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So, how’s that whole boycott-’til-we-get-playoffs thing working out?

Swimmingly, according to Matt Hinton:

… the regular season was one of the most successful the networks have ever put on, despite the general lack of week-to-week drama: CBS’ numbers for the weekly SEC showcases were up a staggering 37 percent over 2008, good for its best year since bringing college football back into its lineup in 1996, and ESPN had its best season in a decade — largely thanks to the most-watched regular season game, USC at Ohio State in September, which was also the most-watched college football game in ESPN history. ESPN, ESPN2 and NBC all saw jumps of at least 10 percent over 2008 audiences, culminating in ESPN’s most-watched Heisman ceremony.

Yeah, we really act like college football sucks with the BCS.



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“It sounds kind of crass but that’s just a fact of life.”

That quote pretty much sums up the story of the University of Texas’ big boosters, who are giving at an unprecedented level.

While revenue at many big-time college football programs has fallen or stayed flat last season, revenue at the University of Texas—which comes from things like ticket sales and suite rentals—jumped by 20% last year to $87.6 million, the most ever generated by a college football program and almost $20 million more than second-place Ohio State University pulled in.

That’s taking place during a brutal recession, folks.  So much for that “unseemly” raise for Mack Brown.  He’s earned it.

Mr. Jamail says he was honored that his alma mater named the football field after him in 1997—until the Longhorns suffered an embarrassing loss to UCLA early in the season. “I called the athletic director and said, ‘How much money will it take to get my name off” that field? Mr. Jamail recalls. The coach at the time, John Mackovic, was fired at the end of that season and the selection committee sought Mr. Jamail’s opinion on Mr. Brown before hiring him.

When Mr. Brown took the helm in 1998, former Longhorn coach and athletic director Darrell Royal instructed him to call Mr. Jamail and ask for his blessing. “It’s his field, you need to get his permission,” Mr. Royal told Mr. Brown, who did as he was told.


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Only the defensive coordinator knows for sure.

How does a site calling itself FootballCoachScoop.com, that publishes every rumor about coaching hires known to man, completely miss on the Vic Koenning story?

I have to admit that I woundn’t mind if Georgia hired Koenning at this point, if only to hear what would come out of the Zooker’s mouth as an explanation.


UPDATE: Koenning takes the Illinois job, says that there was some “dialogue” with Georgia.  That doesn’t sound like a job offer in my book.  It sounds more like Richt is testing the waters and gauging the interest of potential candidates.


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No wonder we’re so excited about it.

Georgia refers to the Independence Bowl in its coaching contracts as a “Tier-3 Non-BCS game”.


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