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Live blogging the Meyer announcement

Just kidding… but a few thoughts on listening to ESPN’s Three Wise Men (or Stooges, take your pick) analyze the Meyer resignation:

  • Lou Holtz is a consummate asshole.  Leave it to him to spin a decision that sounds like it was driven by health concerns into something caused by negative media and internet commentary – because that’s what Holtz claims happened to Holtz.
  • I wondered about what happened in the wake of the SECCG with Meyer’s admission to a hospital and was skeptical about the dehydration story.  Now we’re told he has a heart defect and has been in the hospital on several occasions.  The man is making the right choice for himself, as tough as it may have been to make.  Health and family come first and I hope for nothing but the best for Meyer and his family.
  • This obviously wasn’t an overnight decision – which makes me wonder what, if anything, Charlie Strong was told.
  • A job opening in Gainesville and with the immediate speculation about a successor, zero mention is made of Steve Spurrier.  How interesting.


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Saturday morning buffet

Hey, if you’ve just gotten back from that early morning run to the mall to check out the post-xmas bargains, you’ve worked up a little appetite, right?

  • Eric Berry on Tennessee’s 2010 prospects:  “Next year I think UT is going to be very good, in the SEC championship. And if not, I think it’s a wasted season.” EB, next year you’re likely gone and the Vols will be breaking in a green QB.  Prepare to get wasted.
  • Discipline in Shreveport.
  • The Mountain West’s quest for an AQ berth in the BCS is helped by the teams at the top of its conference and killed by the rest of the bunch.  And the bowl games don’t matter.
  • TCU’s Gary Patterson does the math on an eight-team playoff and realizes it doesn’t change anything.
  • The Cotton Bowl wants to be a part of the BCS.  It may have a long row to hoe.
  • Maybe the WWL will have a new competitor when the current BCS contract expires.


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