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Get ’em while they’re hot.

Over at The Business of College Football, Brian McCormack gives us his first shopper’s survey to this season’s bowl ticket prices.

What’s the deal with the Music City Bowl?  I thought Kentucky was invited because ‘Cat fans travel well.  So $2.97 gets you an upper level ticket?

I guess it’s basketball season.



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The best things in life are free. So where does that leave the postseason?

Here’s a post from the guy who is one of the co-founders of Playoff PAC, in reaction to the BCS game selections.  It doesn’t break any new ground in the debate, but it’s worth noting this passage:

… the BCS did nothing to address the system’s greatest defects by selecting Boise State for an at-large spot. For example, the ACC will receive approximately $18.3 million from the BCS this post-season. For accomplishing the same feat – placing one team in a BCS bowl – the Mountain West Conference must divide $9.6 million among its fellow five “non-AQ” conferences. Forcing these teams to live off of table scraps is not good for college football’s long-term health. Unfortunately, Boise State’s historic at-large berth doesn’t mean the BCS has changed its anti-competitive revenue distribution system.

Again, it bears repeating to everyone who insists that there is a logical limit to the size of a playoff because of competition… don’t forget to count the money.  Because you’d better believe none of the schools are.


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Steele breaks down the Independence Bowl

You can find his stats matchup, schedule recap, bowl history, etc. here.

His checklist of which team has an advantage has a couple of puzzlers, though.  First, no mention is made of the staff departures in the intangibles section (he does give the nod to TAMU).  Second, he gives Georgia a huge advantage in special teams.  All I can say to that is if that’s really the case, the Aggies must be truly putrid across the board there.

Or maybe that’s where he’s factoring Fabris’ exit into the mix…


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