Factoid of the day

It comes via ESPN’s Chris Low, who notes

… the Bulldogs can make one claim that nobody else in the country can: They’ve won at least eight games in each of their past 13 seasons. No other FBS team can match that streak over that same span.


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2 responses to “Factoid of the day

  1. Brandon

    If that stat belonged to Notre Dame it would be headline news and would be mentioned on every ND telecast and half of the telecasts of other games where ND was mentioned, as it is its a just a footnote and stone in Mark May’s shoe.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Part of the problem is the number of WWL on-camera employees who have an outright bias against UGA. Lou Holtz was head coach of a team (South Carolina) that got pummeled repeatedly by the Dawgs. Jesse Palmer was a QB (sort of) at FLA. Do you remember in 2007 when it looked like the Dawgs were going to get to play in the BCSNC game? Those guys (in addition to Charles Davis, a former DB at Tenn who worked for the WWL at the time) engaged in what amounted to a filibuster to stop UGA from getting into the game. And it worked, to the discredit and shame of the poll voters who were influenced by that drivel. Their primary argument was that UGA did not win the SEC Championship which they considered to be a prerequisite to play in that game. Never mind that both Nebraska and Oklahoma had played in the BCSNC game previously without having won their conference title. Nobody even mentioned that. These guys routinely trash people and teams they have a personal grudge against and always seem to get away with it. In fact nobody ever calls them out about it. Conflict of interest? Whats that? And who cares? I don’t believe sh!t I hear from them that is more than just the score of a game.