It’s the little things that matter.

After reading these perceptions of Todd Grantham and Al Groh from their first respective meetings with the local press since taking on their shiny new jobs, it’s clear there’s one big difference already.  Recruits will have to make a tough call between the guy with an old Super Bowl ring on his hand and the guy who’s on a first name basis with Jessica Simpson.

We’ll have to wait and see how that shakes out.

Seriously, Bradley’s got one interesting Q & A with Grantham worth mentioning:

… Grantham has spent the past decade working in the NFL. Not to go all Charlie Weis on you, but it’s clear Georgia’s new DC believes his new team will have a schematic advantage because of his background. Here, responding to a question submitted by Luke, was Grantham’s response about the ongoing quest of pro teams to exploit matchups, as opposed simply to playing a basic defense every down:

“The last 11 years I’ve been dealing with matchups, and that’s what you have to do in the NFL. You don’t get guys running free to the quarterback very often; the best you can hope for is getting a one-on-one…

Doesn’t that sound like the defensive equivalent of what spread offenses try to do?  It sounds like there could be some interesting chess matches this fall for us to watch.


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  1. RedCrake

    “Not to go all Charlie Weis on you, but I’m going to go ahead and mention Charlie Weis….not to make some kind of a point, just sort innocuously…. CHARLIE WEIS, CHARLIE WEIS, CHARLIE WEIS. But make sure you realize I’m not trying to make some kind of ill-advised and poorly justified comparison.”


  2. blakedawg09

    Do I sense some doubt there Crake? Never underestimate a man who could bring Jessica Simpson to campus! Plus Grantham is not anywhere the size of old Fattie Weis.


    • RedCrake

      No doubt here….I was simply referring to the absurdity of Bradley’s comment.

      Why say “not to go all Charlie Weis on you”….and then make the comparison anyway? And the conclusion that Grantham believes he will have a distinct schematic advantage is nowhere to be found in his responses. One question asked about exploiting matchups and he said he has experience looking to exploit matchups. That isn’t even in the same zip code as Weis’ pompous comments (most of which were unsolicited).

      Whether or not NFL success translates to college is always a subject of debate, but when you compare an incoming defensive coach from the NFL to that chubby debacle, the attitude with which the new coach is being reported on is pretty clear.


  3. NRBQ


    The key phrase there is “schematic advantage because of his background,” which is what Chollie famously promised would make his a successful coaching tenure at ND.


  4. NRBQ

    Whoops. Sorry for stepping on your comment.


  5. RedCrake

    No problem… It’s my fault anyway. I should have made it more clear that the phony quote was attributed to Bradley.


  6. JaxDawg

    If Grantham can implement his D in a simplified, collegiate way, then we will be successful. In addition, I want him to implement the GATA and break the f*cking necks system just as much as his 3-4.


  7. shadrach

    Agree 100% about the chess match. It took the NFL about 13 games to figure out how to stop the “wildcat”, which is something Martinez could stop for three years. The level of craft is so much higher at the NFL. This guy knows where the attacks against the defense will come and how to negate them. The players need to start listening, learning and doing. I have a feeling Bryan Evans was fortunate to have exhausted his eligibility.

    In defense of Weis it was evident after finding a QB that offense wasn’t the Irish’s problem. Hell, he turned Brandy Quinn into a first round NFL QB.


  8. Thomas Brown

    Notre Dame.

    God Almighty Above. That is not a football team, and their soft schedules.

    The Defense is NOT going to be sloppy. If you wrote about the Defensive Players as I have, instead of just talking about the offensive players as you just have Bill King once again, you would know that we have Our Best Defense in 3 Decades this season (and the 2 best kickers on any team in America, along with Todd Grantham to Coach Special Teams’ Kick-Off Coverage.)

    Instead of saying there are those, why not say it Bill King that I have said that the problem with this football team is Mike Bobo as Offensive Coordinator ?


    And, we are NOT great in the Coach Richt Era, we are 17-19 vs Final AP Poll Top 25 teams, have another 8 Losses to teams UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll Top 25 and are 2-7 vs Florida in our Own Division of Our Own Conference. Consistently LOSING to Top 25 teams, that is what we are.

    Todd Grantham who is on campus 22 January 2010 quote : ““Right now, take the players that you have here, the players that are committed and you basically rank those players. I think it’s important that you find ways to get your best players on the field. That’s what we’re going to do over the next few months. We’re going to be evaluating the players that we have right now. We’re going to be teaching them the system. We’re going to work to find out the things that they do well and find ways to put players in position to be successful to make plays. Ultimately, you have to make plays on defense and to do that you have to have guys that are playmakers. I think you do that by getting your best players on the field. I think player evaluation is critical.”

    He is NOT Redshirting 9 of the Very Best Top Football Players, and then go 8-5 without them. That strategy has not worked. Oh, it’s worked if you like looking at the won/loss record of LSU and Florida in the same timeframe Coach Richt has been here, and see that BOTH of them have been BETTER than us. It’s worked if you look at Alabama and see that they too have passed us by. That’s 4th in The SEC for UGA. It’s worked if that is what you want. What you settle for. To be 4th in your own conference, never mind that during the Coach Richt Era not only are all these SEC teams a LOT BETTER than we are, but that on the National Stage so too have all these teams been BETTER in the Coach Richt Era than we are :

    Southern California





    Boise State


    Ohio State

    All of these teams are not only FAR MORE SUCCESSFUL overall than we have strapped ourselves with in the Coach Richt Era, but every single one of them except for Boise State has WON IT ALL.

    3 out of 20, that’s what we’ve done in our own Division of our own Conference, never mind the National Stage after you get out of your own Conference. Out of our own Division of our Conference we are 3 wins out of 20 games against Florida.

    They have totally killed us recruiting. Truth be told they have recruited the very top football players from the state of Georgia. They always have. They own us.

    They own Coach Richt at 2-7 for us.

    Todd Grantham understands that we UGA fans want more than that. We want to be better than that.

    He knows we are out-recruited in our own state.

    He knows we have left 9 of not our best players but 9 of the best players in all of America on the Sidelines, Redshirted in a season we sorely needed them at 8-5 with horrid losses to horrid football teams like 7-6 UNRANKED Kentucky and like the 7-6 UNRANKED vols.

    And, we tried to Redshirt Washaun Ealey the Number 11 Tailback Nationally we recruited last year too. Until the 3rd quarter of the 5th game, then we ripped the Redshirt Off Washaun Ealey. By then, the season was over, lost and in a tank. What in the hell are we doing on Offense any more here at UGA ?

    Todd Grantham will tell Coach Richt and Mike Bobo to get Washaun Ealey on the field in Game 1 last year, were he here. That he is a hard player for his players to stop.

    And, he wouldn’t be looking at Richard Samuel and Caleb King as our Saviors when it is obvious to everyone you have to play favorites to put those 2 ahead of Washaun Ealey. The season before this, Richard Samuel and Caleb King proved that they don’t catch the ball well, don’t block well, do not hold on to the football well, and do not run well. Not as well as Washaun Ealey.

    Todd Grantham also knows that UGA has sent our Secondary Defensive Backs to the NFL for the time when he got started in the NFL 11 years ago, and that we don’t have those players on this Defense this year, or last year or the year before.

    What we once had, we haven’t had.

    We lined up All-America Secondary Players in our Backfield my whole lifetime. I picture them. They are indelibly in my mind, clearly. Those players go elsewhere from our state. Now. We don’t get them.

    Beat Florida. Yeah. Right.

    I think we have some this coming season. I really do. In fact, I know we do. I have seen them. Not that they got to play much.

    Knowshon Moreno Redshirted.

    So we only get to see him 2 years.

    The best Running Back we’ve had in 3 Decades.

    And, we Redshirt him.


    Leading the nation in Turnovers and Penalties and Arrests/Suspensions EVERY YEAR since the very day DJ Shockley graduated with Honors in 2005. That’s 5 years ago now.

    3 of the last 4 years, UGA Bulldogs have no business claiming that we are even deserving of being a Ranked Team in the Final AP Poll Top 25.

    3 of the last 4 extremely disappointing seasons, because our Offense sucks.

    We don’t evaluate talent well.

    We don’t.

    We needed Todd Grantham. I hope he stays here a long time for us before becoming a head coach elsewhere. I still do not think we have any strategy whatsoever on play calls, either. But, I am certainly aware of the fact that Coach Grantham ranks players and figures out how to get the best players on the field making plays. Coach Grantham will be listened to when he says that Washaun Ealey has to play in Game 1. If Coach Richt wants to play favorites and tell Mike Bobo to play instead Caleb King and Richard Samuel after they proved the year before they neither one were what we have to have to beat ALL THESE FAR BETTER FOOTBALL TEAMS than we have been in the Coach Richt Era, then by God when Caleb King cannot play against Oklahoma State, Todd Grantham would have said, Washaun Ealey plays. Wait until Game 5 in the third quarter. B.S.

    That part I am totally clued into.

    We have NOT done that.

    We are going to have a very successful year for Todd Grantham. He is a smart guy. He can look at this Defense as well as anyone can. It takes just a few moments to realize that UGA did not have good players in the Secondary last year. Those guys are all gone.

    We Redshirted 9 of the Best Players in the Nation.

    That doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out, either.

    We have a hell of a lot of Number 7 in the Nation Best Recruiting Classes, 10 in a row now according to Both Rivals and

    We have, in short, a not solid or very capable starting 11 on Defense, we have in fact a Great Defense this coming season.

    And, the 2 Best Kickers on one team in America. We just have a weak offense.

    Todd Grantham came here because he considers this an opportunity in his career. He is not an UGA man. He is a football coach.

    Todd Grantham is not a Coach Richt guy either. Loyalty. Give me a damn freaking break RED DOG 77.

    Why did he come here ?

    To teach us with 11 years NFL experience that which we have demonstrated we have no clue about.

    Rank them, get them on the field, coach them to be in position to take advantage of what they do well, but mostly get them on the damn field and leave them on the bloody hell field, making plays – the playmakers. . This will catch on at UGA and it will catch on with the Recruits.

    You have a 53-man roster in the NFL. You cannot have your Best Players not play. Every other team has 53 players. You get your 53 players the best 53 and you play the hell out of them.

    B.S. on this Redshirt our best football players and then go out and embarrass yourself against lousy 7-6 UNRANKED Kentucky and lousy 7-6 UNRANKED vols.

    Kick-Off Coverage should be Todd Grantham’s JOB ONLY.

    We still have to do something about the damn offense. We cannot waste these years of Todd Grantham with the FAILED OFFENSE of Mike Bobo. He doesn’t even try to make 1st down on 3rd and 10. No effort. He has beat NO Final AP Poll Top 10 team, losing EVERY GAME. He is 5-6 vs the Final AP Poll Top 25. And, worse yet he has even LOST to FOUR (4) TEAMS UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll Top 25.

    We cannot line up, call a play without a penalty, and even execute the poorly designed play the players are not coached how to execute without a Turnover Fumble or Interception, never mind the play was never designed to be a play to gain 10-yards on 3rd and 10. And, under Mike Bobo, we do THAT EXACTLY against Top 10, against Top 25 and against UNRANKED teams.

    Coach Richt Era 17-19 vs Final AP Poll Top 25 plus 8 Losses to Unranked teams

    That is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH RED DOG 77. And, there is NOTHING you can say that will SHUT ME UP ON MY POINT that you are and I am NOT satisfied with :

    Coach Richt Era 17-19 vs Final AP Poll Top 25 plus 8 Losses to Unranked teams

    So, do NOT get all hyped up on your Kool-Aid and tell me we are WINNING ANY DAMN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP when after this season we LOSE 14 seniors and another half a dozen Juniors. Beat Florida. B.S. Now I return you to your FEEL GOOD LIARS hyping the crap out of Coach Richt’s coaches on the Offensive Side of the Ball where they have done NOTHING. DISNEYdawg RED DOG 77.

    Rank them, get them on the field, coach them to be in position to take advantage of what they do well, but mostly get them on the damn field and leave them on the bloody hell field, making plays – the playmakers. . This will catch on at UGA and it will catch on with the Recruits

    We continue to be out-recruited in our own state, with only 3 better at sending their high school players from their state to the NFL. In the Secondary, on both lines, and especially on offense. Oh, yeah, we are really going to beat Florida RED DOG 77, and win National Championships like Florida you tell us all RED DOG 77 while telling us we cannot talk about anything but how great we’ve been in the Coach Richt Era. You ain’t beating Florida when they take not only their best players there, but your best players here too RED DOG 77.


    • shadrach

      I agree that we’ve had losses in recruiting and that Bobo and Richt need to step up on offense. But you are giving several programs a lot more credit than they deserve. And don’t give me the MNC stuff. That’s a dice roll with one loss teams and it came up snake eyes for Richt, but came up roses for some other HC’s.

      LSU, puhleez, they’re getting ready to crucify Miles for what he’s doing down there. Texas has freaking all world talent and play in a conference much less balanced than the SEC and has won “only” one MNC. Oklahoma? What has Stoops done in the last five years nationally other than make everyone fear playing BSU? Ohio State? See Texas as mirror image OSU. A team doing less than more, in what used to be a two team league. Look no further than the two, count ’em, two trouncings OSU took from SEC schools to put them back into perspective as a program. Some of your top tier programs and coaches would be in a fight for their stellar reputations in the SEC.

      I’ll give you that the offense philosophy regarding players and plays has hurt UGA. Richt and Bobo had as much or more to do with last year than Martinez and numb nutted coaching and staff. Luckily for Richt all the ingredients are at hand. Now, the heavy lifting begins.


    • Anon

      Damn, dude, I pasted your reply into Word and did a count, and it’s literally 1,999 words. Do you honestly think that anyone wants to read a 2,000 word anti-Richt screed? Either STFU or learn to wrap it up in 400 words or so.


    • Hackerdog

      No offense Thomas Brown, but the thing that immediately came to mind upon reading the first few paragraphs in your wall of text was this:


  9. Thomas Brown

    QUOTE by

    RED DOG 77

    “we ,my friends will begin winning championships like Fla has in recent years…….It is our turn now”