Holiday Road, or next time, beat Kentucky.

Darryl Gamble makes the discovery that he’s not in a New Year’s Day/BCS bowl any more.

Of course, there is something of a stigma to playing in the city in northwest Louisiana. Shreveport, for all its potential charm, remains a mystery for most of the Bulldogs, many of whom said they had to look up information on the Internet just to learn where it was located.

“All I’ve heard is that it’s cold and urban,” linebacker Darryl Gamble said. “It’s not like the ones I’ve been to in the past.”


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3 responses to “Holiday Road, or next time, beat Kentucky.

  1. JasonC

    I can just see Gamble, Boling, Murray, Gray and McClendon navigating the streets of Shreveport in the family truckster, getting lost, hearing a gun shot and McClendon quickly saying, “roll ’em up!” as he raises the windows and speeds up.


  2. Macallanlover

    Yes, silly turnovers in the 2nd half against Kentucky caused a loss to a team UGA dominated to make us 7-5. Likewise, an “invented” call by an official for God knows what reason caused another loss in a game UGA won. So what could easily have been a 9-3 year with a couple of qulaity wins became 7-5 and a pile-up with several teams and a fanbase that went off the deep end. But let’s not forget the hose job the Outback gave (once again) to the SEC East by cutting a deal with Auburn a week before bowl match-ups were to be done. That changed the bowl alignments dramatically, and led to UGA’s fall to Shreveport. I have no problem with that, the bowls basically deserve the lack of support many fans give them because they play “screw you” games much the same way greedy pols in Washington sell America’s future with little regard for anything but their short-term gain. It isn’t absolutely necessary to blow the bowls up if a playoff ever comes to fruition, but they sure aren’t worth worrying about if that happens.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Don’t forget the bonehead decision to start the season away at Okie State rather than at home with a walkover team. That would take the Dawgs to 10-2 going into the bowl.