Wednesday morning buffet

Get yourself a cup of coffee and grab what you’d like.

  • Rodney Garner could soon be working under his sixth defensive coordinator in Athens.
  • Here’s an early look at Georgia’s 2010 schedule.
  • And here’s an early look at who will be back next season.
  • Recruit’s perspective on Tennessee’s coaches:  “There are a lot of rules they need to catch up on that they’re not sure about.” What’s that old saw about ignorance of the law?
  • Playoff PAC wants the Fiesta Bowl investigated.
  • Given that his owner admitted on national TV that the dog is scared of the band, I’m pretty much of the opinion that this question is moot.
  • You’ve probably heard about the Quinnipiac University National Poll showing that a majority of college football fans favor a playoff.  Two things I found interesting about it:  (1) fans are essentially evenly split on their attitude about the BCS; (2) the weird phrasing of the poll question – Do you think the Bowl Championship Series should, or should not, be replaced with a playoff system as takes place in college basketball? Would most respondents have taken that to mean something similar to March Madness?


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4 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. jermaine's dye

    The owner also admitted he has some serious issues when claiming he would have to take a can of spray paint to a dog in order for it to be considered a legitimate mascot.

    At least Russ has some personality…Viva la Russ!


  2. Left to Right

    This probable goes without saying, but all of UT’s coaches were hired in large part based upon their recruiting prowess. They know the recruiting rules perfectly well. It’s amazing what BS a 17 or 18 year old will believe.


  3. Dog in Fla

    “Rodney Garner could soon be working under his sixth defensive coordinator in Athens.”

    Two more after this next one and Rodney Garner shall relinquish his underground title as ‘Chance the Gardener’ for being there so long

    and shall then be known and called upon as ‘Henry VIII’


  4. It’s official: Vol fans are now the most delusional in the history of mankind.