Mumme Poll: it’s the end of the season as we know it.

The season comes to an end Thursday night, and with it comes the last Mumme Poll ballot.  You’ll be able to cast a vote sometime shortly after the BCS title game is over until mid-afternoon on Saturday.  We’ll publish the final results Monday morning.

For those of you who participated last year, the final vote will be handled the same way this time.  For you newcomers, when you vote, you’ll see one change to the ballot format – the addition of a second tie breaker.  Instead of voting for a top five and a second group of seven, you’ll be asked to vote for a number one, then your grouping of 2-5 teams, then the group of seven.  The purpose of the added vote is to reduce the chance of a tie at number one even further (although I suspect with the greater number of voters this season, it’s probably superfluous).

We will be fine tuning the poll over the offseason, based on what we’ve observed this season and also from your feedback.  There will certainly be some posts about that over the next few months and I’ll invite your comments on any proposed changes we have in mind.  In the meantime, let me just say it’s been a gas hosting the MP again this season and a special thanks goes out to my 3SiB cohorts who made my life infinitely easier.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.

Now, go think about whether a Georgia Tech team that lost two out of its last three games is worthy of top-twelve consideration…


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8 responses to “Mumme Poll: it’s the end of the season as we know it.

  1. No thinking needed. No, they are not.


  2. If any ACC team is ranked above #20, the Mumme Poll is worthless as an “alternative” poll.


    • Macallanlover

      Uh, Va Tech will make my Top 12. They stumbled some this season but they dominated TN. In a year where there is more mediocrity than excellence, VT has to be in the Top 20, imo.

      Now GT not getting votes for the Top 12 is a no-brainer. They were pushed around by UGA and Iowa. In fact, Iowa hasn’t dominated like that all year! The score wasn’t a true reflection of the beatdown.


      • Dog in Fla

        And Va Tech gets bonus points for beating Lane and Monte on their home field!


      • The ACC is at least 2 games worse than the SEC on average. They’d have been an 8-4 team in the SEC.

        You provide a good example though of how the Mumme poll just mimics the established polls for the most part.


  3. Thomas Brown

    I am so disappointed. GA tek is the US News and World Report Number 35 National University in the nation. UGA is Number 58. Both are classified Elite Schools. Both world renowned and respected all over the world; I know; I’ve been there and done that. I am so disappointed with my UGA BBA degree.

    I am so disappointed. GA tek have a worse Academic Progress Rate in football APR than UGA in football APR. UGA has only won 8 of Coach Richt’s 9 games against GA tek. Won 2 Major Bowls BCS Bowl wins along with 7 Bowl Wins in 9 years. 90 Wins and 27 Losses in The SEC. Not some insignificant meaningless worthless America’s Cupcake Conference ACC, where their hasn’t been a top-ranked team in years and will not be again this year obviously. We barely have any advantage over GA tek at all. The difference is negligible and not even noticeable under Coach Richt with a Pro set. UGA has 26 Bowl Wins now with only USC Alabama and Penn State more. GA tek has only lost their last 5 Bowl Games in a Row. I mean it’s so close between UGA and GA tek. Both have been to bowl games 13 years in a row. Too bad that UGA has such a small advantage if any. 11 UGA Bowl Wins only 2 losses to GA tek only having won 5 of the 13 bowl games both UGA and GA tek have been to in a row. I mean GA tek hasn’t done poorly in Major Bowls. GA tek last won a Major Bowl back in 1955. Some of GA tek’s fans in here posting were probably alive 55 years ago. It doesn’t matter that UGA had been to 8 Major Bowls since GA tek last went to one. It doesn’t matter that Coach Richt has won 2 of his 3 BCS Bowl Games. 24-30 is not a destroying of GA tek by UGA. 60 wins over 1 team only 3 other teams have accomplished, ever. That’s not important either. It’s very razor thin close between the 2 schools. So what if 1 school has 30 percent of their enrollment Asian men. So what if only 29 percent of GA tek’s enrollment is women from anywhere. It’s a college where kids go to school and share being there with just other little boys, or Asians. That’s not different from UGA. Neither is it bad that the reclaiming of the slums on the borders of GA tek’s campus has failed. Now major anchors such as Publix have closed. I mean it’s not like the GA tek little boys are being preyed upon behind their locked doors while they study and being robbed on the streets as soon as they venture outside a very small campus. Who cares that GA tek is Number 48 in attendance while only 5 other in all the nation have more attendance than UGA ? Who cares that GA tek is Number 35 in football recruiting to UGA always in the Top 7 ? That’s not much of a difference. So what if only 3 football players in all of America want to play offense with Paul Johnson for next year’s recruiting class ? Who cares if GA tek never has won a Heisman Trophy ? Who cares if GA tek has never won a single solitary AP Poll National Championship ? Who cares if GA tek has had 7 seasons where GA tek did not win a single solitary football game ? That’s just not important, either. It’s real close between the 2 in football, obviously. It doesn’t matter that 6 of the games GA tek played this year were against hapless zero teams not 1 of the 6 who even play in one of the 70 slots for 35 bowl games. All that matters is how many they won, never mind 6 real opponents would have added 6 losses, instead. Josh Nesbitt for Heisman Trophy GA tek never has won one of, never mind his passes are wounded ducks and cost him the game against Miami, the game against UGA and the game against Iowa. He beat the 6 non-bowl teams, and that is all that matters. He is great. Josh Nesbitt for Heisman GA tek has never won. Who cares that Paul Johnson came to GA tek with a losing bowl record and now hasn’t beat anyone in any bowl game at GA tek 0-2 in bowls. That’s just not relevant. And, this stuff about Paul Johnson telling GA tek fans to hit UGA fans in the face; that was all a joke. He thinks that is funny. He’s not a POOR SPORT. And, who cares that UGA’s APR is far better than GA tek’s thugs in football ? I am so disappointed.

    I am so disappointed. UGA men’s basketball with Mark Fox only beat GA tek by 73-66 for every game since the late 70’s in Athens. GA tek joined the ACC in 1979, and has not beat UGA in Athens since. I mean we only beat GA tek at their little piece of crap poorly designed Bobby Cremins Court in 2000. GA tek named it that for a coach they ran out of this town on a rail. Who cares ? It doesn’t matter. Who cares that GA tek’s thugs are in the CRIME REPORTS daily such as Stephon Marbury and Javarius Crittenton. This is who plays basketball at GA tek nowadays. It’s so sad that thugs like that do so well against UGA that it has been since the late 70’s that they beat us at our house. We beat them at their house as well last in 2000. That doesn’t mean anything. The NCAA ruled that GA tek has an APR of 914, the lowest in the nation under Paul Hewitt. And, he has a losing record against UGA at 4-6, not explained by home court. Now is it. The NCAA has put GA tek today on NCAA PROBATION and limited Paul Hewitt to only 11 scholarships. Paul Hewitt said after the loss last night that GA tek’s team has a high ceiling this year. That’s not being a POOR SPORT, either. He could have said congratulations, but instead chose to say to the GA tek fans that their team is better. No they are NOT. I mean it is so close between UGA and GA tek, you wouldn’t even notice the difference.

    I am so disappointed. UGA women’s basketball has never lost a game in Athens to GA tek. Not ever. 56-50 this year. After beating GA tek at GA tek last year, to see MaChelle Joseph refuse to shake Andy Landers’s hand after the GA tek loss last season. I am so disappointed that the UGA women also have a better APR than the GA tek women do.

    It didn’t hurt a bit, not losing to UGA whom Wofford beat. GA tek’s men’s basketball team lost, but that doesn’t matter. Right ? It didn’t hurt a bit that GA tek’s conference, the ACC, has not had and now this year again does not have a top-ranked football team. That’s not important.

    Those games mean nothing. Who cares that MaChelle Joseph refused to shake Andy Landers’ hand after her loss on her court last year, and then did shake his hand after her loss on his court this year ? That Paul Hewitt tries to pass his team off as the better team, 5 minutes after a 73-66 LOSS. That doesn’t make Paul Hewitt a POOR SPORT either. Paul Johnson hit UGA fans in the face, was a joke he muses now. That’s not a POOR SPORT. The GA tek fans certainly have been very classy. Especially St. Simons. I mean it’s not like GA tek has a well-earned reputation for being POOR SPORTS. It’s not like rewarding, or nothing to beat GA tek at EVERYTHING. I mean it’s not like GA tek is obsessed with beating UGA, with THWGA in their fight song.

    That was not a bad day for GA tek yesterday. Who cares ? GA tek fans are not disappointed. So what if it’s been since Ike Dwight D. Eisenhower was President since GA tek last won a Major Bowl Game


  4. How about a 2010 preseason SEC poll? (Fonk 2009, imho. It sucked. Time to start over.)

    Over at, we’ve been running an early 2010 preseason SEC poll. As of now, these are the results so far:

    Alabama (1.70)
    Florida (2.40)
    LSU (2.80)
    Georgia (3.70)
    Arkansas (5.80)
    Auburn (6.00)
    South Carolina (6.90)
    Ole Miss (7.60)
    Tennessee (9.00)
    Kentucky (9.90)
    Miss State (10.20)
    Vanderbilt (12.00)

    UGA’s got a great shot at the SEC East next year. The schedule is excellent (the last time we won the SECC was with the @MST, vs. ARK rotation), and Florida’s is tougher (@Bama).


  5. Lady GaGa

    There is a remake of my hit “Poker Face” waiting to be made by CPJ out there…somewhere…

    Pa pa pa punch yo face…mmm….mmmm….Our triple option sucks, as plain as you can see. Our QB Nesbit just falls down on his knees. We can’t pass, we can’t defend the run. Our team just fails at every bowl we’ve eva begun…pa pa pa punch yo face….