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Sunday morning buffet

Have to put something out for the cold, huddled masses this morning:

  • Oregon State tries to fend off Southern Cal with a preemptive offer of a lifetime contract to Mike Riley.
  • “Who knew finding a defensive coordinator would be so hard?  For Georgia and Mark Richt, it’s been a nightmare.” Funny, I thought the third quarter of the ’08 Tech game was a nightmare.
  • Robert Edwards sure got some nice references for his recent job hire.
  • Tim Tebow’s hired The Greatest Agent of Our Era.
  • Tommy Tuberville’s experience makes him a good hire in Lubbock.  That’s his experience dealing with dysfunctional administrators we’re talking about.
  • Saban’s implicit comparison of the Gators to the Soviets as an insult?  I dunno, there are a lot of people I know who would root for the Soviets before they’d root for Florida.


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Footballcoachscoop.com is the bomb.

Best unsubstantiated rumor EVAH:

Sources tell FootballCoachScoop that former Defensive Coordinator, Willie Martinez, has met with Head Coach Mark Richt about rejoining the staff.
According to our sources, Martinez would
NOT be the Defensive Coordinator.

Okay, fess up, you guys – which one of you sent that bad boy in?


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