Quick notes from the teleconference

Via David Hale’s Twitter feed:

  • Georgia is going to a 3-4 defense, by which Grantham “means two outside LBs, 2 inside LBs and 3 D linemen in base.”
  • Outside backers will be “edge setters, aggressive, they’ll be coming.” Inside backers “downhill guys to the ball.”
  • Grantham will coach linebackers.
  • He hasn’t met Garner yet (but TG’s position coaching decision certainly seems to indicate that there’s a place for RG under the defensive regime).  But he’s looking forward to meeting RG.
  • Nothing yet decided on the staff.


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4 responses to “Quick notes from the teleconference

  1. Wee Willie Martinez

    Blitz? Did he say blitz?! We can do that? I mean, if that would have worked, we’d have pressured some of these QB’s more. Nonsense I say. Leave the passing game to my stellar DB’s (you know, the “young and the clueless”) and just keep everybody else in a soft zone to control these power running games like at….uh….Vandy and GT.


  2. NRBQ

    This plan sounds like a tantalizing Martin L. King’s Birthday present to Dawg fans.

    Let’s get started: Go Bret!


  3. ……… drool ……….


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