Baby, I would never leave you like Kiffin.

It may not be L’il Wayne…

So where does this hit on the Street-Cred-O-Meter?


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9 responses to “Baby, I would never leave you like Kiffin.

  1. BeerMoney89

    I just can’t believe nobody has mentioned this potential bombshell yet. Tiger, Lane. Lane, Tiger.


  2. Will Trane

    The golden boy has returned to his Hollywood Hills. When watching the golden boy did you ever have thoughts that the UT band would strike up the theme song “A Summer Place” and that Sandra Dee would appear at midfield. Are recruiting violations in the future for USC and UT?


  3. Dog in Fla

    I give Swiper only an 80 on the beat but a 100 on the words.


    • Normaltown Mike

      As Lane boarded his jet to LA he was purported to have bit his bottom lip and said to the Vol Nation “You might want to put some ice on that”. He then put on his shades and made his way up the steps.


      • Dog in Fla

        And after that brief parting statement from Lane, this shot reportedly shows either Lane or his decoy body-double boarding Gulfstream hidden in hangar to avoid pre-takeoff destruction in his Escape From Knoxville. Lane had to carry his own luggage but only because he didn’t let his brother-in-law know about the getaway…