Wednesday morning buffet

I was gonna start with some mealy-mouthed observation about other things going on in the college football world besides the debacle in Urnge Country, but screw that – if you guys want ice cream for breakfast, ice cream you’ll get.



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12 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Todd

    On the Senior Bowl.

    How bad is LSU’s coaching staff? Seriously. They squandered more talent than any coaching staff in America.

    That list does not even include Patrick Peterson and Chad Jones, arguably LSU’s two best players.


  2. FourOFour

    Kiffin, the Sarah Palin of college coaches.



    Breaking News! Mark Richt leaving UGA to take UT job. Believes he and his family will be better appreciated in Orange country, understands that Monte is staying as DC, and will be closer to God in the Appy mountains.

    Also believed to have stated “Suck it, you’ers.”

    Willie Martinez believed to be the top candidate for the UGA HC job.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    The Clay Travis article is excellent. The clincher being the contrast b/w Lame and Monte. The funny thing is how defensive Vol fans have been of this bozo, until last nite.

    I firmly believe Georgia was better off with Lame in Knoxville. Hopefully they’ll fumble the replacement but you never know, they might hit a home run.


  5. BeerMoney

    Kiffikins may have left their program in such disarray given what is coming down the pike from the NCAA, that they may NOT be able to go out and get a home run hire. Who would want to come in and clean up this mess? There’s probably a lot of allegations that have not even come out from his wild year in Knoxville. He treated Tennessee like a $2 prostitute and left them in the wake to clean themselves up while was out the door. I almost feel sorry for them, but I really don’t. You lay down with these kind of scumbag people and you get what is coming. And Tennessee is about to REALLY get what’s coming to them.

    However, I am not going to chuckle too much. Tennessee avoided Kiffin running them completely into the ground and this will end up being a net gain on down the road IF they make a good hire, and might bea huge blessing in disguise if they make a great hire. Once again though, their hands may be tied due to the seriousness of the NCAA’s investigation unless somebody wants to take a big risk and rebuild a program like Butch Davis did at Miami. That is something I just can’t see most big name coaches leaving their respective schools to do. I am sure they are going to say they want an A-list candidate and want him in there by the weekend, but it’s just not usually that simple. As a Georgia fan, I hope they completely drop the ball and screw it up, but it will probably end up somewhere in between. Keep in mind though, that they have had 3 out of the last 5 recruiting classes turn out pretty mediocre and this year’s is toast. Alabama, Georgia, and Florida are going to rip their class to shreds. The cupboard is bare and is about to get much worse with a long uphill climb to get better.


  6. BenG

    That Texas Tech argument might not be so crazy. Damien Gary’s lawsuit against UGAAA was recently thrown out for the very same reason: sovereign immunity.

    I get your point, though. Why would you sign a contract with an entity that you can’t sue if they renege?


    • Puffdawg

      Decory Bryant


    • 69Dawg

      Did they change the law since I retired? The State waives sovereign immunity by buying insurance against certain things. I’m not up on the Damien Gary law suit but to think that the UGAAA has no liability insurance is crazy. Besides I’m a UGA grad and I think UGA is cutting off it’s nose to spite it’s face in this matter. Pay the kid, he gave his all for the school.


  7. 69Dawg

    The guy with the most egg on his face is the UT AD Hamilton. How does this guy survive this. I’m sure he will try the old “I’m a victim in this as much as UT” but he staked his AD rep on Kiffin and went way beyond support for the a$$hat and he had to know that Kiffin was trashing the UT traditions.
    UT has some very old and great football traditions and lots of those players actually went to UT because they wanted to Play for UT, they didn’t care who the coach was. The sad thing is that in the quest to win at all cost, the colleges are bringing in mercenaries that could care less about the schools traditions. Without the traditions college football is just pro football with a lousy pay structure for the players.


  8. David

    that list is of combine invitees, not senior bowl.