It’s Fabulous Friday Follow Up!

Here are a few stories that update some things I touched on earlier in the week:

Utah AG fights for fairness. He wants that BCS thing “to stop immediately”.  But here’s the telling quote from the story:

“And if those millions of dollars aren’t going to those universities, guess who’s picking up the tab? We are.”

In other words, if the programs in the WAC can’t generate enough fan interest to cover their athletic expenses, it’s up to the SEC and the Big Ten to make them whole.  Hey, I’ve got a suggestion – if you’re so worried about sticking taxpayers with the bill, why not just shut down unprofitable athletic programs?

Kirby Smart what? Contrary to what Brent Musburger told you (you’re listening to him about that?), Kirby Smart isn’t being interviewed for the Texas Tech head coaching job.

… Tech athletic director Gerald Myers denied reports Thursday afternoon and again Thursday evening that Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart had joined the mix. Citing unnamed sources, Dallas ESPN radio affiliate 103.3 FM reported Tech planned to talk to Smart after Alabama’s season ended with Thursday night’s BCS national championship game.

“That’s something that I’m not aware of,’’ Myers said Thursday afternoon. “I know he’s a good young coach and a good young prospective coach, but at this point we haven’t made any plans to contact him.’’

Myers reiterated that position hours later and said he had not sought permission from Alabama to speak with the 34-year-old Smart, who won the Broyles Award this year as the nation’s top assistant coach.

But we heard it on television, so it must be true, right?

Guess who’s not coming to the bowl game? Color me not so surprised.

While total attendance for the first 33 of the season’s 34 bowl games was down just 1% in a struggling national economy, the FedEx Orange Bowl matchup of Iowa and Georgia Tech on Tuesday sold 66,131 tickets, down 7,471 from the 2009 game and 9,443 fewer than the bowl’s previous five-year average.

Maybe Yellow Jacket fans are at the forefront of that long-promised BCS boycott.

Guns and athletes. The legacy of Moe Brown continues to grow.

Marcy Girton has not seen the final agenda for next week’s meeting of USC’s athletics department management team, but she is certain the topic of guns and athletes will be discussed.

A day after news broke that Gamecocks football player and team captain Moe Brown had been arrested last summer on a gun charge that was later dropped, Girton said USC officials would study the gun issue after several recent incidents involving college and pro athletes.

Maybe the school can honor Brown by naming the new policy after him.


UPDATE: This is as appropriate a place to drop some additional Georgia Tech news as any, I suppose.

First, BeBe’s decided to try his luck at dropping NFL passes.

Also, Johnson’s decided to try his luck by dropping Dave Wommack.  You can bet that no matter whomever Tech hires as a replacement, we’ll be assured of hearing at the Jacket message boards that he’s demonstrably better than Richt’s hire.



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18 responses to “It’s Fabulous Friday Follow Up!

  1. cleetis

    you forgot to mention that the SEC’s bowl, the Sugar Bowl, sold fewer tickets than the Orange Bowl


  2. Farsider

    Looks like the Trade School will be getting a new d-coordinator.

    And they’re also taking applications for new wide receivers as well:


  3. Paul's Johnson

    Give credit where credit is due, Senator. When a change needed to be made, CPJ moved quickly and decisively. I have no idea if our replacement will be better than ya’ll’s, but virtually any change should be for the better. Who knows, maybe Smart’s coming to the Institute! (grin).


    • It’s always easier to can the coach than the players. There’s only so much lipstick you could put on the pig that was Tech’s D this year. You guys just didn’t have the horses. And with the personnel losses Tech is likely to sustain (Burnett and Morgan), I think the defense is going to be worse no matter who the DC is.


    • Puffdawg

      Isn’t it funny how you want to come on here and play nice now that you got the DOUBLE SMACK DOWN on Tuesday? You come on here talking a bunch of shit about UGA and its students/alumni and then once you get your ass handed to you, you want to come on here and have civilized conversation. News flash, we don’t respect anything Tech does and we especially don’t respect anything their sorry ass coach does. Get lost loser. Quit seeking approval from UGA fans.


  4. Todd

    Pro scouts are going to wet themselves when they ask BeBe to do an “in-route” and he just stands there staring blankly.

    Can you run a comeback? Hunh?

    Ok, just run as far as you can and we will just throw it up to you. That is a great simulation of NFL offense.

    BeBe and Dwyer will see their stock plummet once the pundits start picking apart their high school, I mean, college tape.

    Gailey cleaned CMR’s clock in the ’07 class. Johnson has not had an appreciable contribution from one of his recruits yet. Should be interesting to see how the offense looks with a 240 lb fullback at A-back next year.


    • Reptillicide

      Dwyer will be fine. Bebe, not so much. This draft is thin at running back, so Dwyer will probably get drafted on day 1.


    • I agree that Thomas has a long way to go, but I think Dwyer will make a fine NFL running back.


      • Todd

        I think Dwyer is a great RB, but when scouts start looking at his film, his status will be downgraded because of Gtu’s high school offense. There is literally not a clip of him picking up a blitzing LB. The first time he does it will be in training camp.

        Also, Gtu’s OL work with nearly 2 yard splits, so the holes are vastly different than those that will need to be hit in the NFL.

        I did find it interesting that they ran him on a pass pattern in the bowl game. But, he will have no chance of being a 3 down back, and that will hurt his stock.

        Physically, Dwyer and BeBe are first round talents, but the offense they are playing in will hurt their status.


        • Randy Floyd

          Inability to pass block or catch a pass is more common than not in CFB. Richt is one of the few coaches that insists his RB’s do the dirty work before toting the rock.

          Dwyer is a good player and will be a good pro player. He might well be the best RB turned out by a Georgia HS this decade (obviously Washaun’s story is unwritten).

          Can’t tell if Morgan will turn out to be a good pro. Looked impressive at times, but Safeties often do on a bad defense.


          • Todd

            Man, that is sad about the backs this state has produced this decade. I had not thought about it until you wrote that.

            Tashard Choice, Thomas Brown, Danny Ware, Darius Marshall.
            Not a lot there for a state which has turned out amazing RB’s for years.

            I think Caleb King, with a healthy 2010, may turn out to be a star. He will likely never be what we wanted (a cross between Reggie Bush and Herschel) but could still be a great back.


            • Randy Floyd

              You didn’t mention Jabari Davis?

              Seriously though, I vividly recall Jamie Newberg solemnly claiming that the 2001 recruitin season would produce the greatest stable of backs the state of GA had ever produced. Who made up this juggernaut, you may ask?
              Jabari Davis
              Derek Tinsley
              JR Lemon
              and some kid that went to FSU from Warner Robbins and became a WR (can’t recall name)

              If you’re not impressed, consider the source.


    • JasonC

      I guess we can forget about Nesbitt even trying to complete a pass now that the entire passing game is gone.


  5. Todd

    Ironically enough, Wommack’s defense was the only thing that kept the Orange Bowl competitive.

    While Iowa’ defense was showing the world what happens when the dive play is removed from the triple-option, Wommack’s talentless charges were playing their guts out.

    Oh well. I am sure someone would love to come be a DC for $125,000 a year and have to put up with Johnson’s constant lambasting.


  6. Dog in Fla

    “Kirby Smart what?”

    Ode to Kirby
    Or Isn’t it Todd?
    And Homage to Bret

    Today, in an aftermath glow
    Kirby lays low, smartly
    resting on his chops and
    licking his laurels

    Kirby knows his net worth increases
    because of Saban and Richt,
    he doesn’t care which,
    not Texas Tech,

    Next time before you goeth into the booth
    Think about it before you say it forsooth, Dumbass.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    It is a true testament to the sad shape of the sports broadcasting business that Brent Musberger is still babbling away and distracting the audience during big plays in big games.

    Most of the time the bs he doth spout is not so easily refuted.

    Herbstreit has to shout to get a word in edgewise.


    • MT

      Musburger might be a senile broadcaster, but to me, he has a broadcasting voice.

      That might not make sense, but it’s the same with how I view Jon Miller (baseball)… he doesn’t give the best background commentary, but he has a voice that keeps you engaged and does an OK job narrating the action


  8. dawgfan17

    Your first statement about teams that can’t hold their own finacially trying to take from the teams that can is what it is all about. The reason no one will play at BSU or Utah is not because they are scared of losing the game, it is because what does it have to offer them finacially? If they want to make their program sound from a money stand point travel for 2 to 3 OOC games to big name schools every year for a nice payday just like Troy does.