I’ll take strange SEC pairings for $400, Alex.

A.  Both of these men have been immortalized in Lil Wayne lyrics.

Q.  Who are Lane Kiffin and Tim Tebow?


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2 responses to “I’ll take strange SEC pairings for $400, Alex.

  1. I smell another “C $ D” order coming from Foley’s office


  2. Dog in Fla

    Haiku to Little Wayne

    T’was 420 ‘fore Christmas
    All thru the MTV House
    Not a sound was to be heard except
    Whut you hear when
    Tim Tebow wept

    Lane was happy
    But a Christmas-y jealous kind of blue
    ‘Cause Little Wayne now rapping ’bout Tebow too?
    While it
    T’was further reaffirmation of ‘street cred’ for Lane
    But how do Tebow get onto the scene
    Lane says, ‘Know whut i mean?’

    Now Lane want to know what he got to do
    To get swallowed up in the back of
    Little Wayne’s Maybach too
    ‘Cause Wayne’s Maybach’s a big car you see
    Bigger than a Rolls Royce
    An Escalade or a Hummer Three