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Sanity, at last

Chris Low pens a reasonable column evaluating Richt’s career.


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Envy and jealousy: buyer’s remorse edition

If you’re a Vol football fan, this past week has seen the continuation of the Bataan Death March of bad news as far as it concerns Junior’s impact on the program he bailed on.  In response, you can either howl like a banshee, or you can resort to my preferred approach:  gallows humor.

Joel at Rocky Top Talk shows us how it’s done:

Yeah, so first Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron tried to swipe our mid-term enrollees and haul them off to USC. Then they took some of the coaches they forgot to invite to the party the first time around, including one who had to leave in the middle of the night without telling anyone. Yesterday, they took Joe Barry, a candidate for our open defensive coordinator position and convinced UT commitment Eddrick Loften to take a late visit to Southern Cal. I may have forgotten some. See? This is why you videotape every room in your house, so you have something to show the insurance adjusters.

At least it’s only a few more days ’til National Signing Day.



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Wednesday morning buffet

Niblets from around the world of college football for your sampling pleasure:

  • “last-ditch” and “exciting”.  Somehow, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Zooker.
  • Just how many SEC defensive coordinators are going to need to put Mark Richt on their Christmas card lists, anyway?
  • Mack Brown says no to ESPN.  Good on ‘ya, Mack.  Fight the power.
  • The Fiesta Bowl continues to be investigated for some questionable political contributions, which is somehow going to lead to a playoff.  And a pony.
  • This seems like an appropriate venue for a pirate to bide his time. (h/t EDSBS)
  • Clay Travis says the sooth, and foresees a bleak 2010 SEC season.  Unless you’re, like, totally into Nick Saban.
  • It seems to me that if Tim Tebow succeeds as a quarterback in the NFL, it’s going to be because of his personal determination and the ability of a pro QB coach to remake his game.  If that’s the case, that doesn’t say much for all the BS Meyer laid on us during last year’s preseason about getting Tebow NFL-ready.


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A set back for fans of directional kicking

That was quick.

Former Georgia defensive ends coach Jon Fabris has left his job as Louisville’s defensive line coach.

Fabris was a member of Mark Richt’s inaugural staff in 2001 and remained with the Bulldogs until this past December, when he was fired along with defensive coordinator Willie Martinez and linebackers coach John Jancek. The 52-year-old was hired by new Louisville coach Charlie Strong on Jan. 5.

It sounds like a family related decision on his part, so I can only wish him well in finding something that’s a better fit.


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