Monday morning buffet

It’s a new year, but it’s the same old buffet.


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11 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. Joe B.

    I still believe that we would have been no worse than 7-6 with Murray under center this season. Perhaps the worst thing to come out of 2009 is that we did not prepare a QB for 2010.

    Our offense is going to be absolutely loaded next year. UF is going to lose Tebow and about 6-8 underclassmen, but we may not be able to take advantage because we are going to have a QB on the field making first year mistakes.

    It just made more sense to let Murray get his freshman mistakes out in 2009, in a lost season, rather than wait for them to happen in 2010, when we could logically be playing for the SEC East.

    I still do not understand the logic, but with all the mistakes that have been made over the last 2-3 years, I have almost quit trying to understand. The firing of Martinez gives me hope that things will change, but I thought that CMR had a guy in mind to hire when he finally pulled the trigger. I still hold out hope that he does, and he is just waiting on the candidate to finish the season, but every passing day makes that a little less likely.


    • Any way you look at it, it won’t be a true freshman getting thrown to the wolves, like Stafford was in 2006. At worst, it’ll be a redshirt freshman. That didn’t work out too badly for David Greene in 2001. And as you point out, whoever wins the starting job in 2010 is going to have plenty of talent surrounding him.

      It’s way too soon to get frustrated about this.


    • Aaron Murray




      (don’t tell no one, but i was hurt last year shhhhh)


      • Normaltown Mike

        Thanks Aaron.

        Though it was widely reported that you had tendonitis in your throwing elbow, it has to be retold every now and again.


    • Mark Richt

      Yep, I’m a dumbass who has no idea what he’s doing w/r/t hiring a defensive coordinator. I say we leave it to the fans on the DawgVent to vote for a new DC, who will automatically take the job because the fans* are smrt.

      * See also: The same people who want David Pollack as DC, who want VanGorder as head coach, who want Damon Evans fired when there’s one too many games without a bye week, who wanted Bobby Freaking Knight as basketball head coach, and on and on and on. Regular mensas, you people are.


    • Nick Saban

      We did pretty well with a first year QB this season. Don’t get your panties in a wad about having a first time starter at QB for UGA next year.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    I guess Mike Leach won’t get his name on the TT stadium….either.

    File this under: Are Administrators Really All That Different?


  3. Dog in Fla

    “the DC search”

    Quote of the Day: ‘The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so’ — René J. Dubos, 1876

    After being perplexed by the quote of the day, Mark and Damon go to a matinee picture show to get a break from the never-ending trials and travails associated with the birthing of a brand new replacement DC when they get mysteriously haunted from behind when they hear from Willie of the past…


  4. Dan A.

    I’m not sure even I think Smart is still a candidate at this point, but I’ve had enough of getting my hopes up.


  5. Gary

    I think the QB situation will turn out just fine. We have some very talented guys ready to step in and take the job. My money is on Murray. With an experienced and hopefully healthy line and the play-makers coming back, whoever the QB is will be in a very good situation.

    Also remember Tennessee and Florida both will be introducing new QBs as well. I know the Gator QB got some playing time, but not much was against SEC defenses. UT will be breaking in an entirely new QB.


  6. NRBQ

    We have only hope and speculation in guessing how Murray/Mett will do next year.

    Look or think back to the “rational” UGA blogs from last winter: I know I bought into the whole “we’ll be better off in ’09 with a more patient and accurate QB, with the best O-line in the country” meme.

    As to Murray’s injury, well, UGA started a QB all year who wasn’t healthy enough to practice on Wednesdays.

    Zack does look great on the Youtubes, though. Laser-quick release. Passes the ball from behind his ear – the anti-Tebow, if you will.