Post-Kiffin watch: picking up the pieces

There’s so much stuff out there about Junior’s career move that a roundup best suffices.

  • I confess that I couldn’t stomach more than about 60 seconds of the self-serving nonsense Kiffin was dishing out at his USC press conference, but unfortunately I tuned in long enough to bear witness to hearing this come out of his mouth:  “If they weren’t upset that we were leaving, then we weren’t doing anything right.” Get that, Vol fans?  You feel betrayed because the Laner was doing such a good job.
  • Chris Dufresne has an amusing summary of Junior’s past and present, along with a suggested economy for the NCAA:  Maybe it can roll the USC and Tennessee investigations into one case.
  • If it’s pure vitriol you’re looking for, it’s hard to top Gene Wojciechowski’s column.
  • Junior sure looked unhappy jetting out of Knoxville.
  • Somebody counts the similarities between Lane Kiffin and Sarah Palin.
  • Meanwhile, back at the ranch (more like the smoking crater that used to be a ranch), Mike Hamilton hopes to have a new head coach in place pronto.
  • Jon Gruden says it won’t be him.
  • Will Muschamp says he’s not going anywhere either.
  • Tony Barnhart says keep an eye out for the Fulmer power play.
  • Not a link, just a question:  who gets stuck being Daniel Hood’s babysitter now?
  • Hamilton may not have a coach lined up, but it sounds like he intends to play hardball with Kiffin’s early enrollees.  That should go over well.
  • On the subject of those recruits, Ed Orgeron says that in approaching them about ditching their UT commitments so they could follow him Pied Piper-like to the left coast, he didn’t knowingly violate any rules.  To his knowledge, even.  (Notice that he doesn’t deny acting like a complete sleazeball, though – knowingly or otherwise.)

And this deserves a special mention – a couple of musical tracks to honor the occasion were getting airplay on Knoxville station WIVK and were forwarded to me by alert reader NM (click to play):

The Ballad of Lane Clampett

Jump on the Lame Train

Again, they’re just bitter because Junior was so good…


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8 responses to “Post-Kiffin watch: picking up the pieces

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Can the NCAA sanction individuals?

    Assuming Ed Orgeron was contacting recruits in a dead period, on his way out of town, and it’s a violation, it’d be unfair to penalize Tennessee, but fair to penalize Orgeron.


  2. JasonC

    I haven’t had time to peruse all the comments since the sh!t hit the fan, but have you apologized to Vol fans yet? Like most of us Dogs, you were mocking “The Master Plan”, and really leading that charge. Well, it appears their was indeed a Master Plan. Of course, it wasn’t the one Vol fans pictured, so we can still find comfort in that.


  3. X-Dawg

    The hubris of Kiffin never ceases to amaze me. He said in his PC last night that he left UT in better shape than when he got there…..huh? The puffed up statistics he gave as to why this is true: 1) Better record than the previous year (7-6?, puleaze!), 2)Garnered the top ranked recruit in the country after being on the job only a month (Bryce Brown followed the money, imo) 3) More players going to the pros than the previous year (duh!). There were more, but those are all I can remember.

    He failed to mention that one moment after he resigned, that his lackey, Orgeron started raiding the cupboard of UT’s recruits. Someone named “Kippy” who has been with the team a month is now the interim coach. And, with or without coach O’s help, UT has now lost at least 5 of its recruits.

    Yep! UT is better off now! It would have been better had he said that UT is better off now that they don’t have a walking NCAA violation as a head coach any more.


  4. I left the office pretty late last night and caught the Kiffin presser live on XM Radio on the way home. Kiffin reminds me a lot of Alex Rodriguez. A lot of people hate both of them and think they are just jerks. Frankly, I think they’re both just dumb as hell.

    I think Kiffin proved me right with his comments about how the Tennessee fans were mad because they saw that Kiffin and crew were doing good things. No Laner. The Tennessee fans are pissed because you just Bowling Greened their asses. They put up with all your self-serving crap for a year and defended you only for you to treat their job like a stepping stone. That’s why they’re mad Laner. Not because you were doing good things.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    He looks f’in ridiculous with the baggy pants and the “fresh” white kicks. What is he, 12?