“It ended up not being a good cultural fit.”

No, it ended up not being a good hire.

Mike Hamilton really should acquaint himself with the First Rule of Holes.


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7 responses to ““It ended up not being a good cultural fit.”

  1. Go Dawgs

    ?!?!?!?! Hamilton says of the Kiffin era: “our off-field discipline was better.” How the hell do you figure that, Mike? Or did the basketball arrests make you forget the football arrests?

    Maybe he means that UTennessee was able to cover up Janzen Jackson’s involvement in the armed robbery/drug deal gone bad (which, let’s face it, is what it was… I don’t care if it’s never proven) and that they were able to get him back onto the field. Now that the entire world has seen the surveillance video proving that he was in on it, too, not only do we all know that the “Fulmer Cup” needs to be re-named the “Kiffin Cup”, but we also know that off-field armed crimes no longer lead to loss of playing time at Tennessee.


  2. ucheedawg

    First rule of holes, nice. And yes, he does.


  3. OnTap

    I think Lane knows all about the First Rule of Ho’s” as well.


  4. “Unless people get amnesia, that was the coach everyone wanted.”

    Translation: “Everyone else was just as dumb as I was; ergo, it’s not my fault.”

    (Oh, and “ended up” not being a good cultural fit? As opposed to not being one from the get-go? Now who’s got amnesia?)


    • BeerMoney

      Wasn’t their A-list last year similar to their A-list of candidates this year (i.e. Gruden, Muschamp, Leach, etc.)? Now I know that not all of those guys were in the mix, but they didn’t get the first guy they went after in both situations. So apparently Hamilton is the one with amnesia.


  5. It appears Kiffy has learned the second rule of holes very well(which I just made up), “Those that attach their ass to hole get ahead way before they should”.


  6. kckd

    Yeah, that Kiffin being better at keeping them out of trouble is a laugher. Has there been a crime more serious than attempted armed robbery committed in the last few years?

    I wonder what gave him the idea that Kiffin was not comfortable in K’ville and really loved USC?

    Was it all those videos he showed the Vols to get them fired up for games featuring Bush, Palmer and Leinart?