If I had a hammer…

Some snark writes itself.

“We look for something that holds to Alabama standards — classy, something fans are looking for,” (director of marketing and trademark licensing for the University of Alabama Jennifer) Martin said.

A bargain at $19.95.

Admittedly, the faux football grip is a nice touch.


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20 responses to “If I had a hammer…

  1. Matt

    Wait…that’s not yellow…


  2. I have to admit, I own this hammer. It was given to me as a gift from my mother-in-law who suffers from “anything with an Alabama logo is automatically something my son in law will want” syndrome. I will add this, though: that grip is nice. I’m surprised Stanley hasn’t begun adding them to their product line.


  3. BigMuddyDawg

    I’m sure it’s a lovely hammer and just full of functional goodness. However, the Alabama sticker is not stuck on right. I mean, it’s even got a recessed slot for it. Quick, someone call quality control.


  4. fetch

    I have to admit, someone gave me the Georgia version of this hammer for Christmas this year. 🙂



  5. Bishop

    What!? Ours is more expensive!


  6. senator, you seriously need to find a way for folks to click a share button and throw this stuff to facebook.


  7. keith

    Not a big deal considering there is a Georgia version.