Somehow, I doubt Nick Saban’s ever done this.

Don’t you wonder if some of these driven head coaches, like Saban or Meyer, ever get tempted once in a while to kick back on the job and let their hair down?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you former San Diego State head coach Tom Craft.

… San Diego State strength and conditioning coach David Ohton had claimed that school football coaches retaliated against him after he reported in a university audit that they were getting drunk the nights before games. Ohton said head coach Tom Craft had gotten “seriously drunk” the night before a game against Idaho, and the team lost, despite being heavily favored to win. A few weeks later, Ohton said some of the team’s coaches went to a strip club the night before a game, and the team again lost to a lower-ranked team.

Read the rest of the story.  It sounds like they had a helluva work environment at dear old SDSU.


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8 responses to “Somehow, I doubt Nick Saban’s ever done this.

  1. Dog in Fla

    San Diego State University- where the Athletic Department knows how to screw around and party!


  2. Jo Joe

    Don’t tell me I am the only one that used to run into Willie M in the VIP area at Toppers before gamedays?


    • Normaltown Mike

      That’s news to me.

      Though I’ve hear Ed Orgeron would stop off at the Cafe Risque in Lavonia to pick up Vols Hostesses on his way to South Cackalacka ‘cruitin visits.


  3. Russ

    Nick Saban doesn’t have time for that shit.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “Ohton said head coach Tom Craft had gotten “seriously drunk” the night before a game against Idaho,..”

    Al Davis, excited and brimming with joy that Lane is now subject to personal service of process within California again, fires Tom Cable and hires Tom Craft.


  5. Irishdawg

    Saban is far too busy sacrificing goats on top of a painted pentagram to indulge in that kind of debauchery.


  6. Jason

    I dunno, this isn’t that much different from any other department – athletic or non-athletic, at SDSU, methinks.


  7. Metal Steel Chair

    Lovely. I hear Will Ferrell and the boys have already been green-lighted for their next San Diego-based script: “Anchorman, Part II: Friday Night Flights.” I like lamp.