Steele breaks down the Independence Bowl

You can find his stats matchup, schedule recap, bowl history, etc. here.

His checklist of which team has an advantage has a couple of puzzlers, though.  First, no mention is made of the staff departures in the intangibles section (he does give the nod to TAMU).  Second, he gives Georgia a huge advantage in special teams.  All I can say to that is if that’s really the case, the Aggies must be truly putrid across the board there.

Or maybe that’s where he’s factoring Fabris’ exit into the mix…



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5 responses to “Steele breaks down the Independence Bowl

  1. Justin

    Well, on paper our special teams look great. We have the 1st/2nd best kicker, the best punter, and one of the best return men in the country in Boykin, not to mention a punt returner in Miller who has a touchdown on his resume. If I didn’t know that Georgia does stupid things, tactically speaking, then I would say that they have a huge advantage in special teams.


  2. South FL Dawg

    Agree with Justin above plus we also blocked a FG and a punt this year. Yes our KO coverage stunk, but I don’t see “putrid across the board.”


  3. A&M is a really, really, really bad football team. They have easily the worst defense among all BCS conference teams. It is a lower half of the Sun Belt level unit.

    Jarrod Johnson is all they have going for them, but his showing up or not has been about 50/50 most of the year.

    This would be UGA’s worst loss of the season if it happened. By far.

    UGA will win very easily.


  4. Macallanlover

    Agree we should win Texas Dawg, but nothing is certain in bowl games. Layoffs, coach’s philosophy, team attitude, weather, etc., make everything risky unless you are really playing for something, and no one really is (although Bama and Texas feel like they are so they are pretty certain to give it a major effort.) I think the UGA/A&M game will be fun to watch and expect an offensive shootout. Not easy, but UGA looks to be the better team. I do wish we had a better time slot, don’t really understand the Monday afternoon thing but the WWL never ceases to amaze me with their choice of times for CFB. They see the whole nation as if it were the Northeast.


  5. Hackerdog

    Did anybody watch the New Orleans Bowl last night? I think Fabris might have landed at MTSU. Their kickoffs were caught around the 20, but not close to the sideline, so they still have some work to do.