Wednesday morning buffet

Here you go:

  • Were I a college recruiter, the first thing I’d tell a kid?  Shut your damned Facebook page down, son.
  • And the second thing I’d tell him?  Nobody ever buys that lame after the fact “it was a joke” explanation.
  • It looks like Tim DeRuyter will be filling some big shoes at Texas A&M.
  • The Wiz has everything you need to know about the 2009 Bowl TV ratings.  (Check out the increased viewership for the Independence Bowl.)
  • Warning!  Meme in play:  the SEC East is at a crossroads.  Look for that to crop up on your friendly neighborhood blogs as we get on this year.
  • Doesn’t Jim Rome come off as the nerd you knew in high school who desperately wanted to sound hip?
  • On the other hand, this story, in the wake of Junior’s departure, is pretty funny.
  • The Tebow family and Focus on the Family advertisement story is back.  Since the Tebows are willing participants, it’s hard to argue there’s any exploitation going on, but you wonder if their choice of friends is the wisest, considering that there’s already push back and mockery coming from folks who would consider themselves to be Tebow supporters.
  • Of course, Tebow could simply be preparing his resume to become the coach at Notre Dame one day.


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21 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

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  3. a22griff

    It seems like the guy that wrote the Tebow article is has an agenda as well. “Tebow cannot be aligning himself with groups that exist on the fringes of American politics” unless I agree with him is what he should have said. Sounds just like Hollywood, either lean left or keep your mouth shut. I don’t think Tebow’s religious belief’s will hurt his draft status…his awkward/slow delivery will do that.
    It may just be me, but after listening and watching Tebow for 4 years (and yes I pulled against him as hard as I could), I just think the guy is the real deal. I’m not real sure that he is concerned about the NFL, so why would this commercial bother him. As always, it will come down to money. If an NFL team thinks Tebow can play, they will draft him, if not they won’t. I’m pretty sure outspoken players like Ochocinco and TO are more of a distraction than what Tebow would be.


    • As a Dawg fan whose actually met and spent some time with Tebow, I can vouch that the guy is legit. On the field he is a little over the top, but off of it, he is as sincere as any early 20’s Christian I’ve ever met. The media made such a big deal about Tebow, so now that he is using that same outlet to share his religious and political views should not be a shocker. I, for one, am glad he is voicing his views on a major stage like this. Most Dawgs should remember how we were all gushing over David Pollack and how vocal he was over his faith and positive moral standards.


    • Phocion

      Those athletes who are deemed ‘politically incorrect’ by the masses can be thankful of one thing…that sports in general, and the NFL in particular, are meritocracies.

      Pot-heads and ex-cons like Ricky Williams and Jamal Lewis have gotten the same chance to prove their abilities on the field after off-field/newsworthy incidents just like Tim Tebow will get next year. For commentators to speculate on Tebow at this point is just an opportunity for them to fill up column inches with their thinly veiled political beliefs.


  4. mant

    Maybe Tim needs to have a talk with the Voice of Jorts Nation….

    Absolutely disgusting….


  5. Irishdawg

    I find St Timmy as annoying as anyone, but the guy has every right to his beliefs and the NFL should respect that (and any league that allows itself to be associated with a vicious piece of shit like Keith Olbermann has no right to tell Tebow anything). I also am growing quite weary of liberal sportswriters constantly inserting their political opinions in their sports reporting. Peter King and Rick Reilly are unreadable hacks anyway, but their constant sermonizing in what I think should be a blissfully politics free form of journalism makes me Hulk smash angry.


    • With all due respect, I think the issue isn’t over Tebow’s beliefs, but over locking arms with Focus on the Family. He’s certainly entitled to choose his allies as he sees fit, just as everyone else is free to have an opinion about that choice.


    • Dog in Fla

      Why don’t so-called ‘liberal’ sportswriters have just as much right to insert their opinions, political (communist or pro-choice) or religious (atheist or Islamofascist), or both, into sports reporting done in response to opinions, ‘conservative’ political (wingnut or anti-choice) or ‘fundamental’ religious (FotF or Pat Robertson), or both, advanced and put out for public consumption by people who deem themselves to be public figures in sports?


      • Phocion

        They certainly have that right…it’s just that their publishers might serve their readership better by printing those columns in a different section of the newspaper.

        I doubt very much that the average sports page reader holds anymore interest in an quarterback’s religious belief than he does in that quarterback’s choice of girlfriend. Tim&FotF stories are no more appropriate in the sports section than Tony&Jessica and Tom&Gisele stories are.


        • I doubt very much that the average sports page reader holds anymore interest in an quarterback’s religious belief than he does in that quarterback’s choice of girlfriend.

          Then why even bother to spend an enormous amount of money on an ad featuring the Tebows in the first place?


          • Normaltown Mike

            Res Ipso Loquitur:

            He’s the GPOOE!


          • Phocion

            You are confusing advertising cache/celebrity status with sports reporting.

            Did you buy hamburgers from Hardee’s because you like the taste of them…or because Paris Hilton slinks around in Hardee’s comercials?

            Do you wear Haynes undershirts because Michael Jordan is in the commercial?

            If you are a sophisticated consumer the answer should be ‘no’. But, you probably watched the commercial because people like Hilton and Jordan were in them. And maybe watching them got you to think about the actual product that they were employed to sell. Same goes with Tebow…it is his celebrity status that is being used in the adds, not his athletic ability, to get viewers to think about the message of the ad.

            As for the sports pages, most sports page readers prefer the stories on the sports pages that they read to be about an athlete’s on-field abilities rather than their celebrity status.

            If you want to read about an athlete’s celebrity status go buy People magazine.


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Personally, I would like to find out more about college QB’s girlfriends–with color photos included with the story–hopefully in scanty attire like bikinis.


  6. Normaltown Mike

    The Lane Kiffin Excellence in Coaching Cesspool!

    Outstanding work counselor.


  7. papadawg

    Senator, you are on the money with your assessment that Jim Rome usually comes off sounding like that high school nerd who tried so hard to sound hip.

    Unfortunately for Rome (and anyone within earshot), when a guy his age continues to do it, he just sounds like a complete idiot.
    Wow, I’m glad that my local sports radio stopped carrying Rome a long time ago!