The road to ‘da access

“You probably think we have been waiting three weeks to get here,” Horned Frogs coach Gary Patterson said upon his team’s arrival in the desert. “I’ve been waiting 12 years at TCU.”

Stewart Mandel’s lengthy article on this year’s Fiesta Bowl matchup is well worth your time to read – particularly for those of you who’ve bought into the “little kids’ table” conspiracy argument.

The game is the culmination of a process that’s taken years to get to this point.  It’s easy to be skeptical about the quality of the product on the field; it’s even easier to be skeptical about whether it’s commercially viable.  The latter seems to have been answered favorably.

“Any TV 101 [expert] is going to tell you you’re better off with Notre Dame, Texas or USC than you are with Boise State and TCU,” said Junker. “We just felt TCU was absolutely the best team available. We were convinced they’d bring enough people and support us well. After that, it’s based on who’s left. Boise has a track record in terms of travel to our game and support and enthusiasm. They did very well [in 2007]. We feel great about having matched [BCS] No. 4 and 6 together.”

Both schools sold out their 17,500-ticket allotment as soon as they went on sale and requested more, and Fox executives have expressed confidence that the game will garner a strong television rating.

A good game between two top-rated, undefeated teams should propel the winner into some serious national title consideration next season.  It’s been a long time coming.


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6 responses to “The road to ‘da access

  1. Lee

    Yeah and Cincy was #3 in the country. I have no problem with giving TCU and Boise “a shot”, but matching them up together doesn’t really give you a feel for who might compete with the big boys. I’d much rather watch them earn it in playoff system…


    • Russ

      Agreed. Watching Florida manhandle Cincy last night was just like watching the Dawgs stomp Hawaii. All it proved is that the “mid majors” are still “middlin’ “.

      I think TCU could play with the big boys, but after last night I’m not sure.


  2. jermaine's dye

    I’m sure the winner will be touched by the honor to be taken “into serious consideration” next season.


  3. Dog in TN

    It will be interesting to watch next year if one of these teams gets to play in the Big Game against a Al, Tx,. For one quarter(being optimistic).


  4. I think it’s great. I remember when this all started to tip. Thursday night game at Louisville for #4 FSU in 2002 in the rain. They go on to lose 26-20 in OT. Bowden after the game: “What are we doing playing in Louisville on a thursday??”


  5. What an incredibly broken system we have, when you have to go undefeated and win a BCS bowl (staying undefeated) to even be CONSIDERED for the national title in the following year.