First snarky question of 2010

If you’re an assistant coach, is it more financially rewarding to get a job offer from Lane Kiffin or to be someone that Mark Richt is interested in?


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  1. Turd Ferguson

    Sure seems like we should’ve been able to have someone solid hired already, given our status, talent, and wealth. I’m starting to think that we’ve either got someone like Kirby Smart in the bag (which I doubt), or this is going to end up being another totally anticlimactic hire that leaves us all shrugging our shoulders and crossing our fingers during the off-season. But maybe I’m just being pessimistic …


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    If I have to eat these words later, so be it.

    Hiring a great DC is pretty important to Mark Richt.

    I hope there is no argument about that.

    In important situations, Richt has, more times than not, come out pretty well.

    I have absolutely no reason to think he won’t have a great hire.

    A “hobnail boot” or a “one and done” if you will.

    With all the scum-sucking pigs and goof balls over their collective heads in the coaching profession these days, it is nice to just sit back and wait for one of the really competent good guys to finish the damn drill.


  3. Richt-Flair

    I’ve got a bit of speculation fatigue, so I’ll be glad when we hire somebody and stop the back-and-forth when a new name pops up. Has Richt offered and been rejected? Does he already “have his man?” Are we waiting on the MNC or the NFL season to be over? … More rumors than yesteryear recruiting seasons.

    I agree with Scorpio — Richt doesn’t have one of the highest winning percentages in college football history for nothing. He’ll get his man. Just hoping he knows how to defend a BOOTLEG!@!@!


  4. The Pope

    You are correct. This decision is important to CMR.

    It is also important to DE.

    A poor choice by CMR or any actual/perceived penny-pinching by DE and career trajectories will be changed for the worse. I have to believe that they are aware of this and doing everything in their power to avoid a negative outcome.

    Two public rejections drive the price up, but it does not mean that we aren’t on the right track.

    Here’s to hoping we start the new year off with a great hire.


  5. 69Dawg

    UGA is making a happy group of sports agents. We’ve made Bud’s agent happy and JC’s too. Who is to say that the agents didn’t lie a little for their clients, sports agents would never lie you say but CMR, who we know is as good a Christian as he can be would still insist that he has not offered anyone yet. Wow Sports Agent or CMR tough decision who to believe on this one..


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    It’s an NFL assistant and CMR is waiting for their season to end.


    • Conjecture? Otherwise the evidence equally points to Richt picking someone on a New Year’s Day (or after) Bowl team and doesn’t want to divide someone’s attention the way his was during the National Title game in 2000/1.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    What NFL assistant would we want who’s not making the playoffs?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It might be an NFL assistant on a team that does make the playoffs in which case CMR will wait until that team loses or wins the Super Bowl. Will may be right about the New Year’s/ post New Year bowl game college teams, too. Everybody be patient. CMR has this under control.


  8. Inside Guy



  9. Raleigh

    I think recruiting new coaches is a place where Richt is at somewhat of a disadvantage – especially when it comes to pulling top quality talent from top quality programs. I’m sure guys like Bud Foster and John Chavis respect what Richt as a man and based on what he has accomplished at UGA. So they’re willing to listen. But they don’t have a past working relationship with Richt that might put UGA over the top.

    The reality is that coaches like Meyer and Saban – really most head coaches – have worked side-by-side with dozens of coaches during the many stops in their careers. It’s one thing to have respect for someone’s accomplishments from afar but actually knowing what it’s like to work with someone counts for a lot when it comes to accepting a position.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible for Richt to pull someone like Foster, Chavis or Smart to UGA for a lateral move. But I wouldn’t bet my own money on it. For the same reason, I wouldn’t think it’s likely Richt will be able to attract NFL talent back to college coaching. It’s far more likely that Richt would be able to attract someone that sees DC and/or UGA as a definite step up in terms of position and/or team. To date, it’s obvious that Richt is going after DC experience and I think he would be willing to go to a “lower tier” school to get it as opposed to hiring a position coach from a top tier team to be UGA’s DC. On the other hand, maybe it makes sense to go after someone who has apprenticed for a great defensive coach (e.g, Saban) but hasn’t been a DC yet.

    Whatever the result, I’m glad Richt took a shot at some of the big names. I think it’s better to ask and get turned down than not ask at all. UGA will end up with the best DC that it’s possible to attract. Too bad a lot of Dawg fans will call it a failure if it’s not one of a few big names.


  10. JasonC

    I heard we had almost hired Meyer as the Special Teams coach, but he backed out a day later after realizing it was an impulsive move.


    • Bort

      Meyer’s family thought that coming to UGA would be a great decision.

      Upon hearing that, Meyer quickly recanted.


  11. Keese

    Why would the Gator Bowl give Bobby Bowden a car as a going away present? He’s 80 y.o….!!

    Anyone think Urban looks and sounds strange, something seems off with him.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      He’s always looked and sounded a little strange to me. He has a “Damian” like quality about him that is, frankly, a little scary. Also, I am concerned by the absence of any sportsmanship from Meyer himself and from his team. FLA cheats and it looks to me like they have been coached to cheat. I think the guy is a sociopath.


      • Keese

        All I am curious to know with this whole Meyer situation is whether or not he is going against doctor advice to coach? He really did not look like himself, but he did say that he was going to coach next year.


        • Turd Ferguson

          It wouldn’t bother me at all to find out that he’s going against his doctor’s advice. After all, he’s got no responsibility to his doctor.

          I would, however, think less of him if he told his family he’s resigning, his children expressed joy at the thought of “getting our dad back,” and then, just hours later, he changed his mind … all because his players had a good practice.

          I don’t care how much I love what I do; if it ever involves making my wife and children feel as though I’m not really a part of their lives, I quit. ‘Cause unlike my doctor, I do very much have a responsibility to my wife and kids.


  12. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Lane (GWOL) Crisis of the Day (COD) Piece, “High Anxiety” 2 January 2010

    Underground bunker, Green Zone, Knoxville:

    Monte MIA. Again. Lane videoconferences Pete at his Malibu apartment to shoot the breeze with Pete about Urban’s anxiety attack(s) and get Pete’s input to help Lane forumulate an answer to the first snarky question of 2010 and more specifically how that answer can incorporate Lane’s stupendous Atlanta recruiting advantage based on his Peach Bowl moral victory.

    Notwithstanding the Brazilian wax job given to him by Virginia Tech, Lane still feels pretty good today based on the fact that, at least for today, Lane is not in the barrel with Bruce Pearl and Mike Hamilton.

    Upon seeing Pete’s image, Lane asks whether Pete is just happy to see him or does Pete have a full leg cast on. Pete says that neither applies but that Pete is always happy to see the hot USC grad student just like Weis says…