Kiffin watch: Lane, we hardly knew ‘ye.

From Joe Schad’s Twitter feed:

USC has hired Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin, sources say


I called it.  Care to guess the odds on Hamilton offering the job to Coach O?  HE MUST DEFEND THIS RECRUITING CLASS!

God, this is turning into the best offseason ever.


UPDATE: Chris Low has the details.

Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin has agreed in principle to become the next head coach at Southern California, sources close to the situation told’s Chris Low on Tuesday.

Kiffin would replace Pete Carroll, who jumped to the NFL as coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

Kiffin, the former Oakland Raiders coach, led the Volunteers for only one season.

According to the sources, Kiffin will bring his father and defensive coordinator, Monte Kiffin, and assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron to Southern Cal with him, and wide receivers coach Kippy Brown will be named interim head coach at Tennessee.

I guess it’s time to rally around the Kipster, boys.


UPDATE #2: Great one-liner from Mark Schlabach –

The NCAA is in our backyard, so let’s hire….


UPDATE #3: Somehow, completely whiffed on this story.  That destroys their credibility with me.  Totally.


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66 responses to “Kiffin watch: Lane, we hardly knew ‘ye.

  1. Paul

    Creepy, I just said the headline verbatim to my brother. Well, sans Kiffin Watch.


  2. Well, Georgia’s ongoing struggle to sign a D-coordinator just fell to a distant second in the SEC news standings.


  3. rbubp

    Har Har Har!!! I love it. Al Davis was actually right about something one time this decade, and it’s that Lane is sleazy.




  5. dawgday afternoon

    How bad do you think Tubberville wishes he hadn’t agreed to take the TX Tech job now? Hamilton is probably calling John Grudin as we speak.


  6. Joe Cox

    I’m available, Vols!


  7. I can see a pumpkin-colored mushroom cloud on the Northern horizon. Can anyone tell me what that is?


  8. The Realist

    My reaction is the same as the Good Senator’s:



  9. keith

    Problem is they will end up with a better coach than Kiffen.


  10. Jason

    Senator, as an avid UCLA fan as well, please please please you plan on continuing Kiffin Watch next year. I’m eagerly looking forward to it. 😉


    • Pumpdawg

      ESPN is reporting he’s bringing Norm Chow.


      • Jason

        I honestly wouldn’t get Chow going back to USC at all. Threat of sanctions? Having to report to Junior McRecruiting Violation?

        Also, ESPN has since backtracked from the story something fierce….and local beat reporters are now saying Chow is apt to stay at UCLA. Anyhow, we’ll see.


  11. Mayor of Dawgtown

    +1. By the way, pass the salt as I eat crow. I said on this blog that nobody at USC was stupid enough to hire Kiffin in this or any other reality. Obviously I was dead wrong. To paraphrase P.T. Barnum: “You’ll never go broke betting on some AD’s stupidity.” I can only wonder if Garrett is doing this on purpose to get back at USC because he is about to get fired.


  12. what a complete clustermufffin. and, on behalf of good people everywhere, let me say to the toothless nation –

    bless your heart


  13. Boz

    If we could be so lucky, NCAA sanctions will level the program until Monte looses interest.


  14. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    I’m guessing Mike Hamilton doesn’t survive this, ala Rich McKay post Petrino. Also…



  15. Dog in TN

    Philip Fulmer is available.


  16. nycDawg

    The worst part about this all? Kiffin leaves with an undefeated record against UGA


  17. NebraskaDawg

    Kirby Smart to Tennessee


  18. Pumpdawg

    Ya’ll want a good laugh,head over to’s hilarious.


  19. Randy Floyd

    It makes for great laughs in the short term, but I’m not sure if it helps us long term.

    Unless they follow Climpson’s lead and keep the interim with a goofy name, they’ll likely end up with a better coach than Lame.


  20. NebraskaDawg

    I don’t think Kippy will excite the hillbilly nation.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I don’t know about that. Kippy Brown may be a football genius who never got a HC chance before. He does appear to be a damn good and much sought after passing game and receivers coach with a lot of college and NFL experience . He’s a Tennessee native and probably exactly what they really need–a real football coach and not a BS artist.


  21. NebraskaDawg

    I bet Tuberville is ready to $hit a brick. He could have brought his famous spread offense to Knoxville.


  22. Hogbody Spradlin

    I am shocked, shocked, that missed the story.


  23. Dick Bumpas

    i dont know who to laugh at harder- USC or TENN.


  24. Barry

    Senator, do you have any stock tips for us?

    Yes, we’re all laughing now. But on the other side of this, could David Cutcliffe come back to UT and haunt us again?


  25. 69Dawg

    I believe I was one of the first to start the rumor of Kiffin to USC earlier this week. I was joking of course , who would have thought that Garret had lost his mind. He tried Riley, then Delrio then I guess he got the call from Lane that he had a plan and said what the F I’m so fired when the NCAA sticks us with lack of institutional control I’ll let the little snot have it.


  26. Wolfman

    Trojan fans should get excited about all those moral victories.


  27. Aligator

    Kirby smart to Tennessee!! man, strong should have stuck it out! no wait, fulmer has enjoyed his sabbatical and is ready to come back!!


  28. The General

    I’m thinking Leach to UT. Vol fans were screaming for him last year. I hear he may be available.


  29. JP

    Tennessee lucked out tonight.


  30. ScooBoo

    If Kirby goes to TN, my head will explode.


  31. Paul Hackett

    Finally, people will be able to forget that USC has not always been great!

    There was a time before Carrol that the Trojans sucked, and now they will suck again.

    Thank goodness!


  32. Some guy at Music City Miracles just opined that UT football is now one big smoking hole in the ground. Are any of you guys close enough to look north and see?


  33. Schlagdawg

    For those hoping that Juwuan James comes to UGA, AJC says he enrolled yesterday at TN. Don’t know if he can “de-enroll” or not….


    • ScooBoo

      I just read on one of the TN blogs, that all of their mid-term enrollees, have now backed out. I don’t know if that is true or not.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I think he can always drop out of school and go elsewhere. There may be a sit out problem, though. Same thing as a redshirt season I would think. does anyone know the rule on this for sure?


      • Ray

        I would imagine it is LOI dependent.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The thing is, signing day is still 3 weeks off. So the guy is enrolled but without a signed LOI? If no signed LOI no waiver needed I would think.


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            The answer as per the FAQ section of the NCAA Division I Manual is: “Question: Since early enrollees do not actually sign their scholarships until Signing Day could a player technically enroll in school then change his mind and go somewhere else before a scholarship is signed? Ans: The answer is apparently yes, since the athlete is technically a student and not an athlete until the scholarship is signed, he could, if he so desired change his mind and go somewhere else.” UGA coaches need to immediately start calling these early enrollees at UT and tell them this!


    • dudetheplayer

      I find it incredibly weak that coaches can bail out on a situation any time they’d like, but the players are forced to honor a commitment to an administration that stabs them in the back.

      That is bogus.

      And Kiffin will get what is coming to him. What a flake that guy is.


  34. Randy Floyd

    “Scoop” Dixon at the UT student paper weighed in on this subject last issue.

    “If we’re losing (coaches), it’s a good thing,” he said. “Because usually if you’re losing (coaches) that means you’re successful and winning a bunch of games.”


  35. Raleighdawg

    Will someone remind me what part of the plan this is?


    • The Realist

      The part where UT bends over and takes it in the rear.

      Next time a coach says, “It’s all part of the plan,” the school should make damn sure what the plan actually is.


  36. kriebelec

    looks like urban took the news well


  37. Gary


    Stay classy hillbillies.

    Are they mad at Lane leaving or his wife? The best eye candy in the whole state of Tennessee is heading back west.


  38. Thomas Brown

    Kippy Brown is the interim head coach for the Tennessee vols.

    Mike Hamilton, vols’ AD, you are a joke, have been, and continue to be.

    Where is Our UGA “Athletics Director” ? At least the vols’ AD actually makes decisions and runs the place. Too bad all his decisions are all wrong. I guess it is better to make NO DECISIONS EVER ON ANYTHING, than to branch out and try to do your job even if you have failures as a result. Damon Evans, how about getting us a “coaching staff” sir ? Coach Richt obviously has no clue. Our recruits are here because of us, not the “coaching staff” but, we have really not done well with only a 17-19 record against Final AP Poll Top 25 teams in 9 years with another 8 Losses to UNRANKED teams.

    17-19 vs Final AP Poll Top 25 teams in 9 years and 8 Losses to UNRANKED teams.

    We haven’t coached our recruits. We have not for 9 seasons now.

    And, what is this that the students in Knoxville started a fire to keep Lame Kitten in Knoxville by leaving their trailers to burn their mattresses ? Hillbillies.

    Please come back in here and put a spin on this vols’ fans.

    I can’t wait.

    Tell us all again of your moral victories ?

    Lame Kitten 7-6 one season who beat no Final AP Poll or USA Today Coaches’ Poll Top 25 team, gone. When he was at USC, he was NEVER the Offensive Coordinator. That was 2 other guys, both now gone. Norm Chow UCLA now who was then replaced by Steve Sarkisian who left after last year to Washington. He was their assistant and he grinded on the players, other coaches, and media the whole entire time at Southern California and all the other places he stayed for a year thereafter, too. An impetuous impatient child smart-aleck know-it-all Spoiled Brat, and a huge big loose cannon who will step in at USC for all their NCAA Major Violations including Reggie Bush’s Court Trial which finally comes up with Sworn Statements finally now. And, the added issue of now not only Reggie Bush’s Mansion provided to his entire family under market value, but now too yet the rift between Pete Carroll and USC AD Mike Garrett over tailback Joe McKnight’s illegal use now of a vehicle not in his name. A Land Rover. At least at USC, it’s a Mansion and a Land Rover. Nice perks. Lame Kitten will fit right in there. These NCAA sanctions will happen this year. Why did Pete Carroll leave for a lousy Seattle team when he is failed as an NFL Coach at New England and the Jets 33-31 record ?

    Lame Kitten Fresno State Quarterback who NO ONE LIKES, who NEVER was the Offensive Coordinator at USC. Never. Pete Carroll was the Defensive Coordinator, make no mistake of that, just like Nick Saban. At UGA, all we have is a damn CEO whose only job responsibility anymore is to hire a “coaching staff” which he has been totally miserable at doing for 10 years now this season.

    Coach Richt Era 17-19 vs. Final AP Poll Top 25 teams in 9 years plus another 8 Losses to teams not even ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25, including David Greene 8-9 vs. LSU, Florida, vols, and Auburn. David Greene was 9-8 vs Final AP Poll Top 25 teams but dropped 2 games Losses to teams not even ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25, which is why then at 9-11 combined compared to Final AP Poll opponents, that Colt McCoy now holds the Record for the Most Wins by an NCAA Starting Quarterback in the Bowl Subdivision 1-A.

    It’s NOT like we are something great s c dawg.

    And, the problem is and has been the “coaching staff” all hired by Coach Richt including his first hire of Rodney Garner December 20, 2000. Brian VanGorder’s Falcons defense sucks. No coach with any NFL experience not 1 coach 1 day. Losing record against Final AP Poll Top 25. The real teams we played each of 9 years now. Only 3 wins against teams in the Top 10 of the Final AP Poll Top 25 in 9 years, and only 1 of those is David Greene. His 1st good win in 2001 which he never duplicated. The offensive woes of this Coach Richt Era are Legendary for all 9 years. At Sanford Stadium the entire crowd boos the play calls of Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo. Not just once but often. Even the 2 years we did play Knowshon Moreno and not redshirt him again that year, we handed him the ball 13 times only in loss after loss after loss. Then, we actually run the ball against GA tek and low and behold, we win a game – so we KEEP Mike Bobo. I’m sorry Willie Martinez and Jon Fabris are hardly all our issues on this “coaching staff.” Are they the WORST 2 on his staff ? Yes. Which 1 is in charge of the 121 suspensions/arrests in 9 years now of the Coach Richt Era ? Who teaches a position as position coach who actually played that position as a damn player ? No one. Who is in charge of kick-offs and returns ?

    vols of course, should have kept Chief. I tried to tell them that. I tried to tell Coach Richt to snap him up then too.

    s c dawg, though knows so damn much more about all this than all of us and than God Above.


    By the way, like UGA’s DC, Lame Kitten was Choice Number 4 at USC who finally settled on Lame Kitten after 3 whiffs. It is no better for him than it is for whomever Coach Richt gets off his butt and hires as his 4th Choice.

    Don’t let the trailer trash door hit you on the backside on the way out Lame Kitten, you failure at 12-22 as a head coach all-time. He will do better in the PAC-ZERO which is why he left.

    Lame Kitten gone because you only had an $800,000 buyout he has to pay.

    Granddad Monte Kiffin, Defensive Coordinator, gone.

    Ed Orgeron, Recruiting Coordinator, gone.

    After all you said in here about how great Lame Kitten is, please put a spin on this for me vols’ fans. I eagerly await your B.S. now about Lame Kitten’s FAILURES, totally after all your attempted DEFENSE of him HERE.

    Go ahead. Defend him again, or make an about-face and agree with me all along that the jerk Lame Kitten is a sorry NOTHING of a Coach and person. How is his entire only recruiting class, put in jail over armed robbery, drugs, alcohol, and weapons charges, doing ? Been by to see them at the jail, or are you waiting to leave your trailer only to burn your mattresses to keep Lame Kitten there. God Almighty. It’s been 8 Consecutive Seasons and Counting now that the vols have been ranked WORSE than The UGA Bulldogs in the Final Polls. Every poll. And, what now becomes of the NCAA Investigation of just 2 weeks ago of Lame Kitten’s orange Kittens leaving campus to pursue Ed Orgeron’s recruits ?

    I don’t care that you obviously now will end up with a better coach; I just want you to admit The Spoiled Brat Little Monster is gone and that you burned your mattresses to keep him there you Hillbillies – along with the fact that I told you so, and you DEFENDED Lame Kitten : Choose : Defend him AGAIN, Admit I was right all along. Where is his win like our win over GA tek ?


  39. Hackerdog

    Come on guys. He posted at 3:46 am. He was obviously in a drunken stupor or his medication had worn off. Give him a break.