Monday morning buffet

Come and get it…


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16 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. Dog in Fla

    “A sensible post mortem” on Lane?

    Think Hooper has reached the acceptance portion of the five stages of grief program.

    Think Chris Low has what could be an apt epithet for an epitaph on Lane’s brief tour of duty tombstone at Tennessee. Lane apparently must have loved the smell of it not only in the morning but all day long because collateral damage has no meaning whatsoever to Lane:

    “Let’s face it: For all Kiffin’s talk about leaving Tennessee in better shape than he found it, the reality is that he absolutely napalmed the place.”


  2. 69Dawg

    After seeing Chris Low at the pre press conference circus I’ll never read anything he has to say again with any conviction. What a mouth breathing slug. The rep of the WWL looking like he’s half awake. Wow what a waste of space.


    • Dog in Fla

      Chris, stoic, sleepy-eyed, poker-faced, bearded and pigeon-toed (reportedly pictured below third from right from his earlier days as roadie on tour before he got a real job), was simply preserving his energy in case he needed it for a head-start to escape the Lane post-press-conference fight…


  3. Macallanlover

    My proposal to change accountability for CFB head coaches is to have the NCAA institute a one year penalty (same as with athletes) for any D1 coach who leaves before his contract term is over. That way potential recruits/advisors/parents would be able to see what the commitment period is, and assign whatever amount of risk for change there is. If a school terminates a coach’s contract for cause, that coach would be able to move anywhere he wishes without penalty. Restrictions for movement would not be effective for assistant coaches.

    I don’t find the above to be unfairly restrictive, and it would prevent the number of moves by CFB coaches. A by-product of that could also be to have shorter term contracts, 3-5 years rather than 7-10 years. It is time sports treated contracts like they mean something and stop throwing millions of dollars around to make the consequences of short-sided decisions go away.


    • Phocion

      Will never happen. How could a coach get a job at another place if that coach is let go before his contract is up? And the “Cause”clause is nonsense: Carroll jumps ship for the NFL…How does Kiffy (or almost any other coach currently under contract) get that job? Submarine the recruiting process by calling recruits…nail the secretary on the his desk…go drining with the co-eds…and arrange it all with USC before he can committ an act that allows UT to fire the coach for cause and the coach can then take the helm at USC without having to sit out your waiting period.

      As for general accountability: Have penalties/probation terms follow the coach; don’t just apply them to the instituition.


  4. NRBQ

    Over and under on how many Tech fans are currently screaming, “Your new D.C. gave up a million points yesterday!!!” on the interwebs?


  5. Dog in Fla

    Hamilton’s expertise in negotiating coaching contracts (a/k/a “Hamilton’s folly”) automatically moves Hamilton up to #1 on the short-list as a replacement for the Notre Dame Athletic Director in unlikely event that Brian Kelly turns out to be more like Gerry Faust than Bob Davies.


  6. Farsider

    I think that hard, cold reality is about to hit the Vol Nation in the wake of all their new coach coming in.

    I’m just amazed that Hamilton still has a job in Knoxvegas.


    • I said it before on this blog. The Hillbillies are desperately trying to believe two things:
      1. Orgeron only started cheating last Tuesday night.
      2. The NCAA will fly away and leave them alone because… haven’t they suffered enough?!


  7. Ray

    Kiffin left UT like Obama will leave this country.


  8. The Realist

    Boise State’s claims of “nobody will play us… that’s why our schedule is so weak” seems to be smoke and mirrors.

    A 2-for-1 series with a tradition-rich program like Nebraska… where all three games are guaranteed to be on national television… or another game against UC-Davis and some whining about how you can’t get anyone to play you on your stupid blue field?

    If you want to be a big boy, act like one. Go win games on the road against big time competition like the independents did in the ’80’s. Then, people will take you seriously. Otherwise, S.T.F.U.