They’re all ears in Lubbock.

ESPN’s Ivan Maisel is reporting that Texas Tech will name Tommy Tuberville as its new head football coach.

I guess they were really impressed with Auburn’s spread attack.


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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    If this is true, I sure hope Tommy knows what he is doing.

    Based on their dealings with Mike Leach, it looks like he will be involved in a very familiar situation in Lubbock.

    Thought that gave him severe neck pain.

  2. Scorpio Jones, III


    also a + for the headline.

  3. One of the best headlines evah!

  4. Dog in Fla

    Congratulations, Texas Tech! You’re “impressed with Auburn’s spread attack,” and with Tommy’s press conference firing the perpetrator of Auburn’s spread attack where Tommy, in a tender moment, said ‘it hurts and it hurts so bad’…

    You’re about to get wasted away again in Tommy Tubberville…

    One of Tommy’s first plans is to liven things up in Lubbock by bringing in some celebrity guest coaches just like Pete Carroll used to do way back when Pete was at Southern Cal to hang around and preen on the sideline. Here’s Tommy potential lineup so far…–1326.asp

  5. Farsider

    Somewhere Tony Franklin has to be laughing… keep from crying.

  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Is Tuberville going to bring Tony Franklin with him to run the spread offense?

  7. Mid80sDawg

    Texas Tech went bargain hunting. No buyout, and he doesn’t insist on hiring his own staff. Tuberville must be very anxious to get back into coaching. He obviously has experience in coaching the “little brother” school in a football crazy state, but now he will be coaching the poor cousin out in the sticks.

      • I can’t believe Tuberville was had for so little. That’s why, when his name surfaced, I expected it to get dropped just as quickly. I wonder why? Just like Mr. T, Tuberville probably didn’t leverage all that Yellawood money from his time at Auburn. Tsk Tsk.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        All BS aside this is a match made in heaven for the participants. Tuberville is back in coaching (proving he never really wanted to leave Auburn) with $5 Mil of Auburn’s money in his pocket. He’s getting paid about what he was getting from the Tigers. He’s at a school that has good talent and there is no reason to think there will be a drop off. They have a pretty good staff in place already and he does not have to worry about that. He can still replace a coach here and there if he wants to. From the Texas Tech side, if you look at it objectively, they have swapped a good coach who was a nut for an excellent coach with national cred for about the same salary. The Chancellor, President and AD probably saved their jobs. If Tuberville wins ( and there is no reason to think otherwise) the fans will forget Leach within a year and the whole mess goes away. The legal stuff remains, however. Since Tuberville was unemployed and Texas Tech does not have to pay a buyout to another school, they can afford to pay some dough to Leach to settle the case. Leach, on the other hand, will lose his popularity base. The community may actually turn against him if the case drags out and it appears he is obstructing Tech’s movement forward. A settlement seems even more likely now as it is in the interest of both parties to resolve this and move on. Leach is too good a coach to remain unemployed long. He’ll get a new job within a couple of years maybe at a better place than Texas Tech.

        • He’s getting paid about what he was getting from the Tigers.

          No, he’s taking a serious shave from that.

          NEW YORK — Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville agreed to a two-year contract extension Tuesday that includes a $200,000 annual raise and ends speculation that he might leave for another job.

          The extension of the contract makes it a six-year agreement, worth an average of 3.3 million annually through 2013.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Not if you count the $5Mil he got as a lump to walk out the door at Auburn. Some may say that doesn’t count because he gets to keep that anyway, even if he doesn’t take another job. I say it counts because its real money added to the mix and, with his new compensation package from Texas Tech, he doesn’t take a hit in quality of lifestyle or disposable income.

  8. JasonC

    Classic headline.

  9. Randy Floyd

    If true, you wonder how they hadn’t heard that Tommy was famous for taking jabs at boosters or bosses that got on his nerves.

    Kinda the same thing that soured them on Leach.

  10. 69Dawg

    We all learn form our mistakes. Tommy will behave and worry about the D. He will let the OC have his way and the TT admin can keep their mouths shut. 1st order of business is to figure out a way to get James the heck out of there.

    • 69Dawg

      Apparently I don’t it’s of course “from our mistakes.”

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Evaluate personnel and tell young James he doesn’t cut it at WR. Not good enough. Tell him he will be a practice player, nothing more. He’ll be gone by sundown.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Tuberville would actually be doing the kid a favor if he did that. The kid could catch on with a I-AA or D-II team and be a regular player if not a starter. Sam Houston State or Abilene Christian, someplace like that. Of course Craig James would not see it that way.