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  1. Macallanlover

    Gee continues to be one of the 5 biggest idiots, outside Washington, at not being dialed into his constituency. I have no doubt the ONLY way to get the playoffs instituted is to initially leave some at the station to get on board later. There can be a very credible playoff held without the Big 11.

    Delaney and the Rose Bowl can be broken, but it will take drastic action to get them moving. Ohio State fans would put max pressure on Gee if he resisted long, and it wouldn’t be long once contributions began to diminish. Gee is not as invincible as he seems to think, he is just another a hired gun. To see how long he would be missed he need only pull his thumb out of a glass of water and see how long it takes for the space to be filled in by the rushing water. Fans could be in control, but have no current organization through which to channel their efforts (no, Congress isn’t effective in doing things well.)


    • It is a total pipe dream to expect a playoff that doesn’t have the participation of the Big Six conferences. In the particular case of the Big Ten, you won’t get the Rose Bowl or the Pac-10 to go along with that, so now you’re looking at a national championship game that omits two major conferences. There won’t be any “get on board later” because that train won’t ever be allowed to leave the station in the first place.

      You’re a fan. They’re the suits. You don’t count. They do.


      • Macallanlover

        I understand your position, and recognize the difficulty, but I reject that it is not doable. Fan sentiment is very strong on solving this and that means breaking through the resistance. I don’t see it being a long, protracted battle. Pressure would win out, while Gee and Delaney are violently opposed, everyday fans are not. The suits work for the fans/boosters.

        The other option is the “super conference” idea where some number of teams would secede and form 4 regional groups and have the winners play off. The effect of that approach would be more traumatic than simply changing the wants/wishes of the Rose Bowl (which would survive just fine under an 8 team playoff scenerio.) I truly get that any change will come with some pain, but feel that is more than justified to correct the travesty we currently have.

        Yes, the BCS is a little better in some years, but it is a pathetic excuse for an actual solution. Baby step perhaps, but not much more than that. And we have waited over 10 years for the evolution with nothing better on the horizon, fans have a reason to be unsatisfied. All we get is reasons why not. That would not be acceptable to any business I know. Revolutionary is better at this point, evolution isn’t working.


        • Like it or not, nobody is going to quit going to the stadium or turn off the television because we don’t have a playoff. And until that happens, you’re dreaming about this.


        • Paul

          the Rose Bowl (which would survive just fine under an 8 team playoff scenerio.)

          How would they be just fine? I have heard for the last year-plus that “The current bowls can stay as-is.” Why would they want to diminish how important their game is? The Rose Bowl, and the Orange, Fiesta, and Sugar for that matter, are all multi-day extravaganzas which are successful because fans of those schools are there for most of the week.

          With the playoff, would the fans who can afford to travel three times in three weekends be willing to take off the three weeks in between to hang out in SoCal/Miami/Tempe/NO for a quarter- or semi-final? I don’t know the answer to that, but I’d like to see the logistics of how the major bowls are not affected by the playoff proposal.


          • rbubp

            That’s right. There is no way no way no way no way NO WAY. the bowls would remain the same except for some sort of plus-one scenario or quarterfinal 4-team playoff. The problem is fan travel, attendance, and player travel, not necessarily in that order.

            We should all just get that through our heads right now.


        • Puffdawg

          “Fan sentiment is very strong on solving this and that means breaking through the resistance.”

          YOUR sentiment (and others on here) is strong, but there are plenty of people who fear what a playoff system will morph into. Also, and be honest, how many Ohio State fans have you discussed this issue with to assure yourself that their general consensus is a change is necessary? I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of their fans mirror Delany and Gee’s sentiment in favor of their current setup with the Rose.

          “Pressure would win out, while Gee and Delaney are violently opposed, everyday fans are not. The suits work for the fans/boosters. ”

          What pressure? From blog message board? The only pressure they feel is when the money isn’t rolling in from donors, and while I can’t speak for other colleges, UGA is doing pretty well in that dept. You are naive to think public outcry is enough to change anything. Have you pulled your donation to the Hartman Fund? Have you stopped watching college football on TV? That would be your avenue for protesting the current system, I mean if you really wanted to put some teeth into it.

          Just to reiterate, I’m on board with making the current 5th BCS game a +1 because I think that is pretty well defined, but anything beyond that scares the hell out of me.


      • Uganewt

        Senator, forgive me if you’ve addressed this before, but where do you stand on the +1 format? Barnhart thinks it’s very possible that it gets added into the next contract. It’s essentially a 4-team playoff that wouldn’t devalue the regular season much at all.


        • I much prefer BCS Guru’s plus one format to Slive’s, because it’s the least disruptive.

          I agree that a four-team playoff shouldn’t hurt the regular season much, but I fear that there will still be way too many folks who remain unhappy and will push to expand the size of the field.


    • The Realist

      There is no reasonable way to maintain the bowl system and institute a playoff system. As such, the Rose Bowl will fight tooth and nail to prevent it’s demise… as will the Big Ten & Pac Ten.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Meyer said he has yet to make a final decision on whether or not Dunlap will play in the Sugar Bowl.

    “It’s close to being finalized,” he said. “It’ll be done pretty soon.”

    Translation: “I’ll announce he’s playing as soon as I figure out the quietest media day between now and kickoff time.”


  3. Will Trane

    Would the AD and the football HC consider looking at a high school coach for a position on the staff? Would someone like Camden County High School’s head coach, Jeff Herron, be able to transition to a DC or position coach at a SEC school? The obstacle to coaching changes at UGA has been the AD. His first hire was a bust and he probably kept the football HC from selecting the coaches he really wanted. Maybe the AD has finally acquired enough experience and knowledge to understand you pay for what you get. Also, there are plenty of young, talented, defensive go-getters out there who are willing to come to a UGA to make a name. Times may have past VG, TN, and the KS by … it was good to see the past D staff begin to look at some the 3-5-3 and other alignments for a change. Dawgs need a QB who can get to the edge and use his arm. The D needs corners and safeties that can play up and in the middle to the outside with speed and the right angles. Dawgs will put a lot into their D selections and D recruits this year…bank on it. Dawgs need to rewrite the D-book in the SEC (remember what you do in the SEC will put you in the NCAA hunt).


    • D.N. Nation

      The obstacle to coaching changes at UGA has been the AD. His first hire was a bust and he probably kept the football HC from selecting the coaches he really wanted.



  4. Dog in Fla

    “Jimbo Fisher sees some good in having been a coach-in-waiting.” Bobby Bowden didn’t.

    Zook probably won’t either with Illinois just having hired a de facto coach-in-waiting, who it calls a highly paid offensive coordinator. Meanwhile in slow-motion Ron’s time at Illinois continues to reach the oncoming light at the other end of the tunnel. When that collision happens as it shall be done unto Ron, we will have another Zookism: “The Illini Nation thinks they invented college football. I feel sorry for them.”

    Odds are that Zook will mention this at the press conference introducing him as the new head coach at Mississippi State fondly recalling that getting his tail beat in Starkville a few seasons ago caused Jeremy to fire him and so Ron could take the Illinois job and now of all things he is back in Starkville so he can be fired again a couple of seasons later. Zook will be replacing Moon Mullins who went back to Florida after USC hired Urban to replace Pete who replaced Lane at Tennessee. Lane will be working as an adjuant to The SEC Commissar Slive.

    Among Lane’s many administrative duties as adjuant to The Commissar will be riding the circuit in the league giving talks on ethics in recruiting, show girls

    and how to win friends and influence your peer head coaches.

    As Lane’s penance to the Commissar, Lane has to open each meeting with Lane (the dreamy Roxy Music guy) whining to the other coaches this parable on what Lane used to be when he was a coach with Monte and Mike Hamilton and a pain in the ass to Commissar Slive and how the guys who still have coaching jobs shouldn’t replicate any of Lane’s many multiple personality traits…


  5. Munson's Call

    I got the chance to talk with Gee at the Music City Bowl after Richt’s first season. I was lucky enough to get to see the game from a box that was next door to Vandy’s box for the game and Gee was at Vandy then. I approached Gee to small talk about him being at Colorado while I was in undergrad there and that he needed to quit following me around (I was at grad school at Vandy during his tenure there). We got on the subject of a college playoff and he told me the university presidents would never let it happen. I was pretty tight with Jack Daniels at this point but I think he basically said too much money is involved with the current system to allow a playoff to come to fruition.

    As you all recall the Dawgs then punted on fourth down instead of going for it and BC ran the clock out giving Richt his first bowl loss. I then preceded to spend the remainder of the night passed out in my friend’s car while they went out to dinner in Nashville.


    • Prov

      Colder than a well digger’s ass. What an awful game.


    • NCT

      Ah, nothing like getting drunk whilst rubbing elbows with important people. By the way, was Gee’s wife there? And was she holding?


      • Dog in Fla

        The only thing anyone knows for sure is that Gee was not loaded because he’s a teetotaler and a Morman. Munson’s Call may have trouble remembering because of all the Jack but if she was there, she may also have trouble remembering if she smoked two joints before she smoked two more and then went back to the President’s Mansion to smoke two more. For a medicinal purpose only, of course, the sole purpose of which was to get stoned…not that there’s anything wrong with that at least up to the point of her having weed in the Vanderbilt’s President’s Mansion and then some picky people apparently thought there was something wrong with that…


  6. Macallanlover

    There is no way with my typing speed to reply to all the above (much better done verbally with a fine single malt, in leather chairs, around a roaring fire.) Suffice it to say, I realize their are many obstacles to overcome, and the road would be difficult, but I believe 100% it can be done, and the worthiness of the goal justifies the extraordinary effort it would take. It saddens me that it is unlikely to happen in my life time.

    Not having a champion determined on the field of play is unacceptable to me, and I will not give up support for that, even if it requires drastic action. I fear if it were to come via government intervention we will lose control of much of what is good. I truly believe my ideas can work without that 16, 32, or 64 team horror that many feel will be the outcome of beginning a playoff.

    I have given a lot of thought to this over many years, and the money, bowl traditions, class time, regular season concerns, etc., that many feel make a playoff unworkable can be dealt with. Is the +1 a better idea than what we have now? Sure, in the same way the BCS was a baby step forward, this would be another small bit of progress, but why settle for a system that is only effective 25-50% of the time when we can have it all with just a few major egos set aside? So yes, I would be willing to leave the Big 11, ND, and possibly the PAC10, out for a few years if that was the only way to get to the end result. I feel they would be there within five years. In the meantime, I believe the CFB world would support a true NC of those schools who chose to accept the challenge. That is my opinion, and I won’t debate those who, rightfully, hold a counter position. Not all the colonists were for the American Revolution, and not all Southerners supported secession. This is not to assign that type of life or death value to my “revolution”, but to say taking on major obstacles when you feel strongly about something is neither unheard of, nor unanimously popular. I have heard all these arguments before, and you have all heard mine. We will not resolve it here, but now with some of that wonderful scotch………


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If there were an NCAA sanctioned D-IA playoff without the Big 11, ND and the PAC-10 it would only be without them for the first year. After that they would be foaming at the mouth to get in. The irony is that (other than USC) all 3 have fielded subpar teams for years but still seem to worm their way into the BCS discussion. That is why they love it so much. In real playoff situation ND, the entire Big 11 and all the PAC-10 (again, except for USC) would be gone by the end of the first round.