is the bomb.

Best unsubstantiated rumor EVAH:

Sources tell FootballCoachScoop that former Defensive Coordinator, Willie Martinez, has met with Head Coach Mark Richt about rejoining the staff.
According to our sources, Martinez would
NOT be the Defensive Coordinator.

Okay, fess up, you guys – which one of you sent that bad boy in?


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  1. Todd

    It was me, I let on that CWM would be assisting Katharyn Richt with Powerade powder mixing.

    Seriously though, CWM is a phenomenal DB coach. Would rather have him doing that for us than one of our opponents.

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Sources tell me it was you.

    Did you see the one today that has Kirby Smart signing on for $720K. Al Groh to Tech and Pete Carroll to Seattle are done deals too. is a hoot. Go through free association with your bartender or your dog on every six degrees of separation possibility out there. Call it ‘sources’ and post it as fast as possible. Make the disclaimer that you’re just a rumor/speculation site. Claim advance knowledge when you get lucky.

    His sponsors are, Playboy novelties and a low rent cigar site.

  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If it is true I am fine with CWM being the DB coach. The only thing that gives me pause is that he refused to help out with the bowl game even though he was given the chance to do so by CMR. That seemed a little petty to me. I remember when Donnan got fired, he was the OC as well as the HC. The team would have been at a decided disadvantage in the bowl. He hung around and coached the bowl as his last act and deed at UGA and we won. I thought that showed some class although he had a lot of warts, too.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Martinez would be a fine defensive back coach, for someone else. Once someone is fired it would be extremely hard for them to come back to the same employer in a lesser job. The people they work with would be wondering and lacking confidence, and the employee would be tentative, walking on eggshells. This is especially true when working with young people and in a highly psychological thing like football.

  4. NebraskaDawg

    Word is Georgia has brought in the sideline outhouse that Auburn uses. Willie will be the new doorman.

  5. NebraskaDawg

    I’m I then only one that is skeptical that Kirby is the answer?

    1) If Kirby is great then maybe he stays a year or so and becomes a HC.
    2) If Kirby isn’t then we are stuck with him and realize it was Saban all along that made Bama’s defense great.
    3) Will we switch to the 3-4? If so how long to recruit the players we need for that scheme?

    With Grantham or Jones we get instant credibility with recruits for the NFL coaching. Both would probably be more long term if they are a success. Just a thought.

    • Todd

      I have had similar thoughts.

      1) I think we are going to do an HC-in-waiting deal. If the financials being tossed around are true, the Damon is going all-in if Bama matches. That would leave HC-in-waiting as our only trump card.
      2) Huge, Huge possibility here. No argument from me. I think we will see how hard Bama goes after him and gauge whether or not Saban thinks Kirby really, truly has the goods.
      3) Grantham is a 3-4 disciple. He has been running it for 10 years in the NFL. Jones has experience with 3-4 and 4-3, but no DC experience.

      I agree that there are a lot of huge “ifs” with Kirby, but Grantham and Jones are certainly not sure things. CMR had to make this move, and if it is not meant to be, it is not meant to be, and that may be the best thing for UGA football. Only time will tell.

      • By the way the whole Head Coach in Waiting is an inherent conflict of interest and an overall bad idea. It actually provides incentive for the Head Coach in Waiting to slip up every so often so as to become the Head Coach.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Can you really fire a “head coach in waiting?” They all have a penalty clause of a zillion bucks in their contracts if they don’t get to be HC. Suppose the guy does a lousy job as an assistant. Its a real poison pill to swallow to get rid of the guy. Bad idea.

      • Prov

        I think Saban’s ego will prevent Bama from going after Kirby too hard. No matter how good Kirby is, Saban will think there is no reason to overpay him when Saban can just bring in another young guy to groom.

    • I could care less about NFL prospect recruits. I pay money to watch players on Saturday not Sunday. If their only thought is making it to the NFL they WILL NOT give 100% on Saturday. All of our previous NFL prospects have not been able to beat Florida’s College prospects. To hell with Tech and the NFL.

      • NebraskaDawg

        Do you not think that there is not a single top flight recruit that doesn’t want to play in the NFL? That is what these kids are looking for. If it wasn’t, then none of these kids would turn pro early.

      • D.N. Nation

        Good news! Vandy’s players this year didn’t care about making the NFL. And the ‘Dores were *awesome*.

        I’m sure NFL ROY Percy Harvin is happy to know that he’s a “College prospect.”

      • Joe Cox

        I’m never gonna make the NFL. You enjoyed me over Stafford, right?

        • Awesome. I’d love to see a show of hands from those who will still admit to spouting that utterly idiotic talking point from last year’s off-season that Joe Cox would be a better leader and thus better for us at QB than Stafford.

  6. DawgByte

    Sorry guys, but I totally disagree with anyone who thinks CWM is a good DB coach. Our DB play has been the weakest link in our D. How guys like Prince Miller and Bryan Evans could start for as long as they did is indicative of how poor a coach Willie really is. I don’t want CWM anywhere near this program.

    Anyway I heard Martinez accepted a defensive coaching position at Florida under Edwards, so I’m hoping this hideous rumour is patently false.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I hope that’s not true. The one place that Willie can hurt UGA is in recruiting. He is a good recruiter and knows Georgia.

    • Todd

      Please don’t confuse Martinez the DB coach with Martinez the defensive coordinator.

      When Willie’s only responsibility was DB’s, he did an exceptional job. Thornton, Minter, Bryant, Wansley, Jones, Davis, Blue all improved significantly under Martinez’s tutelage.

      You are right, Prince Miller and Asher Allen were not only not getting better, but regressing throughout their careers. I just think that Willie did not have the organizational capacity to be a top notch DC and position coach. But, as only a DB coach, he was phenomenal.

  7. 69Dawg

    Willie was a good not great DB coach. His biggest failure was also one of the weak points of UGA as a whole, this concept that you play the players that have been in the system the longest, really means you just trust them more. It really has nothing to do with their talent. If you think B Evans was more talented than B Rambo then you are nuts. CWM just trusted him more because he had been in the system longer. Crazy is that is that’s the only reason you play a less talented player. CSS on the other hand would play a freshman in a heart beat if he has the talent. CMR is also a longer in the system the better guy. This actually builds in excuses for poor coaching. Marlon Brown would jump out here. He has more raw talent at WR than anyone short of AJ but we burned his RS for absolutely nothing. I guess the whole “we aren’t playing them until they get the system” thing needs to get changed are we are going to get beat by UF and UT using talented Freshman.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Excellent point 69Dawg. Also,since the best players are all leaving early for the NFL you better play them while you can. If you redshirt a stud the most you get out of him is 2 years (ie. Knowshon Moreno). Remember when you couldn’t play freshmen and only got 3 years out of players? We are now into the reverse model–play the first 3 years and skip year 4. Maybe the staff should try harder to get the best recruits to graduate HS early and into school early so they can go through spring practice and hit the ground running in the fall.

  8. 4wholefriedchickensandacoke

    All my sources kept talking about was how Mike ‘the situation’ is signing on to be Rutgers strength and conditioning coach