No wonder we’re so excited about it.

Georgia refers to the Independence Bowl in its coaching contracts as a “Tier-3 Non-BCS game”.


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7 responses to “No wonder we’re so excited about it.

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Is there a note about “those of you who are left after a season that produces a ‘tier-3 non-BCS game’ should be glad you are going to Shreveport” in the contracts?


  2. Jim

    They need to work on their employment contracts and add the requirement that you actually show up and work the bowl game to get your bonus. Lots of companies tell you that you no longer have a job after a certain date and in order to get paid you have to work until that date.


  3. S. FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation

    that’s coach richt saying…no hard feeling! one way or the other they should be there coaching this game….that’s my opinion. but, their not and now we have people out there that are trying to prove themselves as worthy coaches. sometimes that’s the person you want as opposed to someone who thinks that they have already arrived. plus, i don’t think that we can look any worse than we did at points this year anyway…



    • HVL Dawg

      Richt did the right thing by telling these coaches to take the bowl season off. Its never a good idea to have fired people hanging around the office looking glum. The exiled coaches had nothing to gain from sticking around and the fans most certainly would have spewed all kinds of hate toward them is we lose to TAM.

      CMR did the right thing for them by telling them to clear out.

      Over and over and over, despite public pressure- CMR does the right thing. I can’t understand fans who don’t think it is good enough to regularly be in the hunt for the conference championship. Every now and then we’ll have an off year and every now and then we are in the conversation for a MNC.


      • Macallanlover

        I agree about not including the dismissed coaches in the preparations for the bowl game. I would prefer the defense get 100% of someone’s attention, even if they be fewer in number and less qualifed, than rely on a group that doesn’t have their heart in it, or have a priority on their next job.

        I think our defense will respond to the challenge, and the players themselves will take some responsibility for developing the defensive scheme. I am concerned about how we match up against Texas A&M’s offense anyway, so having a fresh group of eyes isn’t all bad.

        This should be a high-scoring game as the Aggies have the #1ranked offense in the Big 12 this season, and have a mobile QB which is something we always have trouble with. Should be a fun game, but our chances are better with everyone committed to the effort, imo.



    At east it’s not before Christmas.