Envy and jealousy: special teams edition

A shout out today goes to David Hale, who made me laugh out loud with this one:

Special Teams MVP: Drew Butler. This is easily the toughest choice on the board as there’s a good case to be made for four candidates: Butler, the All-American punter who kept Georgia’s offense afloat early by swinging field position; Blair Walsh, who gets my vote as the best kicker in the country; Brandon Boykin, who returned three kickoffs for TDs; Mark Richt, for ensuring Jon Fabris won’t be coaching the kickoff team next year… [Emphasis added.]


He’ll be there all week, folks.


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2 responses to “Envy and jealousy: special teams edition

  1. 69Dawg

    No offense to you Senator but David Hale is a great read every time. His game blogs are as funny and spot on as anything I’ve read or heard. The guy should do stand-up.


  2. Bulldawgy

    David Hale kicks journalistic ass.