How does Mike Hamilton have a job today?

I’m sure many will be amused by Clay Travis’ latest anti-Kiffin screed.  I was amused too, but what I suspect is for a different reason.  After going through Travis’ lengthy (and I do mean lengthy) shopping list of Junior’s petty crimes and misdemeanors, with a few sprinkles of Coach O and Dad tossed in for good measure, all I could think was how could Mike Hamilton not see the train wreck coming almost from the get-go?  That Kool-Aid must have been mighty tasty.  Yet, Travis gives Hamilton a pass, of sorts.

15. Is this Mike Hamilton’s fault?

Probably not, but he shoulders the blame.

Well, that made me chuckle, anyway.

The thing is, those superb instincts that have served the University of Tennessee’s football program so well over the last two years are still in play.  Hamilton has suddenly found religion about Kiffin’s and Orgeron’s recruiting tactics.

Specifically, athletic director Mike Hamilton is concerned with contact that former UT coaches might have had with the Vols’ committed and enrolled prospects, as well as contact those coaches, who are now at Southern California, may have had with personnel still employed by the athletic department.

“We are looking into it and if there is action to be taken, certainly we will,” Hamilton said via text message Monday. “At this point, anything else would be speculative.”

Current employees of the athletic department will be scrutinized. Hamilton said phone records and e-mail will be checked to see if any employees transferred recruiting material to USC, specifically to former UT recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron after he left Knoxville for Southern California.

Now he sees it.  The thing is, what does he think the rest of the conference was bitching about (which Junior was vigorously defending) for the past fourteen months?  That matters more than a little here.  Hamilton’s not some starry-eyed fan who got sucked in; he’s the guy in charge, responsible for making sure the program doesn’t run afoul of the SEC and the NCAA, who got sucked in.

And he couldn’t handle the new coaching hire cleanly.  Kippy Brown, by Hamilton’s own admission, was treated shabbily.

… Hamilton said he could understand if Brown felt shaken by the process.

“I’m sure he probably felt that way, but the guys that are on the inside know how hard we worked making sure we gave him an adequate chance to tell us what he would do if he were the coach,” Hamilton said. “It wasn’t the best of scenarios. I admit that freely.”

It wasn’t a racial thing, although it’s already being interpreted that way.  It’s just plain old incompetence.  You don’t conduct an interview with a man you’ve asked to come back to his school for the third time as an assistant coach, whom you then ask to act as the interim head coach when your star hire bails out on you by informing him that you’ve already decided on your first choice “… to get the job offer, but you need to have a fair chance to tell us what your program would look like.” At least you don’t if you know what you’re doing for a living.  (Coach Garner, take note.)


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7 responses to “How does Mike Hamilton have a job today?

  1. ChicagoDawg

    Shhhhh……keep it down…..we need Mike Hamilton on that wall.


    • I agree it’s nice to have someone incompetent in charge of Knutsville, but I’m not sure we want a sleaze ball like Hamilton.

      I have no frickin’ clue as to why he still has an office at UT. But you have to be convinced Dooley was hired based solely on name recognition. It may seem innocent enough at first glance and I thought Derek hit a homerun at his presser. But when the UGA fanbase has to hear about our legendary junkyard operator talk about the aspects of rooting for ol’ smoky over Uga…

      Color me pissed.


  2. Dog in Fla

    And Hamilton’s hiring of the anti-Kiffin should keep Hamilton on that wall at least until 2014 because, believe it or not , at least in July 2009, “he has proven over and over the ability to meet or exceed expectations,” said Interim UT President Jan Simek. “This new agreement is a sign of our confidence in him.”

    Of course, the interim president is no prize either:

    “While in Nashville for Governor Bredesen’s special session on education, Dr. Jan Simek, interim president of the University of Tennessee, said he was surprised by Kiffin’s departure.

    “We sort of believed that Lane had signed on for the duration and believed that,” he said. “He obviously had an opportunity come up that he chose to choose.”

    When asked about the outcry on the Knoxville campus overnight, Dr. Simek said while “being splashed all over the sporting news is not where we would like to be,” there are “higher things [than Kiffin leaving.]”

    But he didn’t mention what they were.


  3. Left to Right

    Re race:

    I actually began to get a bit concerned when I heard Hamilton was considering Sumlin. I thought he might stumble into a good hire. Fortunately, ol Mikey didn’t let me down and went with a hire the Bulldog Nation would be guffawing about if the last name wasn’t Dooley.


  4. 69Dawg

    This is truly a case of the blind leading the blind.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Hamilton has done enough things wrong, yet managed to skate responsibility, to deserve blame for some things that are maybe not totally his fault.


  6. Wolfman

    Agreed, this has all been botched. But Hamilton has had successful hires elsewhere in the athletic department (see: Bruce Pearl). His best accomplishment as AD is probably to stay out of Pat Summitt’s way.

    And if Mike Hamilton should have seen the train wreck coming, what does that say about Mike Garrett?