Thursday morning buffet

Grab a plate and chow down, folks.


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  1. Puffdawg

    hilarious comment on the recruiting coup link…

    January 19th, 2010 6:44 pm
    I would be VERY VERY careful about dealing with that Kiffin group. They could leave you high and dry just like they did with Nuke and with Tennessee. And then there you are…way out in Cali…Kiffin is only concerned about himself as witnessed by the way he handled his departure from Tennessee.

    by TampaDave

    I still can’t believe Kiffin and Co left Nuke out to dry like that. Wait, what?


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    On the trademark issue, why can’t they just play nice?

    The ‘G’ logo has an interesting, similar, though more pleasant, history. The Packers used it first. Vince Dooley wanted to start using a slightly different version and asked Packer management, who said yes with no strings attached. Georgia eventually registered the mark, including the red and black colors. Later Green Bay wanted to update their logo to the shape Georgia uses, and asked the Georgia athletic dept., which said yes with a license fee. I wonder how much the license fee is?

    I wonder what the old version of the Green Bay ‘G’ looked like. I’ve been a Packer fan since Lombardi days, but I can’t remember.

    I bet Southern Cal would license the mark to South Carolina for a hundred years for a sum less than they’re paying in legal fees.


  3. Dog in Fla

    “Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley, past, present and future” is an excellent article that somewhat parallels and tracks an outline of the Era of Mike Hamilton, who is also known by some to be a notable high-stakes penny-ante gambler but only with other peoples’ money:

    Hamilton bursts with energy in happier days as he hires Lane and Lane’s posse and Hamilton receives pay-raise and contract extension to 2014…

    At about the same time Hamilton is dazed and confused; Downfall Hitler, who calls himself the so-called leader of the underground German chapter of the Vol fan base, hears about and has a NSFW or Outside the Bunker reaction to Lane’s Escape from Knoxville…

    Delete — in the spirit of fair play and fear — but only because Mama is mad now (h/t Hale) according to

    Now after the Derek Dooley hiring that has momentarily dazed and confused, but not yet angered until he tries to hire Searels or Rodney, some portion of the Georgia fan base, whenever anybody calls Hamilton he’s too busy working on his paperwork documenting his next pay raise and contract extension. Hamilton does not answer but had his super-hot blonde student intern receptionist pre-record this video-voicemail message to momentarily throw the many happy callers off his trail…

    Notwithstanding the Zookian-like noise in the system, Hamilton fully and rightfully expects that his next pay-raise will be bigger and his next contract extension will be longer than the last ones were.


  4. NRBQ


    Rude without trying.


    Lot easier for you to scroll past his posts than to take the time to leave an insult.


  5. NRBQ

    However, any and all efforts on your part to insult Techies who visit, I can get behind.