And a Happy New Year to all…

I hope 2010 finds every one of you happy and prosperous, GTP readers.  (I’m in the real estate business, so my recollection of prosperous is a bit hazy these days, but I mean well.)

And thanks for coming here every day.  December was the first month ever that the blog registered more than 200,000 hits.  I probably owe Willie Martinez a special nod for that.

Anyway, enjoy the day and the year.


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9 responses to “And a Happy New Year to all…

  1. baltimore dawg

    a happy and a healthy to all y’all!


  2. Jordan

    I thought you were a lawyer? A real estate lawyer?


  3. Ben

    Thanks, Senator. Here’s hoping the 2010 edition of GTP includes lots of excitement over exceeded expectations.

    Keep up the great work.


  4. HVL Dawg

    Happy New Year Senator. Thanks for the blog.

    Storylines for the offseason:

    Is Aaron Murray the next David Greene?
    Who is this new DC and his two assistants?
    Who will coach special teams?
    National signing day and who are these pups?
    Can Richard Samuel shed a block and make a tackle?
    How pissed off is CMR?
    Has anybody seen Urban recuperating in Sun City?
    Will TT go all the way to the mat with Leach in court?


  5. dudetheplayer

    You are the man.


  6. Thomas Brown

    I’ve got your burning question for New Year’s Day : Does every student-athlete for the TN vols on their football and men’s basketball team have a woman who provides their automobile and takes all the raps ?

    vols Number 14 men’s basketball team wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

    Not wanting to be outdone by the felony armed robbery charges against 3 football players just recruited by Lame Kitten, the men’s basketball team goes on the town all night long to celebrate the vols’ football team loss, and are arrested Friday morning, New Year’s Day, the start of The Twenty-Ten Decade.

    In a rental car belonging to a woman, the number 2, 4, 6 and 8 leading scorers of Bruce Pearl’s Number 14 men’s basketball team were arrested on felony gun charges gun under seat of driver with serial number filed off, another gun with serial number still on the gun, marijuana charges for a bag, open container under driver’s seat, and the car was speeding causing Knoxville Police to pull the car over and smell the marijuana recently smoked.

    Tyler Smith is Strong Forward and Starter on the vols’ team, as well as team leader. His leadership skills ? Tyler is the 2nd leading scorer on the team. Take 2nd leading scorer, and gather up the 4th leading scorer, and 6th and 8th leading scorers as the first off the bench for Bruce Pearl, get in a car with out of state tag, gather all the guns you can including filed off serial numbers, go buy a bag of pot, smoke it, go the liquor store and get you some alcohol, then go speeding around Knoxville.

    Sounds like the football players which Lame Kitten just recruited to ObKnoxiousville with their multiple felony charges of armed robbery, just 3 weeks ago, now, doesn’t it ? Once again, to remind you all, there was a woman who stepped forward and said all the drugs, alcohol, and charges against everyone in that automobile owned by a woman and filled with nothing but TN vols men student-athletes are all her fault, she asserts.

    Presumably, these 4 were celebrating the wonderful end to a season full of moral victories for the orange-clad nation. Orange-Clad as in Felony Prison Garb. 14-37 in the Peach Bowl they have LOST the last 3 of in a row by a combined 50 points against the hapless ACC. This loss allowed UGA to take the lead in Bowl Victories over the Tennessee vols with UGA now having the lead at 26 Bowl Wins behind only now Alabama, Southern California, and Pennsylvania State. This 14-37 shellacking in the Peach Bowl to set off the 4 men’s basketball players to their binge here, seemed to occur as the night wore on from this latest 14-37 moral victory of Lame Kitten. This also left the vols 15 Wins less and 11 Losses more than UGA Bulldogs in the Coach Richt Era.

    13 Consecutive Seasons, every year starting 1997, UGA has at least 8 Wins, a streak longer today than any other team in America, while the vols were not in a bowl game even the 2008 Season, not even in a bowl game even in the 2005 Season – both 5 win seasons, and follow that up with this season’s 7-6 against a really soft schedule with no win over any ranked team. Yet, this is what these Felons on the vols were celebrating still the morning after the moral victory.

    3 Blow-Out Losses for the vols in a row at the Peach Bowl 3-30, 14-27, and now 14-37.

    Since Tee Martin was paid $7,000 in a convenience store wire transfer he later admitted after the statute of limitations lying about it every time accused of it at the time, then talking in the 3rd person stated “That was a different Tee Martin; I would not take that money now” – since that bowl game, the vols have WON only 3 Bowl Games in the last 11 years now and counting. And, witnessed UGA be the Higher Ranked Football Team 8 Consecutive Years and Counting now, compared to the vols football team.

    3 Bowl Wins in the 11 years since Tee Martin admitted he took $7,000 wire transfer.

    3 vols football players just recruited by Lame Kitten charged with felonies.

    Now, Bruce Pearl has Felony Charges brought against these 4 vols of his :

    Tyler Smith is 2nd leading Scorer on vols # 14 basketball team.

    Tyler Smith leads, is 1st on the vols’ basketball team in Assists.

    Tyler Smith leads, is 1st on the team in Steals.

    Tyler Smith leads, is 1st on the team in Field Goal Percentage.

    Tyler Smith leads, is 1st on the team by a wide margin in made free throws.

    Tyler Smith is 3rd on the team in Rebounds.

    Tyler Smith is 5th on the team in Blocked Shots.

    Tyler Smith is a Starter, and is the Team Leader.

    Cameron Tatum is the 4th Leading Scorer.

    Cameron Tatum is 2nd on the team in Made 3-Point Shots.

    Cameron Tatum is 5th on the team in made Free Throws.

    Cameron Tatum is 4th on the team in Made Field Goals.

    Cameron Tatum is 5th on the team in Assists.

    Cameron Tatum is 4th on the team in Steals.

    Cameron Tatum is a GREAT swing man.

    Melvin Goins is 6th on the team in Scoring.

    Melvin Goins is 3rd on the team in Steals.

    Melvin Goins is 4th on the team in Assists.

    Melvin Goins is 5th on the team in Free Throws.

    Melvin Goins is 6th n the team in made 3-Point Shots.

    Melvin Goins is a fantastic guard.

    Brian Williams is 2nd on the team in Rebounds.

    Brian Williams leads the team in Offensive Rebounds.

    Brian Williams leads the team in Blocked Shots.

    Brian Williams is 2nd on the team in Field Goal Percentage.

    Brain Williams is a hell of a great inside player.

    These are CLEARLY 4 of the best basketball players in America.

    They just beat Memphis in their last game.

    They score a ton of points.

    They shoot a high percentage of their Field Goals.

    They do not shoot free throws particularly well.

    But, they do hit their 3-Point Shots.

    They are Deft on Rebounds, especially Offensive Rebounds.

    They pass the ball as well as any in America and make the extra pass.

    They Steal the ball from their opponents.

    And, they do not turn the ball over.

    These 4 players have not begun their SEC conference games yet.

    Does every automobile that every student-athlete at Tennessee on their football and men’s basketball team are actually in, belong to a woman ? A woman who quickly then steps forward and claims all the drugs, open containers, and illegal guns in the automobile and all the blame ?

    Just what exactly is going on with the vols ?

    They have all these women from the time they are identified in high school who always are there beside them, and providing them their transportation everywhere they go in a car the woman owns, and then she takes the raps as they are charged with Felonies.

    What does that job pay ?