Now that the season’s over…

In the for-what-it’s-worth department,’s Chris Low reports that Georgia is prepared to “go to $600,000-plus annually and offer a three-year contract” to hire John Chavis.


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33 responses to “Now that the season’s over…

  1. Brandon

    Wouldn’t be a sexy hire but the guy is good has been for years and wouldn’t suspect him to be anything less at UGA.


  2. Joe B.

    That is a classic, agent leak story. When has Chris Low ever gotten anything first?

    Sounds like Chavis’s agent is trying to get $150,000 and 2 years out of LSU.


  3. Russell

    No. I remember him doing an interview a few years ago. He spoke very arrogantly about CMR. This was about a week before we trashed his vaunted defense.
    Call me prejudiced if you like but I don’t want anyone who worked with Phil Fulmer.


  4. Macallanlover

    I have a lot of confidence in CMR, trust/agree with his judgement 95% of the time, but I would lose a lot of faith in him if we hire John Chavis. Maybe living in Knoxville makes Chris Low think everything revolves around anything connected to UT. This sounds too improbable to be true.


  5. JaxDawg

    Jesus Christ I hope this isn’t true.


  6. The Realist

    Richt could do muuuch worse. Chavis isn’t a “homerun” hire, but he has 15 years of experience as a defensive coordinator in the SEC, a national title, and several alumni in the NFL.

    Personally, I think $600K is too rich for Chavis, but I don’t know what the current market holds. I’m guessing Kirby wants Muschamp money ($900K), if it would take that much for Chavis.


  7. DawgPhan

    Met someone at a bbq class who said they cooked competition BBQ with Chavis on several occasions. So if Chavis cooks comp BBQ then he can’t be that bad of a guy, even if he did live off krispy kreme crumbs for a few years in the shadow of the great pumpkin.


  8. Tommy

    I’d be ecstatic with this hire.

    With Kirby, there’d still be some Munson-like voice in my head wondering for the next 249 days how much of Bama’s defense was Kirby’s or Saban’s.

    With Chavis, there is no wondering. That guy is as solid as they come and, the 2003 blowout notwithstanding (which was sparked by UT’s offensive implosion), Chavis has stoned many, many Georgia teams. I’d have to think he’d relish going up to Knoxville and shutting down Kiffin.

    Saying you don’t want a guy who worked for Fulmer is just ignorant. Where do you think we got Rodney Garner from? Plus, the chance to work with Chavis again might be incentive for RG to stick around.


    • Tommy

      Plus, the ‘stache. Ugly as sin, as tall as it is wide, even though it runs all the way to the cheeks. Dense and impregnable. A Great Wall of Chavis that makes all others look like the Maginot Line. You don’t worry about a DC with that kind of ‘stache.

      I don’t need to get scientific about this with pesky things like facts and data. You know this in your heart, just like you knew you would learn to love Scotch no matter how much it once repulsed you.


    • Russell

      Why is it ignorant to say that you don’t want a guy who was a basically a lifer for UT along with Fulmer until they crapped out? Garner was no where near that deep…I still say no way. We can and I hope will do better. But if we get him, so be it.


      • Tommy

        What’s the concern here, Fulmer-cooties? I get that Fulmer’s not a likeable guy, but he’s not what’s on the table. Chavis is.

        If it’s a Tennessee thing, the only problem I have with them is how often they’ve beaten us over the past two decades, and Chavis had a lot do with that. I may not like the school, the colors, the idiotic fight song or the corn-pone fans, but it’s hard to find fault with how they play defense.

        Is it the lifer thing? How on earth is that a problem? Richt is 49. Any quality DC that isn’t a lifer is gone in three years.


  9. Turd Ferguson

    For the record, the AJC began reporting yesterday that Chavis isn’t going anywhere. He’s all but promising his players that he’s staying at LSU.

    Now, granted, it is the AJC. And yes, coaches have gone back on these sorts of statements many times in the past. So … huge grain of salt recommended.

    Personally, I agree with others in thinking that (a) it’ll never happen, and (b) it’d kinda be a downer if it did. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to end up with a relative unknown who’s currently coaching in the NFL. Someone that makes everyone go, “Huh.”


    • truck

      You mean like when Richt came in with some guy named Van Gorder?

      Seriously, whoever we get is going to have to hit the ground running in two areas: teaching the basic techniques and fundamentals, and recruiting kids that are more capable of grasping the fundamentals. This season I saw lots of poor tackling, lots of poor coverage, and lots of lapses of concentration. To my mind, that indicated we had guys who were absolutely lost at critical junctures, completely clueless. I could care less who our new DC is as long as he improves this aspect of our defense.

      I also trust Coach Richt to get the right man.


  10. Scooter

    Chavis is a great coordinator. Even during Fulmer’s last year, the defense was outstanding. Hopefully, you guys can pull him away from LSU.


  11. Brandon

    I have no idea whether this is true or not but assuming it were true and were to happen, Chavis would be a huge upgrade from Martinez and that is what I for one am looking for, not someone who makes the sportswriter/pundit class get all hot and bothered, they are clueless for the most part anyway.


  12. Turd Ferguson

    What am I missing here?

    Judging by the total defense rankings for the last 5-6 years, Chavis-led defenses are not really any better (and, in fact, are worse) than Martinez-led defenses. In his last 5 years at Tennessee, the Vols’ defense averaged 35th in the nation. Over the course of those 5 years (which includes the year before Willie’s promotion), Georgia’s defense averaged 14th. And Chavis’ defenses have been more erratic. In those 5 years, their final total defense rankings were 46th, 6th, 50th, 70th, and 3rd. Our worst finish was 22nd, and our best was 8th.

    Now, this certainly isn’t meant as a defense of Martinez. We were trending downward (8th in 2006, 14th in 2007, 22nd in 2008, and 39th this year). He needed to go. But it’s not clear to me that Chavis would be an obvious improvement for us. Or maybe I’m missing something … ?


    • Dog in Fla

      Well, a longshot guess on the missing link on the differences between Willie and Chavis is that they are experimenting to see if they can disprove this Biggest Loser theory…


    • Brandon

      I haven’t looked crunched all the numbers and don’t really feel like doing so, in any event I am sure your representations of the stats are correct. That aside I’d still rather have Chavis based on the anedoctal evidence of all of the games I have watched him coach over the years versus watching Martinez’s units, you are right there definately was a downward trend with Martinez and it was only going to get to worse but I’m really glad he won’t be around to prove that I’m right about that.


    • Hackerdog

      You’re missing the trend. Most coaches will have a poor year. But can they right the ship? Martinez couldn’t. Chavis had a poor year in 2007 when UT’s scoring defense was ranked 61st. He coached the kids up, and in 2008, they were ranked 10th. He took over an LSU defense that was ranked 56 in 2008 and pulled them up to 12th in 2009.

      Chavis has proven himself as a successful DC in the SEC.


  13. 69Dawg

    I’m of the opinion this is another agent wanting to help his client get some real money and/or a multi-year contract. UGA/Richt are being used and abused for this purpose and will be until it’s over.


    • Tommy

      Of course it is, and so what? An offer is only going to someone who’ll say yes. If us merely talking to people gets them raises, how does that make us chumps?


  14. LOBO

    Damon Evans promised a bigtime bb coach , we got Fox.Fans were also led to believe the same(big time) was coming at dc and chavis(reported offer pending) is the answer ?
    I would think this hire would be a downgrade from CWM.If this is their answer i hope DE has his job tied to it same a CMR.Stop the silliness hire a real dc.The money UGA has and this retread is their pick ? I’m betting there is another reason no real dc will take the job, admin. maybe?


  15. Inside Guy

    Gonna be Kirby.