Kiffin watch: doubling down

Seriously, what gives with Mike Hamilton at this point?  Here’s what Junior had to say in the wake of this week’s embarrassments of two new investigations into UT recruiting:

“I used to say things about Florida, and I’d say, ‘I’d like that if I was them, because they’re at the top, and people are shooting for them,'” Kiffin said. “And I think when it comes to recruiting, we’re at the highest level, and I think that people really want to know what we’re doing. They want to know how are we able to get interest from so many great players, and sign so many great players, so I think you have a lot of people coming at us.

“You know, ‘If you can’t beat them, figure out a way to figure out if they’re doing something wrong.'”

Hamilton’s reaction?  Just this:   “… (M)en’s athletic director Mike Hamilton maintained that the football program hasn’t knowingly violated any NCAA or Southeastern Conference recruiting rules…”

Knowingly is such a weasel word.  Just ask Junior, who had this to say about the allegations regarding the actions of a volunteer assistant coach’s actions which are the subject of one of the inquiries:

“I know that he went in there and saw some of his old teachers and saw some of his coaches. I don’t know that he did (recruit) at all. I never want to say never, but I will pretty much say that he did not while I was with him…”

“Pretty much say”?  Kiffin can’t even fully vouch for his actions while he was in his presence?  Hoo, boy.

The big mystery to me at this point is why Hamilton doesn’t tell Kiffin to keep his mouth shut for a while and try to let this blow over.  Of course, I guess the sad possibility exists that he’s made that suggestion already…



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21 responses to “Kiffin watch: doubling down

  1. South FL Dawg

    You must have figured out by now that Kiffin hired that former Acquinas player knowing he would use him in ways he (Kiffin) could disavow. For $2M or whatever Kiffin’s paid, he doesn’t just know, he’s dictating every step of the way.

    Hamilton is either an idiot or an accomplice.


  2. Joe B.

    Doesn’t Kiffin realize that he is still being outrecruited by Bama, UF, LSU and UGA?

    ANYONE can recruit great players to Ufk. You do not have to break rules to do it.

    This is what I do not understand about the kid. It is not like he is bringing in some sort of phenomenal class, they are just average, SEC classes.


    • rbubp

      I wonder if when they head on down to these games with their cuties in tow, they blast Rocky Top at the recruits loudly and repeatedly, so as to promote the unique culture of UTK amongst SEC institutions, and providing a well-rounded picture of the UTK experience.

      ‘Cause I know once they hear that song their hearts will melt even faster than seeing Darha and her assets in her lil’ orange sundress.

      Hey, that reminds me…is Laner’s wife on this Orange Pride thingy? I mean, if we can go ahead and let just anyone recruit kids off campus, on any kind of visit, why not send the missus out there? She’s awful perdy!!!


  3. NebraskaDawg

    Did Kiffin take his shirt off Wildboyz style during that comment so no one would notice


  4. Macallanlover

    Sleazy, just pond scum low lifes. Junior flew the recruiter to VISIT his old HS, not recruit? Jeez. Like the slut that drove 200 miles, 2 states away to see a HS football game at a school she had NEVER before seen with her own eyes? And did this of her own determination, at her own expense? Right. And they don’t “knowingly” break rules, and cannot conclusively confirm what was said/done in their presence. They are selling that?

    Yet Baby Kiffin believes any publicity is good. He might want to check how Tiger is faring under close scrutiny.


  5. 69Dawg

    Note to Lame Kitten UT is not I say again is not USC. Pete Carrol can do this sort of thing and get away with it again and again because the media loves USC. UT on the other hand is UT and the entire SEC has it in for you. I hope Mike “I really mean it this time” Slive will pimp slap Kitten for repeatedly casting the SEC in a bad national spot light. If he lets these two slide then it is open season on secondary and primary violations.


    • South FL Dawg

      You bring up a good point. Kiffin is breaking rules that will only cost him a secondary violation.

      I get that those are not a big deal. Indeed, if Tenn gets a little bit of a competitive advantage because they have an ex-player recruiting at his former high school, it’s only a matter of time until everyone else starts doing it which negates the advantage.

      The problem I have with Kiffin is that he flaunts trampling the system. What a great message to send to kids.


  6. Dan A.

    I think Kiffin is flat out taunting the league office with these remarks. I would say that I can’t believe he’s actually using the “they’re coming after us so that means we’re on top” bullcrap in response to this stuff, but then again I’m not surprised at all, given his track record.

    So let’s get this straight: he’s got former players visiting recruits, UTK sluts driving around visiting players at high schools and doing God knows what to lure them into committing, and Kiffin’s response is “I’m flattered?” Mike Slive needs to lay the hammer down on this. It’s gone on too long.


  7. Brandon

    Aggression and Ignorance, the deadliest of combinations, Kiffin is like a 16 year old boy given the keys to a shiny news sports car, he’s gonna drive that sucker right off a cliff and his dingbat UT message board followers will cheer him on until the bitter end. O’Doyle rules!


  8. RC

    Megalomania doesn’t begin to describe this guy. I think the over/under on his tenure on rocky top just dropped to about 2.5 years. He’d better hope his team wins the East next year or comes damn close to it, because they won’t tolerate his song and dance if he’s not winning. Forget about the NCAA violations.

    Mike Hamilton is in dire need of spinal transplant surgery.


  9. rbubp

    Newsflash: University of Tennessee recruiting training video unearthed:

    I know this is usually Dog in Fla’s territory, but I couldn’t resist.


    • Dog in Fla

      rbubp, thanks. Sometimes I need to take a day off, like a lazy Sunday, from blaspheming Laine but am very glad to know that others don’t. And believe me, who wants to have an exclusive territory on attacking Laine. The more the merrier. Why? Because when you’ve got an exclusive territory they first reduce the amount of territory in your geographical area and refer you to Bob Davies if you have any questions as to what a geographical rival territory is, then they cut your commissions, and hire two brand new ones for you to train so they can be your replacement and still demand even higher production from you while at the same time cutting your expense account.

      Not only is the Tennessee recruiting training video excellent in its own right, it segues right into Laine as the Black Knight wherein Laine (the Black Knight), less appendages that are only ‘flesh wounds,’ still thinks he cannot be tread upon by the NCAA (King of The Britons) because just like Florida (Urban Meyer less Tebow The Human) used to be when it was somebody, Laine (the Black Knight) is now #1 on the hit list thinking that everybody is gunning for him just because he is so super successful as a recruiting machine and pretty too…


  10. Kiffen-era UT: Enron of the SEC.

    We are what we do repeatedly. The only thing he’s done repeatedly is step in shit. Either UT cans him in 2010, or they let him take them down with him.


  11. Thomas Brown

    The Coach Richt Era ?

    Has it been Boom ?

    Is it Bust ?

    How do you personally put up with the arrests and suspensions during the entire Coach Richt Era ?

    Is Brian VanGorder a Great Falcons Defensive Coordinator, or not ?

    Is Joe Cox really all we have at QB ?

    How is that we have to yank the Redshirt off Washaun Ealey in the third quarter of the 5th game ?

    Why was Knowshon Moreno Redshirted ?

    Did we really not know how good Knowshon is ?

    4 parts to college football.

    How would you rate UGA’s Coaching and I’m not talking Defense.

    How would you rate UGA’s Offense under Coach Richt and now Mike Bobo ?

    How would you rate UGA’s Special Teams Kick-offs, Punt Returns and Kick-Off Returns ?

    How would you rate the Recruiting of UGA’s Defensive Players ?

    Let’s look at just how good we really are, and have been, shall we ?

    In a season when we are in fact the

    NCAA Number 78 Passing Offense

    NCAA Number 73 Total Offense

    NCAA Number 41 in Punt Returns

    NCAA Number 76 in Kick-Off Returns

    NCAA Number 119 in Turnover Margin

    NCAA Number 117 in Penalties

    We just FIRED THE ENTIRE DEFENSIVE COACHING STAFF, except for the Recruiting Coordinator.

    We do not have and have not had an Offense, and this is nothing new this year.

    We are a sorry lot on Special Teams, outside our Kickers.

    We are an Undisciplined Group of Players on and off the field with 9 years now of Arrests and Suspensions. You can belittle this and say oh it’s only driving a scooter without a license, etc. but the facts remain our players are ARRESTED and SUSPENDED for what you write off as insignificant.

    And, we do the same on the field as we do off the field.

    It is a Culture.

    3-17 last 20 against Florida. Do you concede that we cannot get out of our own Division of our own Conference ? Do you concede this ?

    Do you know how we have faired against what actually were Final AP Poll Top 25 teams in the Coach Richt Era ?

    Do you ?

    18-20, in case you want the breakdown.

    And, another 6 LOSSES to teams NOT RANKED IN THE FINAL AP POLL TOP 25.

    We are not an Elite Football Program.

    We should be.

    We are The University of a State, only 3 others of which actually send more high school football players to the NFL than we do. California, Florida and Texas send more to the NFL than the State of Georgia does; that’s it.

    5 others have higher attendance.

    3 others have more in the NFL than we.

    So, why are we 18-20 against Final AP Poll Top 25 teams in 9 years with another 6 Losses to teams not even ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 ?

    Because of the Defensive Coaches fired by Coach Richt 3 weeks ago now ?

    While we see all These Bulldogs on All These Other Program’s Coaching Staffs, what coach on Coach Richt Coaching Staff has anyone seeking him ? Go ahead, you can say it. Coach Richt, CEO, has NEVER had a good coach on his entire staff, ever coaching any position.

    How many coaches on this “coaching staff” of Coach Richt today, have ever coached 1 day in the NFL ?

    Answer is -0-.

    We cannot evaluate talent, even when handed it.

    We cannot teach discipline, to save our souls.

    We cannot coach any aspect of the game.

    We do not make good decisions.

    We are not Elite.

    Tell me the 1 Big Bowl Game, just 1 mind you, that UGA got to play on the National Stage in 9 years now ?

    5-Loss Florida State ? That was a Big Bowl Game for Elite Georgia ?

    2005 Sugar after we Lost to Florida and Auburn, beat LSU and coached poorly to lose to West Virginia ?

    2006 in the Peach Bowl against Number 19 Virginia Tech ?

    2007 when we actually beat Florida & Auburn (Lost to vols) ? Number 19 again, Hawaii, this time. That’s an Elite Team in a Bowl Game we showed our stuff against ? Number 19 Hawaii ?

    2008 last year after we Lost to Alabama, Florida and Georgia Tech ? Michigan State is an Elite Team in a Bowl Game we got to show our stuff against ?

    Who are you trying to fool ?

    This year, we had -0 offense against Oklahoma State and Lost, Lost LSU on Special Teams Kick-Off Return, destroyed by Florida when we yanked our Starting QB, Beat Tech and Lost to the vols. 6-6 Texas A&M is an Elite Team we are going to show our stuff against ?

    We need to do a lot more than get rid of 3 defensive coaches.

    Right ?

    The vols have a lot better recruiting class committed than we do. Sour Grapes about a team whose best win is against UNRANKED UGA, is what you all come across as.



  12. Macallanlover

    Thomas Brown was a young man with a wonderful attitude, why would you choose that ill-fitting handle?

    As miserable as you are about UGA football, you might want to consider becoming a suicide bomber. 1-800-CALL IRAN.


  13. J Stephenson

    Wow calm down thomas. Look at our offensive numbers, in SEC games, UGA tied for the league lead in points. Without any turnovers to help shorten the field a lot.


  14. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Lane (GWOL) Crisis of the Day (COD) Piece, “What Does That Mean?” (abbreviated version), 14 December 2009

    On the road to Ft. Lauderdale

    Laine after surviving the shootout with the goo…er, the Vietnamese at the Flora-Bama thanks to Monte’s no-holds barred shoot ’em the **** up quick emergency response action is heading to Ft. Lauderdale to hang around St. Thomas Acquinas again. If Laine has the time he’s going to stop by Pahokee afterwards. In Lauderdale, Laine’s supposed to meet the male intern who went there and has a closet as an office inside the Green Zone and with the Orange Pride traveling squad of hostesses.

    Laine whose phone was a casualty in the shoot out at the Flora-Bama got another one and called in to Layla Two, the super-hot blonde student intern today. Laine digs talking to the chick interns rather than the hard-tail interns who he just puts in a closet and drags them out for recruiting purposes.

    Laine asks Two what’s up and after telling Laine that she’s happy to hear from him again tells Laine that Blutarsky is messing with Laine again even on Sundays. Laine asks how and Two says Blutarsky asked Laine if Laine would like a nice glass of STFU. Laine asks Two just exactly what that means and Two says it’s a derivation of an old school basic abbreviation that first appeared years and years ago in the DicNavAb book as being a tactful diplomatic way of telling one of your shipmates to STFU. Two hints around to Laine what STFU means without really using the big word. Laine finally catches on, says Blutarsky is just jealous like all the rest of them and starts singing to Two…

    Two interrupts him, tells him to stop and asks him what he’s going to do today because a bowl game is coming up and where is Monte, is he MIA again? Laine tells Two that Christmas is coming up too, Monte stayed behind and is partying some more at the Flora-Bama because Monte doesn’t give a sh!t about recruiting and leaves that to Laine and Coach O if he’s back from visiting Pete in Malibu. Laine tells Two that he’s got some ‘cruitin’ to do ‘cause that’s what he’s known all over the world for and starts singing again…

    Layla Two hangs up on Laine. Frustrated as usual but glad Laine’s back and on the trail again.