Invasion of the body snatcher

Who is the person who got up saying this at the presser for Texas Tech’s new head coach?

“We’re going to air it out,” he said. “We’re going to keep the Air Raid [offense]. I think it’s something that Tech has hit upon that gives it that identity to recruit and that we all want to have.”

Because it can’t be Tommy Tuberville, former SEC coach.



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8 responses to “Invasion of the body snatcher

  1. Russell

    He’ll be giving M Brown advice in no time flat


  2. Dog in Fla

    “Air Raid” – a short presentation about how a well-travelled journeyman utility coach, well-versed in all aspects of offensive attacks, finally discovers hope and redemption in the mysterious company of a real bird at his new job on the loveliest tumbleweed village of the West Texas Plains…


  3. heyberto

    Weird seeing him wearing Red and Black


  4. Another coach probably told him he’ll have to pass the ball to succeed in that league.


  5. Rodney Holloway

    I wish we could get Tuberville to replace Richt. Tuberville is one of the best coaches ever and Richt sucks.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Not wanting to hijack this thread but nothing has been written on GTP about South Florida’s firing of Jim Leavitt under circumstances eerily reminiscent of what happened to Mike Leach at Texas Tech only a few days ago. Like the Leach situation this firing is also being done “for cause” with an attempt to avoid paying millions of Dollars and will undoubtedly lead to litigation. Leavitt denies he struck or choked the player which story is now backed up by the player himself. The player says Leavitt just grabbed him by the shoulder pads. My question: Is this a new tactic? When a college wants to get rid of a coach in order to avoid paying the contractual severance are they now changing the facts of a minor occurrence to make it more severe and then using it as a pretext? That way they can get rid of the old coach and have plenty of money to hire a new more renowned coach (in this case apparently Phil Fulmer).


    • Perry Mason

      Not new. I used that trick for UCLA in the “Case of the Overpaid Professor” years ago. Let’em fire the guy for cause to avoid tenure.


      • Ben Matlock

        I used it, too, more than 20 years ago to get Georgia Tech out of having to pay the salary of the “Coke-boys” at one of their games. One of them tripped and spilled a drink on Wayne Clough’s wife. Tech then claimed it was a sexual assault and froze all the money owed to all of them. Claimed it was a conspiracy. Settled for pennies on the dollar I really didn’t want to do it but Bobby Ross said he had some pictures of me and a goat that would be released if I didn’t do what they wanted. I haven’t been to Grant Field since.