Friday morning buffet

It’s MSG-free!

  • ESPN’s ombudsman, Don Ohlmeyer, weighs in on his employer’s (and Craig James’ employer, too) coverage of l’affair Leach.   I think it’s fair to say that no one involved covered himself/herself in glory.  (h/t EDSBS)
  • “… the worst idea in the history of ideas”?  Hardly.  It’s not even worse than New Coke.  But I’m amused by the outrage.
  • “You want to have that mentality as a player and when you hear that, it gets you excited,” cornerback Brandon Boykin said. “I remember last year in spring football, we were real aggressive…” So what happened, Brandon?
  • Looking back, maybe this should have been a clue about what to expect.  But at least Junior doesn’t have to get a new one now.
  • I always loves me some regression to the mean talk.
  • I told you the judge doesn’t want to see the Leach case in court.
  • Sonny Dykes jokes about not putting guys in closets.
  • Big money for defensive coordinators:  it’s not just for the SEC anymore.
  • The bad thing about claiming something was a joke is what happens when the school makes you out to be a liar.
  • You may have noticed the Gator commenters here who got their panties in a wad a few days ago over some religion-laced comments attributed to Urban Meyer in his recruitment of a five-star player and pointed to a subsequent comment from the kid claiming Meyer never made the comments in question.  Well, about that denial


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12 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    A. Regression to the mean = what goes around comes around?

    B. Mike Leach case: some jurisdictions order almost everything to mediation these days. Lawyers advertise their mediation services heavily in South Carolina. It’s good paying work for a day. You get to see people at their worst and take the wood to both sides to settle.

    C. The Corch thing: has anybody called the player to confirm or deny the statement?


    • Yeah, mediation is a popular option these days. But a judge ordering it before the parties have completed discovery isn’t that common. He’s basically said to Leach that he’s not going to let the matter come to trial quickly and to TTU that the school is at some point going to have to justify its decision to fire Leach with cause. The underlying message, again, is, “boys, you really don’t wanna try this thing in my courtroom”.


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Scuse me wearing this out, but it could also be:

        “Boys, I really don’t wanna try this thing.”


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Amen. In Texas, as most places, judges are elected. Avoiding a controversial trial with a polarized community watching is probably good for a judge’s electoral health.


    • Oh, yeah, progression to the mean = Georgia can’t really be that bad on turnover margin in 2010, can it? 😉


    • On the Bright Side

      I’ pretty sure there is. You just have to be a rivals subscriber to access it. I also read in a newspaper statement from Floyd’s coaches refuting the rumor, which the linked author must have missed.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Alleged “religion-laced comments attributed to Urban Meyer in his recruitment of a five-star player and pointed to” an as of yet unsubstantiated denial comment by the recruit.

    With Lane gone but not forgotten, thank goodness for all the angst about Urban.

    Bless his heart. I know just how it feels to be unbearably sad about losing a contest so…


  3. 69Dawg

    The ESPN write up was a total waste of my time. Like most Ombudsmen he just bores you to death and does nothing to correct the problem.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    I hope Don Ohlmeyer does not need his job at the WWL.

    “I got a closet for you, Sonny…Yar”

    Far be it for me to defend Lane Kiffin, but the in the widely circulated pictures of Kiffin with a pro coach in a bar with unamed ladies, one of the unnamed ladies is obviously Layla Kiffin. Just saying.

    And in a really egregious comment about all the drool Layla has been getting, to me she looks like a polished up girl from Oxford, Al.

    Andy Landers must have the best heart regimen in the known world.

    If you look at UT’s history, having a Dooley as a head coach was inevitable. First they got a dog, then some time later they started growing hedges.


  5. Phocion

    Regression to the mean = Florida not really that good, just lucky that the Tebowchild wasn’t aborted.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The “ombudsman” piece looked a lot like a retraction of a false story that had appeared on the front page, only the retraction appears on the page after the obituaries.