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Coaching them up

Factoids of the day, via the Wall Street Journal:

… In this year’s 34 bowls, half of the participating teams didn’t have a single starter in their final regular-season game that was considered a top-100 prospect in high school, according to recruiting Web site Rivals.com. The Count analyzed 1,496 bowl-game starters and found that just 8.4% of them were top-100 recruits.



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I’ll take strange SEC pairings for $400, Alex.

A.  Both of these men have been immortalized in Lil Wayne lyrics.

Q.  Who are Lane Kiffin and Tim Tebow?


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Kiffin watch: pay ‘da man.

Say what you will, Mike Hamilton has been there for Junior, financially speaking.

… According to athletic director Mike Hamilton, the Vols agreed to a three-year, $300,000 deal to bring Kippy Brown back to UT as a wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator.

Based on what I can find, that means that more than half of Tennessee’s assistant coaches have signed three-year deals.  That goes along with the highest total assistant coaches payroll in all of college football.  Toss in the Laner’s $7.5 million buyout, and you start to wonder how UT could afford to consider a coaching change (assuming circumstances warranted that, of course).  Interesting way to obtain job security, that’s for sure.


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Watch out for that little inside trap.

I’m not sure if this says more about Joe Kines or the Independence Bowl, but here’s a great lede from Marc Weiszer’s article today about TAMU’s defensive coordinator:

Joe Kines is making his third postseason trip to Shreveport, La. The well-traveled Texas A&M defensive coordinator is coaching at a third different school in a bowl game that has had a different title sponsor each time and is now known as the AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl.

And in case you’ve forgotten, here’s Kines’ little moment of immortality, captured on his last visit to Shreveport.

“Sometimes I get talking too fast,” Kines said. “That 15 or 20 seconds, I had to answer a lot of questions.”


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