Remain calm, recruits, all is well.

Tony Barnhart warns the Gator Nation that the fun is just getting started.

… fair or not, and many in the Gator Nation will say it’s not fair, life is about to get even more complicated for you.

Why? Because from this point forward there will be only one story written about football at the University of Florida: What is Urban Meyer is doing or not doing and when will he return or not return?

What about recruiting? Is he involved or not? How much is he involved? Are opposing schools hammering Florida because of the uncertainty? (Yes). Will Lane Kiffin bring it up when he’s in somebody’s living room? (A most certain yes.)

Looks like he’s on to something.

The big recruiting news today was longtime Florida commitment and five-star safety Matt Elam switching on the Gators to pick Florida State. The way I found out was I overheard Port St. Lucie, Fla., linebacker Jeff Luc, an FSU commitment, excitedly telling his teammates the news after the press luncheon. I asked Luc to be sure I heard him right. “Yep,” he said, then he showed me the text message on his phone he’d just received from Elam. It said, “yeah, I committed today.” The Seminoles are in the midst of an awesome roll. . .

The next month and a half is going to be most interesting.


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7 responses to “Remain calm, recruits, all is well.

  1. OnTap

    Unfortunately, we may be getting into the same category, since like, what is it? 12 of our 16 verbally committed players don’t know who is going to be coaching them.

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m not freaking out over who it will be, but it is getting time to get the process moving a little faster.


    • dan

      We are in a very different situation. We have one of the most stable head coaches in the country. The fan base on the other hand……..


  2. Dog in Fla

    It’s dadgum stuff like this that dehydrates Urban.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ambulance trips aren’t always the dire emergency things we think when we hear sirens. Frequently they’re precautionary, or maybe even wise things. Paramedics can start treating the patient several minutes sooner and they’re on the phone to the emergency room just in case.

    I’d give some people the benefit of a doubt and say they just painted with a broad brush saying they checked into a hospital when they actually took an ambulance ride. Not this one. Everything Corch says is calculated and spun.

    On the other hand, if the ambulance ride was just precautionary, and may have been if Mrs. Corch is a nurse, the great ‘truth seekers’ in the fourth estate are just stirring the pot ’cause they think they have themselves a scoop.

    Corch’s decision to change his mind and take a leave of absence is going to go down as impulsive and ill considered. Jeremy Foley, usually a shrewd man, got caught with his pants down. I envision Corch waking him out of bed Sunday morning.

    Barnhart’s point that the story will have long legs is spot on. I feel sorry for my Florida friends, but that, Gator Nation, is tough shit.


    • Left to Right

      You should see the transcript of the 911 call from Myer’s wife. She said he had been having pain in his chest and tingling down his left arm. She said he was face down on the floor, conscious but not responding to her. He was a lot more than dehydrated.


  4. NRBQ

    I just want to know who the old fish-eyed fool is in this scenario.