Goings and (hypothetical) comings on the home front

We interrupt the Urban Meyer watch to bring you two brief interesting tidbits about the once and (almost) future staff at Georgia.

First, it looks like John Jancek is about to reunite with a former boss and land on his feet as the new co-defensive coordinator at Cincinnati.  With Fabris rumored to be on Strong’s new staff at Louisville, that leaves Martinez as the last man looking.

Second, Bud Foster, for some unexplained reason, lets us in on what happened with Georgia and its search for a new defensive coordinator.

“It was getting ready to happen,” said Foster, who is in town with the Hokies to play Tennessee in the Chick-fil-A Bowl on New Year’s Eve. “Mark and I talked on several occasions … and then Tech stepped up to the plate.

“He [Richt] said he would be excited to have me as coordinator. It was going in that direction.”

… Asked about internet-fueled rumors that Georgia would pay him $500,000, Foster, 50, said his talks with Richt never progressed that far, but that it would have taken at least $500,000 to lure him from Blacksburg, considering his present deal.

I guess Vic Koenning is kicking himself this morning.  It sounds like he could have used Foster’s story to leverage more money out of the Zooker (“Georgia’s ready to offer at least half a million to its next DC and Mark Richt has my cell number!”).

What’s the over/under on the remaining number of defensive coaches to claim virtual job offers to come to Athens?


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3 responses to “Goings and (hypothetical) comings on the home front

  1. Dog in TN

    John Chavis is going to be the man at DC for the Dawgs.


  2. RedCrake

    Glad to see the guys landing on their feet… Especially Jancek for whom this whole situation seems to have turned out as a net positive in terms of advancement (if not salary).


  3. 69Dawg

    Happy for Fab and family. He has had some great DE’s but I’m not sure his coaching made them that way as much as the talent.

    Jancek, on the other hand never impressed. CMR had to order him to play Rennie as a freshman. Beside Rennie no other LB has lived up to their billing so far. Lord knows none of them can cover a TE or back out of the back field. We need a great LB coach to get the D jump started.