Tonight, we’re all Hawkeyes.

Even the governor of our fair state passes on the traditional betting gesture.

DES MOINES – An offer for a friendly wager over Tuesday’s Orange Bowl from Iowa Gov. Chet Culver was apparently ignored by Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue’s office.

The University of Iowa Hawkeyes are taking on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the FedEx Orange Bowl Tuesday night in Florida.

Culver spokesman Troy Price said a message left with Perdue’s office was not returned.
“We reached out and never heard back from them,” Price said.

I’d like to think it’s because Perdue’s scared that he’d lose the bet.  It’s the romantic in me.



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31 responses to “Tonight, we’re all Hawkeyes.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    What livestock did Iowa want to bet?


  2. BeerMoney

    Or that he acknowledges that nobody really cares. A bet of this nature requires a high profile event. Any game Georgia Tech participates in does not qualify as a high profile event. Just watch how many empty seats there are in Jimmy Buffett Stadium tonight.

    Without a win over Georgia, Tech’s season is meaningless…in any year. Their fans know it and have made it that way.


    • NCT

      “Without a win over Georgia, Tech’s season is meaningless…in any year. Their fans know it and have made it that way.”

      Quote of the day.


  3. Paul's Johnson

    This probably has something to do with the fact that Perdue has a GED diploma from Mutt U. ‘Nuff Said. I thought our state’s top elected official would be above such pettiness. I thought wrong.


  4. Derek

    Clearly the Governor has no interest in pulling for Tech and who can blame him? But this just an opportunity for some creativity on his part. My suggestion is to offer this:

    1) If Iowa wins we’ll send the governor of Iowa 100 slabs of Fatt Matt’s Ribs.

    2) If Tech wins we want a personal apology from Coach Ferentz and we’ll eat the ribs our damn selves.


  5. X-Dawg

    Why would the Governor of GA want to bet against the team he wants to win?


  6. Reptillicide

    Sonny is a Dawg fan. Why the hell would he put a wager on a Tech team that he probably wants to lose?


  7. I’ll be in Athens tonight for the basketball game with Tech. I’d love to hear the Orange Bowl score over the PA system with Yellow Tech losing!


  8. I suddenly find myself thinking of Gov. Purdue in a different light. Didn’t think he still had the stones to do something like this.

    I’ll trade you Rod Blagojevichs, Pat Quinn and governor to be bought latter for him.


  9. JaxDawg

    A Georgia Bulldog would never, ever, EVER pull for Tech. Not in a million years. Any sonofab*tch that cheers for those bastards should have his nuts chopped off, boiled in Dales, and be forced to eat them.

    We not talking about a friendly wager here. We’re talking about the leader of the state of GA declaring his hate for Tech and love for UGA. These two distinct attributes will survive much longer than any UGA fan living today. It’s about HATE people.


  10. MauiDawg

    JaxD, I laughed pretty good on that one


  11. According to yahoo, we may be looking at Todd Grantham as new DC


  12. dudetheplayer



  13. NRBQ

    The Orange Bowl would be great television, were it not for that pussy Charles Whoever doing color.

    He sucks on Sunday, and apparently, every day.


  14. Raleigh Dawg

    I love when Tech fans have nothing better to do than to hijack a UGA blog. F*ing wanna-bes! Go back to your protractors, slide rules and Keystone Light.


  15. Turd Ferguson

    Great night to be a Dawg fan.


    • Puffdawg

      Was thinking the same thing, Turd. We may not see eye to eye on some things, but at least we’re both Dawgs!

      Where is Paul’s Johnson now? We whipped their ass in roundball and they had their asses handed to them in their bowl. A few things I think I think:

      -In our worst season in over a decade, and their best, we beat them (so much for richt losing that dominance)
      -What was with the announcers and their love for CPJ’s world renowned halftime adjustments? Apparently those adjustments are on a two game skid
      – I have to wonder what GT actually recruited Nesbitt to do. Obviously not to run the option (before CPJ), and obviously not to throw passes
      – That sensational Youtube song “perfect option” (little help DiF!) kept running through my head when Dwyer was running backwards on the last drive. I actually caught myself singing it
      – Did CPJ’s wonderful halftime adjustments include throwing on first down on the drive when they had a chance to take the lead? Awesome work.
      – Those techies are gonna be on suicide watch tonight… Oh wait, nevermind, they’ll probably be bragging to us tomorrow how they came in second in the Orange Bowl and came in second in their basketball game today. Better than third!!

      Go Dawgs!


  16. In their best season ever, and our worst in a decade, they basically only finished 2 games ahead of us. LOL.