Sunday morning buffet

Have to put something out for the cold, huddled masses this morning:

  • Oregon State tries to fend off Southern Cal with a preemptive offer of a lifetime contract to Mike Riley.
  • “Who knew finding a defensive coordinator would be so hard?  For Georgia and Mark Richt, it’s been a nightmare.” Funny, I thought the third quarter of the ’08 Tech game was a nightmare.
  • Robert Edwards sure got some nice references for his recent job hire.
  • Tim Tebow’s hired The Greatest Agent of Our Era.
  • Tommy Tuberville’s experience makes him a good hire in Lubbock.  That’s his experience dealing with dysfunctional administrators we’re talking about.
  • Saban’s implicit comparison of the Gators to the Soviets as an insult?  I dunno, there are a lot of people I know who would root for the Soviets before they’d root for Florida.


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21 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Todd

    Saban is turning into Junior, Jr. Calling UGA the “septic tank” and referring to the Turds as “communists.” Brilliant!

    Perhaps he is going to fill the quote void left by Mike Leach next year?


  2. georgiadawg85

    A “nightmare?” Are all Floridians drama queens?


  3. 81Dog

    Some people talk about pulling for oppressive Communist dictatorships in a matchup against a hated rival, but not everyone gets the opportunity to do so.

    I am proud to tell you that once, in the late 80s, your humble correspondant was able to fulfill that dream. Tech played a preseason game at home versus the Soviet National Team. Three of us bought tickets, sat almost in the front row, wore red, and pulled for the Soviets. One of our guys actually spoke a little Russian.

    We got a lot of dirty looks from spindly nerds, but none dared speak to us. Best of all, the Soviets rolled. Go Big Red Machine!


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Agent or no agent, whoever uses a 1st round draft pick on Tebow will be making the Greatest F#ckup of Our Era. FLA has now had 3 QBs win the Heisman (Spurrier, Wuerffel and Tebow). The first 2 were complete busts in the NFL. I’m betting #3 is, too.


    • Chuck

      I don’t think Teebs will be a bust in the NFL. He may not be a quarterback – which is what he wants – but in fairness he is way more gifted physically than either Spurrier or Wuerffel ever thought about being. He can play somewhere; Spurrier and Wuerffel could only play QB. Teebs also plays with a lot of instinct and smarts and with passion. But he is somewhat pig headed and that may be what keeps him from a first round pick. As gifted as he is, unless he is willing to listen to the coaches and play what they have designed for him, he may be too much of a risk. And he may still play QB: his footwork is poor and his throwing motion looks like a disaster waiting to happen, but the same could be said about Favre…


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The only way I see Tebow playing on Sundays is in a tight end/H-back sort of roll, short yardage third down specialist, possibly. The one advantage he does bring is he can be the emergency QB relieving the team from having to carry a third QB on the roster. None of that adds up to a first round pick, however.


  5. Macallanlover

    I like Pete Carroll’s style, and feel he is a good fit as a college coach. Seattle isn’t a better place to live or a better lifestyle so it has to be about the impending NCAA sanctions he now realizes are coming soon. The expected sanctions must be severe as scholarship limitiations would still not keep USC from having a talent edge in the PAC 10.

    One prediction: PC might do a little better than others at Seattle but I do not look for any major success there. Carroll enjoyed a huge talent advantage at USC and still didn’t have any better record than Mark Richt did at UGA. Winning the PAC10 annually was not a significant accomplishment with the material he had to work with, dozens of CFB coaches could have have done that. He only won one BCS finale despite having an easy road into the title game almost every year; it was his to lose.

    What will he do with lesser/comparable athletes in the NFL? I suspect he may win a division title or two, but will not justify a $7MM contract. I also don’t think his personality will play as well with the prima donnas in the NFL


    • Randy Floyd

      Maybe we should add Mora, Jr. to the DC search list? The I-phone or the Nexus One would make it much more discreet for him to ask his dad questions during games.


    • 69Dawg

      Pete Carrol was listed as one of the College coach to NFL busts on the NFL channels Top Ten lists shows. He was universally called too rah rah. His personality is his pro handicap. This will be one of Timmy Teablows problems. First time he tries to rah rah his team somebody is going to pimp slap him. The General Mgr or HC that picks him in the first round had better polish up their resumes, because for that kind of money they better use him a lot.


  6. Lefty

    I think Tebow should forget about the NFL and instead focus on getting accepted to a good mohel school.


  7. 69Dawg

    You’ve got to watch those “life-time contracts” two losing seasons and the alumni declare you dead.


  8. Carter

    I might say that I would pull for the Taliban over GT, but they are often one and the same.


  9. JasonC

    Who knew the post season would be so hard?

    For Florida and Corch Meyers, it’s been a nightmare. After getting their asses whipped by Bama in the SECCG and making Timmy cry, Corch had a stress-induced attack that he lied about saying it was dehydration. Their start defensive coordinator then left, leaving them to hire a guy that left some scratching their head. Then, in a brief moment of humanity and love for his family, Corch decided to hang it up. Corch left his much criticized OC as the temporary head coach. But Corch quickly regained his steadfast focus on what is most important, himself, and promised to comeback to the team. However, Timmy most of the receiving corps and key defensive players will all be gone. Meanwhile, Lil’ Kiffin is poisoning all of the Gators’ recruits.

    See I can be a writer for the Orlando Sentinel, too.


  10. Aligator

    you people are idiots some times … it is strange that you don’t have a dc in place, oh well, keep smelling 3rd place ….


    • Macallanlover

      Trust me when I tell you, I know not one Georgia fan who wants to be you. Pathetic and sad, but just don’t know it. Go back to your own kind.