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Um… about that coaching hire time frame at Tech

Mark Bradley, Jeff Schultz, take note.  It seems that Mark Richt wasn’t the only head coach who made a tough call about his defensive coordinator shortly after the Georgia Tech game.  Per Coach Groh:

“I’m appreciative of the fact that within a few days of leaving Virginia, Paul was gracious enough to call and say that first off, he was sorry that things didn’t work out at Virginia and knew that I had well-prepared teams there; but, secondly, would I be interested in continuing to coach in Atlanta? I was very appreciative that he reached out in the first place and flattered that he thought we could add to something that they’re doing, and obviously, they were doing pretty well without me.”  [Emphasis added.]

Sucks when a narrative goes completely down in flames, doesn’t it?



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Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but one thing struck me when I read this Bulldog Illustrated article about the Grantham hiring.  Check out these two quotes:

“I haven’t played in a 3-4 personally but I’ve seen a lot of it in the NFL,” said Gamble. “It’s a pretty aggressive defense and a lot of pass rushers come out of it. It seems to be very productive in getting guys to the ball and I’m looking forward to playing under Coach Grantham. I think it’s going to give everybody a fresh start and that’s good,” said Gamble. “If you’re good enough to play, you’re going to play. Guys who haven’t gotten to play much in the past may get that chance now. I know I’m going to work my hardest, just like I’m going in as a freshman, even though this will be my senior year. Getting the experience of having an NFL coach come in to coach you your last year, he can critique you and see what you need to do to get ready for the NFL. That’s a good thing for me and the rest of the guys who want to play in the NFL.”

“Not knowing Coach Grantham very well, I’m pretty excited, though,” said Boykin. “I talked with Tashard Choice (former Ga. Tech player) who’s playing with the Cowboys and he said Coach Grantham is a great coach, and I’m looking forward to playing for him. I’m just excited about playing in a 3-4. I will be watching the Cowboys a little closer this weekend to see what their defense is like … just be looking at things I haven’t seen,” added Boykin. “I think it will be a fresh start for everybody. The guys who didn’t get to play as much last year can prove themselves again and those of us who did play will have to reprove ourselves. I’m looking to get a chance to go up to Butts-Mehre and talk with the coaches and figure things out. Coach Grantham is still in his season but I’m also looking forward to talking with him to also figure things out.”  [Emphasis added.]

Notice how similar those quotes are?  It makes me wonder if there was a little more going on behind the scenes attitude-wise with regard to certain personnel decisions made on defense last season than was let on.  And whether that bled on to the field at times…


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If the tape fits, you must not acquit.

Remember this development way back when Junior was still garbed in orange?

Freshman safety Janzen Jackson has been reinstated to the team and will start Saturday against Kentucky, Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin said Tuesday.

Jackson, who had been barred from team activities, had the attempted armed robbery charges against him dismissed earlier this week after the Knox County district attorney said there wasn’t sufficient evidence to proceed.

Evidence is a tricky thing.  Particularly when it involves a starting defensive back on a Kiffin-coached team.  If you don’t believe me, check out the security tape.

Here’s how Clay “Kiffin never wuz a Tennessee man” Travis described the Laner’s dilemma at the time.

Lane Kiffin has yet to announce whether Jackson will be permitted to play in Tennessee’s final regular-season game at Kentucky Saturday. The 6-5 Vols will be looking for their 25th consecutive victory in a row over the Wildcats.

In the meantime, Jackson, a five-star recruit who Kiffin believed was on his way to being named a first-team freshman All American, remains barred from all team activities. Since Jackson’s removal from the lineup, the Tennessee defense, beset with injuries, has played its three worst games of the season in succession.

So Kiffin has a decision. Is a two-game suspension for being arrested and charged with a crime the district attorney now says he didn’t commit, sufficient punishment for putting himself into a situation that leads to an arrest? Or does he deserve further punishment?

Looks like somebody could use some brushing up on how to review a security tape.  It’s a real stretch to conclude that Jackson had no prior knowledge of the robbery.

In the meantime we can all rest assured that Junior maintained only the highest standards in meting out justice to Jackson.  At least that’s what he said at the time.

“As I’ve said before, we wanted to take our time to get all the information regarding this situation. These were very serious allegations, and we had to make sure we handled this properly. After an extensive and thorough investigation by the Knoxville Police Department and the District Attorney’s office, they have cleared Janzen of any wrong doing and determined he had no prior knowledge of this incident. Janzen will join team activities today.

“We hold our student-athletes to an extremely high standard on and off the field. Janzen has seen the effect personal decisions had on his former teammates and is excited to rejoin our team activities.”

Good luck with all that, Mike Garrett.


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