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When memes collide

I know it’s a little inside-ballish, but in light of my earlier post about Mark Bradley’s Chicken Little post concerning Mark Richt, this is an amusing read.


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If I had a hammer…

Some snark writes itself.

“We look for something that holds to Alabama standards — classy, something fans are looking for,” (director of marketing and trademark licensing for the University of Alabama Jennifer) Martin said.

A bargain at $19.95.

Admittedly, the faux football grip is a nice touch.



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Why Georgia is doomed in 2010, a continuing series.

(About that header:  I’m going to presume you’ve switched on your sarcasm meters.)

After my post yesterday about the statistical anomaly of Georgia’s 2009 turnover margin number, I thought I’d look for other statistical or situational nuggets that might suggest that the Dawgs’ prospects in 2010 aren’t as marginal as many pundits have already declared them to be.

So, consider this:  Georgia’s two leading rushers in 2009 were Washaun Ealey and Caleb King.  That, despite Ealey not seeing the field until the third quarter of the LSU game and King making his first appearance midway through the first quarter of the Arkansas game.

Ealey didn’t play in enough regular season games to qualify for inclusion on the list of leading rushers on the SEC’s stats page.  Had he been there, he would have ranked sixth in yards per game and third in yards per carry.  As it is, on the list of top returning running backs in the conference, he’s second behind the Heisman Trophy winner, Mark Ingram.

In other words, there’s no comparison between the shape Georgia’s running game is in going into the 2010 season and the shape it was in after Moreno left early for the NFL.  That should be particularly good news for whomever wins the starting quarterback job this season.


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Recruiting roundup

Nah, as your uneasiness rises over the doings in Calhoun, this isn’t one of those “I heard from my best friend’s sister’s grocer who knows somebody who lives down the street from somebody who’s married to a teacher at…” posts to calm you down.

I’m just here to provide a little context, people.

  • Brian Cook reminds us that, when it comes to the recruiting services, don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees.
  • Be still, my heart:  Former UT coach Phillip Fulmer will be featured as an analyst by CBS College Sports on signing day.
  • More trees and forest stuff from David Hale here.
  • I haven’t been able to find their 2010 projections posted anywhere, but it’s worth refreshing your memory with a look at Mercer University’s football recruiting prediction model, which boasts a 70% success rate historically.
  • Speaking of the 2010 class, there are lots of fascinating tidbits about how it’s shaping up in this post at MrSEC.com.  Here’s a sample:  “Four SEC schools currently have more commitments from Georgia than from any other state: Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Vanderbilt.”


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