Holding it together in Athens

A few thoughts come to mind after reading David Hale’s article about how the Georgia staff is reaching out to recruits to keep the waters calm until the new coaches are in place.

  1. Rodney Garner’s professionalism. We know he’s ambitious (not that that’s a bad thing).  But he’s not letting his personal feelings interfere with his primary responsibility right now of keeping things together.  Yes, he has a good product to push, but he’s still got to make the effort.
  2. Mark Richt’s demeanor. His program is in a state of flux, but he’s still the man.  And from what it sounds like, that carries a lot of weight.
  3. Maybe the Internet has its uses after all. You see the usual brickbats fly all the time against message board posters and bloggers about how negative rumors can hurt the program, but Garner offers something of a reverse with this thought:  “I think with the media, those rumors were out there all year,” Garner said. “I don’t know how shocked everyone was. The kids initially asked about it, but a lot of that was stirred by people calling them, asking what they thought.”
  4. Scheme, shmeem. There doesn’t seem to be too much worry about how a new DC might be expected to deploy his players.

“Schematically, everyone now is so versatile. We’re a 4-3 base under Coach VanGorder and Coach Martinez, but we did some 3-4 stuff,” Garner said. “We did multiple stuff. I think whomever or whatever coach or system goes, I think the personnel, the nucleus is here. You may have to go out and tweak it here or there if you change it a whole lot. We’re pretty versatile as is, so the guys are feeling fine.”


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3 responses to “Holding it together in Athens

  1. 69Dawg

    The scheme was not the problem, tackling, pass defense technique, and creating TO’s was the problem. The new DC needs to be get back to fundamentals otherwise his scheme will go the way of Willie.


    • Dan A.

      I disagree. When you’re getting your ass kicked by the play-action pass at Knoxville, Tim Tebow is getting a glittered invitation to run the ball into the endzone from 20 yards out, and tight ends are having field days against you… I think that is a scheme problem. Poor tackling didn’t create all that open space in the secondary. I agree, our fundamentals could use some work, but I think scheme was definitely an issue.


      • Scheme was the PRIMARY issue this past year. You cannot line up 10 yards off the receiver in this SEC. . too much speed and too many spread offenses. The space created poor spacing and poor positioning after the ball was caught and the players did not adjust to that. And when you can’t get pressure up front you have to blitz the backers which leaves the TEs open across the middle. . i think South Carolina’s TE just caught another crossing pattern. Hopefully next year we’ll get the same kind of pressure we did the last half of the year and our corners (smith and boykin) will be more aggressive in coverage. Scheme has to change. HAS to. Of course, we still have to be able to tackle.