When memes collide

I know it’s a little inside-ballish, but in light of my earlier post about Mark Bradley’s Chicken Little post concerning Mark Richt, this is an amusing read.


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  1. I’m starting to get dizzy trying to remember who exactly did the worst reporting here. I have yet to see a coherent piece written by any of these bozos about what the rational segment of the UGA fanbase is feeling. Of course that probably wouldn’t cause too many page views now would it, hmmmmm?


  2. hassan

    Nobody really knows what the “UGA fanbase” is really thinking. It’s not some single minded collective. There are people calling for his head and there are people lauding his amazing record during his tenure. Until someone ponies up for a Zogby poll, bloggers and ranters can each opine themselves to death on how the “UGA fanbase” feels, but it all amounts to speculation. The only person who can speculate as to if Richt is on the hot seat is Damon Evans…and he ain’t sayin’.


  3. Mayor of dawgtown

    Another self-important asshole hard at work trying to make himself look bigger than the pathetic little windbag he really is. We do ourselves and the world a disservice reading his drivel. I, for one, intend to avoid it in the future and I request the Senator consider not posting this guy’s stupid slime on GTP any more thereby avoiding giving the idiot a venue where people might actually see it.


  4. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    The problem is that morons like MrSEC, are flat out fabricating the supposed “howls” for Mark Richt’s job. As are Mark Bradley and Jeff Schultz. I don’t know where all this anti-Richt sentiment is coming from. For all these idiots talk about it, I’m shocked that I have not heard from a single Georgia fan (other than anonymous commenters on internet blogs) who had anything but confidence in Mark Richt.

    All of them are working off the assumption that there is a large contingency of Georgia fans unhappy with him, and they are basing that purely off of blog banter. Hint to Schultz, Bradley and MrSEC: You don’t have to be a Georgia fan to pen a comment on a blog using the handle “#1 Bulldog fan.”


  5. S.E. Dawg

    A little common sense please:

    It’s up to the fans to sort through a lot of this junk and that’s what a lot of this is, to really get a feel of what many fans are thinking. While coach Richt might be somewhat in the dog house he is a long way from being on the hot seat. Damon Evans will absolutely not pull the trigger as long as the money continues to flow inward. I tend to agree with Mayor of Dawgtown and try to refrain from reading anything that may be negative Mark Richt. And Senator, correct me if I’m wrong but as you’ve said before, exactly who would we replace Mark Richt with. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have at UGA than Mark Right. His record speaks for it’s self.


  6. Phocion



    (That is the right word for pulling a stunt like this when the rest of your polling numbers are in the tank, right?)