No man’s land

This is being reported at several places, but the bottom line is that Corch Meyers has had a change of heart:

Urban Meyer has informed his team that he will take an indefinite leave of absence rather than resign from his position as Florida’s coach, according to a source close to the program.

The news comes less than 24 hours after Meyer announced his resignation, citing health concerns.

Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio will take over as interim coach during Meyer’s time away from the program, the source said.

Ho-kay.   This kind of decision has been made before, but I don’t recall the aftermath being pretty.  So much for health concerns, I guess.  And they’re still going to make an issue out of this on the recruiting trail.


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27 responses to “No man’s land

  1. Normaltown Mike

    Interim Coach needed?

    Phil Fulmer’s daughter is helping him write a resume this very second.


  2. NM

    I guess he called two timeouts in the final minute of his coaching career…

    Turns out twenty-four hours of Tim Tebow’s tears can cure anything.

    Or maybe Meyer just wanted to see what it would be like to be held up as a virtuous class act for once.

    I’m here all week folks…


  3. Mrs. Meyer says no change of heart allowed.

    Great coach. Sketchy dude.


    • Left to Right

      And what about his daughter, the one said “Yea! I’m getting my daddy back!” when he told his family he was retiring? Guess Urban had to tell her she’s SOL.


  4. Turd Ferguson

    He may be one of the world’s most arrogant douchebags, but at least he’s a man of his word.


  5. So apparently losing would kill him from stress? Explains his decision to skip next year. It might be a rough one. Also, Ole coach Bobby in Tallahassee only wishes he’d have thought of this first…”You mean I coulda skipped the down years and not had them count against my record? Dadgumit!”


    • Left to Right

      Exactly. His heart condition is going to remain no matter how long a leave of absence he takes. Taking time off does nothing to reduce the chances of him falling over dead during a game.

      As the Senator says, these “one foot, one foot out” situations rarely end in success. This will quickly become apparent to the more perceptive of Florida’s recruits. It should now be open season on UF’s recruiting class.


  6. Turd Ferguson

    This way, they can keep all (or most) of their recruits … and string them along as Meyer takes another year or two to actually make a decision.


  7. rbubp

    What a freaking jerk-off.

    In other news, I’m so, so sick of coaches making announcements and changing their minds right after. It’s a terrible precedent for how to act for anyone, much less a public figure.

    How about get your sh*t straight and THEN call the media?


  8. Mike

    Kiffin is mad. He knows all publicity is good publicity


    • rbubp

      In their next lives Lamer and Corch Meyers will be team-teaching seminars on creative use of the media for unintelligible purposes–together.

      A Satre-ian fate awaits these two twits, or there simply is no karma in the universe.


  9. opsomath

    Texas Dawg’s link takes you to a site that says “You are looking for something that is not here.” I guess it knew I was looking for an explanation of what Urbs is up to that actually makes sense.


  10. Coach K

    I think Urban’s back is hurting.


  11. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This newest revelation is astonishing. What impact does this have on the FLA program short term? I would think that any juniors who were thinking about the NFL are sure to be gone now. I also anticipate a defection of recruits. How can someone sign if you don’t know who the HC will be down the road, much less immediately, as the types of offenses and defenses run these days are varied and dependent on players with special skill sets? Addazio doesn’t impress as an interim HC. What happens if a top spread option prospect signs and Meyer pulls another flip-flop next year and decides to go for sure? A top recruit just cannot take that chance. Call me crazy but I think this is actually WORSE for the Gayturds than if Meyer just left. Limbo (how low can you go?).


  12. NRBQ

    Agreed, Mayor.

    And the latest developments are pathetic. He can’t let go, even after his family’s collective sigh of joy thinking they’re getting Daddy back.

    He seems to be so driven that, while even penultimate success fails to bring him happiness, with his heart muscles screaming in protest, he still can’t let go of that ultra-stressful lifestyle.


  13. Martin Kopp

    “Penultimate” means “next to last”. You can look it up.


  14. Abe Vigoda

    Very true.

    And asshat means one having a mouth that emits excrement, foul odors and/or spelling, grammar and syntax errors on a sports blog.

    BTW, I recall this same correction being made on the lawschool list serve about 8yrs ago, was that you?


  15. NRBQ

    Always been a big Abe Vigoda fan. Barney Miller, Godfather, wow.

    I’m surprised that you’re also an attorney, however.


  16. Irishdawg

    I’m bored with this crap already. Quit or don’t quit, Urbs, I’m done giving a shit.

    I do hope Richt is making a massive, deviously underhanded push for any potential Gator recruits right now, though.


  17. Paul's Johnson

    1)Things like this almost never end well.

    2)This thing most certainly is not over.

    3) Do not assume that he is staying for the long run.