. The ” Georgia Girls” were done away with either at the end of Donnan’s time here or at the beginning of Richt’s. I don’t think we ever got into serious trouble regarding them but I believe that there was some talk about something here about ten years involving some of them and the dorms that were near Morton Avenue.


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  16. Thomas Brown

    Kiffin’s Kittens did NOT get Lame Kitten a good recruiting class last season.

    At 1 point, it was ranked WORSE than UGA, but then there was the multiple felonies by multiple TN vols’ Freshmen all playing on the team incident, last month after earlier last month, Jazen Jackson had been suspended for the Memphis game for failing drug test.

    This year’s class is significantly different.

    There isn’t any real top-notch player on the commitment list, but there are a host of a dozen 4-star recruits. This is a top-notch recruiting class this 2010 signing date from all over the nation.

    However, we have not seen the caliber person they are recruiting off the field yet.

    So, while vols’ fans said last year’s recruiting class was great; it was not, and now it is clearly not.

    The vols beat not 1 Top 25 team this season.

    The vols lost to 3 teams NOT RANKED in any Top 25 Poll, in addition.

    Lame Kitten, himsef, was involved in the recruiting of Reggie Bush at Southern California, and the mansion provided to his family.

    Ed Orgeron has a long history personal failures, and now is rumored leaving over these stories, here now.

    And, Daddy’s Defense ?

    Total Flop.


  17. Steve Spurrier

    Effin A I turned ol’ Laney boy in. He plans on pushing the evevelope on every area of recruiting. Someone needs to keep an eye on the sleaze in Knoxville=Orgeron and Kiffin in particular.

    Plenty more will come of this because of his arrogant attitude towards the NCAA. Yeah, it’s a compliment to be investigated alright. I’ll bet that sits well with the investigators. So well, they may dig pretty deep at UT.


  18. Tiger Woods

    “What’s the big deal with this hostess stuff at UT? IMG gave me the same treatment when they were trying to get me to turn pro and sign with them. That’s where I learned how to handle myself with chicks, if you know what I mean.” (After being informed that IMG, a sports agency, is not a college and is therefor exempt from NCAA rules Woods then replied), ” UT isn’t a college, is it?”