More he said, he said from Lubbock

Now the Texas Tech trainer has weighed in on what happened with Adam James.

However, Pincock said James was initially placed in a “sports medicine garage, there is no lock on this building.” Pincock said injured players are typically asked to perform exercises during practice, but “James could not participate in these drills, and was originally asked to walk around the field.”

“Adam showed up to practice in street clothes, no team gear, and dark sunglasses,” Pincock said, according to the statement. “Adam walked about 40 to 50 yards, very slowly and with a non-caring attitude.”

Pincock said Leach then asked that James be moved to a location “where sunlight could not bother him as he was wearing sunglasses.”

“I instructed Adam to stay in the garage and out of the sun, so the light would not worsen his condition,” Pincock said in the statement. “While in the garage, Adam was walking around, eating ice, sitting on the ground, and, at one point, sleeping; at no point was there any enforcement to make Adam stand up.”

Two days later, while the Red Raiders practiced at Jones AT&T Stadium, James was placed in a room that is used for postgame interviews involving opposing coaches and players. James told school officials he was placed in an electrical closet inside the room.

“I walked Adam to the room, which was at least as big as a two-car garage,” Pincock wrote. “Inside the room there is an electrical closet. I looked in the closet and stated that there was ‘no way that Adam would be placed in there.’ I shut the door to the electrical closet, and it was never opened again. At no time during this practice was Adam ever placed in the electrical closet.”

Two things here:

  • First, somebody – I can’t say with certainty whom yet, although I certainly have my suspicions – is going to wind up looking very bad here.  I mean bad in the sense of being a public, lying SOB.  As this is going down, there isn’t a whole lot of gray area to the story as told by James and the story as told by the TT staff.  And if James is the liar, it’s going to get quite expensive for the school.
  • Second, ESPN is backing off from its initially monolithic coverage of the events leading up to the firing and the firing itself.  Leach spoke with Rece Davis yesterday and now you have this Schlabach piece.  It’s just another indication that the pirate isn’t going to go off quietly like Mangino did.


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14 responses to “More he said, he said from Lubbock

  1. Jordan

    Good for Leach.

    From all accounts, Adam James had a lousy work ethic and was an entitled brat. Even if Leach put him in a small room, he probably deserved it. Yes, he had a concussion, does that entitle him to act like a brat? How many other players on the team over the years had concussions and did what they were asked?

    Leach didn’t hit Adam James, Leach didn’t curse the kid out, he just allegedly put him in a closest which made Adam James butthurt and he cried to his dad (who from various accounts is a meddling douche bag).


  2. JaxDawg

    Craig James and his whiny bitch son Adam are going to get butt-fuxxed over this and deservedly so. And so is the TT Chancellor and his budget line item for “attorney fees”.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I suspect the WWL got a “cease and desist” letter from Leach’s attorney (discussed in an earlier post), ran it by the legal department and management decided they better become more balanced or else the WWL might end up being owned by Leach. If the facts are really as they appear to be after the Pincock statement TT is in for some real trouble in court. While it should not matter in a perfect world the reality is that who TT signs as its next HC will have a huge impact on the futures of the TT Chancellor, President and AD. Should TT end up with somebody like Tuberville and continue to win things may be fine for them. If TT ends up with a second tier coach and starts losing those guys are toast.


  4. TomB

    Uh, what’s a “sports medicine garage”?

    Can’t TT afford a “sports medicine room”? or even a “sports medicine tent”?

    That just sounds stupid.

    Adam James sounds like a typical brat, but you don’t punish someone with an injury. You sit him until he gets tired of watching and goes somewhere else. Or, just yank his scholarship.


    • rbubp

      Leach’s lawyer proudly paraded local cameras into those rooms. The one is not a “sports medicine garage” unless a lawn tractor, among other like things, is useful for sports medicine. It’s a g-d equipment shed.

      But that appears to me to be a moot point, because it sounds like a trivial, ISOLATED incident with a problem player. I wish they’d quit lying about what it really is and just admit that they mishandled that situation but clarify that it wasn’t something typical of treatment for concussed or injured players (if it wasn’t).

      I agree that it appears the AD and university were still miffed at Leach over other things.


      • TomB

        “I wish they’d quit lying about what it really is and just admit that they mishandled that situation but clarify that it wasn’t something typical of treatment for concussed or injured players (if it wasn’t).”

        Agreed. But Leach doesn’t seem to be the type of person to admit to doing ANYTHING wrong.

        “I agree that it appears the AD and university were still miffed at Leach over other things.”

        They were just looking for a reason to oust him. No doubt.

        It’ll be interesting to see what happens on down the line with Adam James. I see a reality TV series in his (dubious) future.


  5. 69Dawg

    I’m a lawyer and if you notice Leach mentioned in his interview that the people were supporting him and the fans around Lubock were backing him. Guess who the jury will be when this comes to trial? Mike is going to get it all and maybe even a little punitive bad faith damages. I would also consider a suit against the WWL although you would have to prove malicious intent (covering their employee’s a$$ might qualify) but for sure you sue James for defamation and tortuous interference with a contract.

    As usual my brother attorneys are going to get rich off of this one.


    • rbubp

      Craig James has made no effort to be silent about it, either, and while I have not heard him make specifically derogatory comments, he certainly has not refrained from using his position to make his point when offered the opportunity.

      ESPN appears to have really screwed up, and I would not be surprised to see James’ contract not renewed if the present “meddling” and “attempt to use privilege to influence” accusations (by Leach) against him are proven to be true. ESPN certainly does not want to have to be reporting on the goings-on of the family of one of its more prominent broadcasters. What are all of their talking heads gonna say? Puts ’em in a very bad position.

      Bye, bye, Craigy. Was nice to know ye.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Actually the WWL has changed its tune a little in the last 24 hours and is attempting to at least appear to be balanced probably out of fear of what 69Dawg is saying. Without the propaganda machine of the WWL at work for them full time the TT side appears to be weaker. It looks as if public opinion may be turning on this. I agree that TT potentially is in for a real problem in a Lubbock courtroom. Craig James, too, if you could get venue on him in Lubbock.


    • Macallanlover

      Shows up for practice in street clothes, sunglasses, and don’t forget, a cell phone. He was still a member of the team, and expected to do whatever he was capable of according to Leach’s policy. In Leach’s mind that was walking the track, so if light was an issue for him, what is the harm in what he did? He was supervised, not constrained, and not abused. A little humiliation seems reasonable to me.

      The reaction of the James family does not seem reasonable. The player was leaving TT next month, the team was preparing for a bowl, and the father had been a nuisance regarding his son’s playing time for some time. They picked this fight, imo, and the university piled on to save money and take a shot at Leach. I hope they get nailed by a jury for the way they handled this, especially trying to exploit the situation to save money at the expense of the coach’s reputation.


  7. I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV, but if the school doesn’t have something else on Leach, he’s going to be an extremely wealthy man…even before he digs what the SMU boosters gave the Pony out of helicopter dad’s wallet.


  8. Brandon

    The “Pony” in Craig James nickname might take on new meaning as in “pony up”.


  9. almightytmc1

    Leach is a clever man. You don’t do the things he has done at Texas Tech unless you are a relentless competitor and and excellent planner.
    7 figures easy…. that is a no brainer.
    I think that the Texas Tech crowd might have gotten into the wrong pissing contest.


  10. Marshall

    I know a TT grad and he was telling me everything that has come to light the past two days on Tuesday. The people in Lubbock absolutely love Leach and now there is appearing to be widespread rebellion against the administration and athletic dept. And the James family? They’ll end up being the biggest losers in the whole thing I believe.

    As for ESPN, I think they have really stepped in it here. As for a former post saying that it has become more balanced, I disagree. They put up the entire video of the Leach interview (which will timeout on you at least 3 or 4 times), but they have really dropped their coverage of it (at least compared to how it was before). It’s like they’re hoping that it will just go away if they don’t cover it since they are the WWL.

    There must be something in the water out there. Ten straight bowls, the best grad rate of any public university in America, three stadium expansions, etc.? And they’re trying to run him off because they had to pay him a salary that is still about a million less than a lot of Big 12 & SEC coaches?